The Jackson Brothers’ Battle Against MJ’s ‘Baby Momma’ Gets Messy!

Debbie Rowe vs The Jacksons

“Michael often told her the only sibling with any talent was Janet, and the others turned sponging off him into an art form.”

Debbie Rowe is calling out the Jackson brothers for banking on MJ’s kids, rather than providing “proper supervision” for them. Rowe — who is the biological mother of Paris and Prince Jackson — is said to be seeking custody of all three of Michael Jackson’s surviving kids.

This news comes shortly after Jermaine Jackson and Co. announced Debbie Rowe “…now decides to enter their lives, after she abandoned her children many years ago for money.” Sources say Rowe insists that’s far from the truth, and that she has played a role in the upbringing of MJ’s kids.

“Michael constantly called her for parenting advice and she was always there for him and the children.”

Michael Jackson Debbie Rowe

Here’s the latest:

“She thinks Katherine is a good woman but way too old and slow to care for the kids. She thinks Michael’s siblings all couldn’t give a crap and they are all bad influences.

Rowe believes MJ’s brothers oppose her plan to seek guardianship because they know if that happens a huge chunk of the money Katherine gets from the MJ Estate — more than $50K in child support — will dry up.

She wants to move the kids to her ranch in Palmdale, where she has a successful horse breeding business.”

Here’s the word from Jermaine, Randy, Tito and Jackie:

“The children are well taken care of. Our only desire is to see our niece and nephews continue to go on with happy, healthy and safe lives. We will do everything and anything with in our power to help make that happen.”

Debbe Rowe Custody of  Jackson Kids


  1. This is just pure greed from both sides they know those kids have major paper and they’re worth millions this is so obvious stop it . These kids are going to be miserable because of these greedy people wow

    • Yeah it maybe greed, but there are rumors of the male Jacksons trying to molest Paris.

  2. Id rather see them with Debbie then with Jermaine and Jermajesty and them. Katherine is getting older and she seem like the only 1 that genuinely care

  3. sorry but Debbie looks like mum ra.

    proof that white women look bad and ancient when they age.

    no wonder Michael didn’t wanna sleep with her.

    • The fact you say that only magnifies how MJ felt about being who he was. I don’t know if he loved this woman, I doubt he did, but as ugly as this woman is, he still had kids by her Vice a woman with a different tan level and more attractive facial features and a more sturdy body frame.. Now if he loved her and he was turned on by her, by all means, make you a village with her. But I doubt that was the situation.

  4. She has a really strong jawline.

    On topic: I think the kids are screwed anyway it goes. If only Ms. Catherine were younger, they might have stood a chance.

  5. Just seeing Prince in his little onesie with his dyed blonde hair makes me realize how very strange M really was. No matter how much you may like him and honor his memory, dying a toddler’s hair is just bizarre.

    • I TA. I think he expected them to be blond because Debbie is. And when they turned out brunette, he bleached their hair. I used to love M J, but now that I’m a young adult, I see he had many many issues, esp w race

      • At first thought, you could assume that he chose her because he wanted white kids. ON s second thought, he chose her because he wanted white kids to lesson the vitaliago effects. I know a girl with it and she refuses to have kids so that they won’t have to go through what she has. My only guess is he did it because she was very white, but it could have been to get her whiteness in the kids too, but I suspect it was for the ailment.

        • Those are not his biological children. I don’t care about vitaliago they would have some African American features or some shade. MJ was not born light he bleached and their family has prominent wide noses naturally.

          • Do you wish to present to the world the DNA RESULTS? I’m not saying that those kids aren’t biologically his nor am i saying that they are because i don’t know but you and others are speaking on this as if you have hard-core EVIDENCE.

    • Yes, dying his kids hair is bizarre and we can only speculate his reasoning. If you studied the life of MJ it is noted that he was a victim of abuse especially verbal from his so called loving brothers who called him “Big Nose,” which effected him to a point that the many plastic surgeries left him with no cartilage in his nose. I also learned that he washed his face in the dark because he couldn’t look in the mirror from self-hatred- the result of abuse.

      His child molesting cases was all over the world being played like his Top 10 hits but no-one played the part when one of the accusers was on Inside Edition being secretly taped and have it on tape his accuser saying- “The World thinks he touch me and he didn’t” that kid’s father put him up to taint MJ’s reputation and his father eventually killed himself !!

      Half the world didn’t hear that part and if they did they still would believe what they want. The jurors even said the kids seemed coached and they all should have went to jail for falsely accusing him. It was some racial issues in that police department as well.

      I hate that they tarnished the King of Pop and even in his death he takes care of people donating his hard earned money to charities.

      I believe Debbie loves her kids and can only speculate her reasoning as well why she gave up her kids. I don’t think his brothers are sincere at all- If Jermaine can take his brother’s wife and have kids by her- he will not have a problem taking from his decease brother’s children.

      • I’d rather see michael’s money stay within the family instead of seeing it go to dirty ass white people who have done nothing but back-stabbed the man. Debbie rowe is no straight arrow the bitch sold her kids and is now trying to cash in AGAIN but for some odd reason y’all sympathize with this bitch .. what for? Ya’ll hate the jacksons that much? People say those are not his kids but these are the same people who are scared the jacksons are going to take those white kids money. It’s all about wanting the black man’s money in the white community – That’s why the jacksons are a target and sadly a lot of blacks have a crab in a barrel menatlity that’s why a lot of y’all are cheering for this bitch. And to clear something up it was randy’s jump off who jermaine had kids with NOT HIS WIFE, However jermaine shouldn’t have gone there. But debbie rowe has a motive any bitch hugged up with a guy who she knows back-stabbed her ex husband is no good. Don’t try to paint this bitch in a positive light just because she’s white. FUCK HER!

