Teyana Taylor Named As Colin Kaepernick’s Rape Accuser!

Teyana Taylor Colin Kaepernick Rape Victim

HSK Exclusive – We’ve landed exclusive insider word that reveals Teyana Taylor as Colin Kaepernick’s so-called “sexual assault victim”, at the center of what’s panning out to be a reported “bogus investigation“.

According to our source, the 23-year-old GOOD Music recording artist didn’t only spill “a string of lies” — leading many to question why certain media outlets failed to “do their background fact-checking” — Teyana Taylor is reported to now be “backtracking on her allegations”!

“Teyana Taylor recently spent a romantic weekend in Miami with Colin Kaepernick.”

Here is the latest report:

“A rape kit was administered on the woman at the heart of the Colin Kaepernick investigation (Teyana Taylor)… claims a Miami Beach Police Spokesperson.

Cops were summoned to the hospital where the woman wound up after allegedly hanging out with Colin and two other NFL players at an apartment at the Viceroy Hotel in Miami on April 1. 

The woman told police she smoked pot at the apartment … then started to hook up with Colin and even got undressed — then blacked out and woke up in a hospital bed. Cops spoke with the woman at the hospital and a rape kit was administered. 

Although Colin is listed as a suspect … police have not concluded he committed any crime.  The investigation is ongoing.”

Back in November, reports of Colin Kaepernick dating Teyana Taylor began to spread. It appears that Teyana may not have been the only female Kaepernick has been connected to during their courtship. Don’t believe me.. Just ask Sanaa Lathan. “This guy is a total hoe,” a source said. “He meets women online just to smash and then he’s on to the next.” That may make Kaepernick — a single, 23-year-old NFL star — a cheater, but NOT a sex offender.

Dig the Drop:

“The poor guy, he didn’t do this.”

Teyana Taylor False Rape Report


  1. when’s her new album coming out.

    teyanna got be a high paid escort since shes not making money no other kind of way but she still is considered a celeb.

        • Cheese she comes from money. She was MTV Sweet 16. If I’m not mistaken, her mom is a manager or PR. Plus Teyana been in Tyler Perry movie, signed with Pharrell. She is pretty much taken care of.

          • She did not come from money at all. Her record label paid for the mtv party for publicity.

            • K your absolutely right. At the time of her sweet 16 she was signed to pharrell’s Star Trak label who paid for the party. Which was why throughout the episode she was seen with nothing but ice cream and bbc clothing. Also on the episode she talks about getting signed and being able to get her family out the hood so..she’s far from coming from money.

          • I thought datjerk knew something about her family that I didn’t because I heard the same thing as K. MTV paid for that Sweet 16 appearance.
            Also a Tyler Perry movie and a mediocre song won’t make her comfortable, I wouldn’t be surprised if she is escorting. Teyana may have connections but I don’t think she has money like that.

            • The presumption that Teyana came from money stems from the fact that her father was rumored to be one of the partners in FUBU. FUBU is a multibillion dollar company, which would make him rich, hence the presumption. I have never seen confirmation as to who her father is, though.

              And FYI, MTV doesn’t pay for Sweet Sixteen parties. The parents of the participants do.

    • She is actually signed to Adidas. And they said that she is has created one of their top selling originals. Her dad is also reported to be one of the original owners of FUBU

  2. …So I guess she isn’t still running around claiming to be a virgin. The fantasy worlds these ‘celebs’ create for themselves and live in…

  3. Got damn Jacky since when do we start releasing the names of victims?
    Rape is sensitive on all sides but SOMETHING happened…
    at least someone took her to a hospital.. and IF HE IS INNOCENT then he better be damned careful moving forward with regard to rumor mills and dating habits..I also hope she has not been bullied into silence.

    • This site is very misogynistic. Every woman is a hoe and every man who is not gay is innocent regardless of the circumstances.

      • Because there are a slew of closet, DL male posters on this mfer. Ask yourself why a man would sit up on a gossip site, speculating about strangers’ lives. Apparently ESPN’s site is down. Lol

        • So this site is misogynistic because closeted gay men post here? Ask myself why a man would site up on a gossip site speculating about men’s lives? Has it not occurred to you that this site was created and supposedly