  6. 1. It doesn’t matter if those kids are
    it that no other celebrity is hit over and over with “you
    are not that kids parent…they look nothing like you??”
    Damn ignorant ass people!

    #2. Rowe was suppose to be a surrogate for MJ…that is,
    no one would have known who the mother was, just as MJ and
    Blanket’s mother don’t know each other. Rowe blew
    it when she ran her big mouth
    to someone who recorded her and then went to the media.
    MJ felt pressure to marry her from his mother.

    #3. It’s pretty damn convenient that after news comes out about Rowe possibly
    marrying MARC SCHAFFEL, now she wants the kids. He is the porn guy and crook who claims he
    was MJ’s manager(he wasn’t)….he tried to make money with/from Katherine Jackson
    and apparently when that backfired he figured he’d get his golden goose
    by way of Rowe and those kids (and she’s too stupid to see that)…hopefully that lying, creepy, porn crook will
    be shutdown.

  7. Damn, I came to this site cus Mediafakeout was always reloading, now this site is doing the same thing.

  8. mj was crazy.

    being a drug addict was the most normal thing about him.

    100 plastic surgeries it was his face and his money.

    he thought he was peter pan yes that was pretty crazy the drugs didn’t make it no better.

    he hung around a damn monkey but hey he was the king of pop.

    he turned down p*ssy from a lot of hot women.

    he kissed women like he was a zombie or wasn’t interested.

  9. can’t forget he had tea parties with mannequins.

    and yes parents who let their kids sleepover had to notice but hey he was paid he was rich it was okay to let their children sleep with mj he was mr. thriller, mr. bad.

    corey Feldman was a pal of mikes when he was a kid and since everybody else raped him and corey haim why not mj too.

  10. if an ordinary duded the average joe off the street would even be caught hanging with peoples children he would have been hurt and locked up.

    mj gets a pass because he was rich.

    let an ordinary duded go out saying its okay to sleep with kids matter of fact let any of you go out and say its okay to sleep with children.

    theres always some damn excuse for mj because of who he was.

  11. oh he didn’t have a childhood he didn’t attend school hell mj had enough money to buy his own school and could have had any woman he wanted there was plenty of oppurtunities for mike to get with women.

    what young boy gets disgusted about seeing naked women.

    every normal male child is curious and wants to see a woman naked even if they don’t know about sex every boy is curious and wants to see a woman naked.

    somethings wrong when a man doesn’t wanna see a woman naked.



    • What you’re doing is spewing a whole bunch of typical media junk, lies and hearsay. If you would go do your research and stop relying on unreliable sources you’d know the truth behind michael’s first accuser Jordie Chandler.

      Michael was romantically pursuing Jordie’s mother June Chandler but of course the media swept that under the rug because they knew it could go against everything that they were printing in the tabloids. It’s all in the 2005 “Court Transcripts” Michael bought June Chandler a “LOVE BRACELET” and let her have full ACCESS to his RANCH and CREDIT CARDS. However, I know you will come back and say michael only did that so that the mother would turn a blind eye … Right? You people who hate michael are so f*cking pathetic and predictable it’s ridiculous.

      Jordie the boys father is even heard drumming up a conspiracy against Michael jackson in a recorded phone-session but of course the media and a segement of the public pretend as if that never even happened … Right? The boy’s father had also grown insanely jealous of michael’s closeness around his ex-wife who he was having a custody battle with.

      Jordie’s father hated michael prior to conspiring against him, yet had the nerve to ask michael to fund his movie project and when michael turned him down that’s when all hell broke loose. Jealousy and Michael’s refusal to put money behind his project is what fueled those awful lies that he could no longer live with hence why he killed himself 5 MONTHS after michael’s death. Now if that isn’t suspect than what is?

    • Michael didn’t get a pass. The powers that be didn’t give a damn about him being rich he was still a BLACK MAN with the beatles catalogue at the end of the day that’s what they were really mad about. They all knew those child molestation accustions were BULLSHIT.

      Former workers who worked for him would always claim to have caught him in the act but wouldn’t even bother to pick up the phone to call the law but they all made sure to run their asses to the media to sell stories for MONEY. What kind of shit is that? The FBI INVESTIGATED him for almost 20 years. Yet, they couldn’t come up with a shred of evidence that linked him to “child molestation”

      The entire sheriffs department raided his home but found NOTHING INCRIMINATING. They Broke into his computers looking for kiddy porn, found NOTHING! But what they did find was straight porn, letters and gifts from fans. I believe If they could’ve, they would’ve planted all kinds of dirty, incriminating, things around his home but they knew they were under heavy surveillance.

      Michael wasn’t a saint, no, not at all but if he was guilty of something – he was guilty of being too damn nice just ask Gavin Arvizo his second accuser. Michael barely even knew that kid and his family. The truth is michael wanted nothing to do with them PERIOD! but he was nice enough to pay for the kid’s cancer treaments. Gavin even stated under oath that there were times he would go up to visit michael but was told michael wasn’t at home only to bump into him minutes later. He said that hurt him badly to know that michael was avoiding him. Yet this was the same family who michael supposedly held captive LOL! The motherf*ckers were LYING and they were mad because michael wanted nothing to do with them so they ripped a page out of the chandlers book. By the way Gavin Arvizo tied the knot back in november dancing the night away to michael jackson songs the man who allegedly violated him … FOH!

  12. Mike was interesting. So every Jew lawyer, agent, foreign charity, IRS, bedazzler stylist and coke dealer was worthy of his money but not his siblings or God forbid children who resembled the swollen nostril pre vitiligo Jacko? He was a trailblazer for Negros in many ways. I thought this circus was over.

  13. The Jackson bros are very greasy looking! I could probably cook some fried shrimp on their faces!

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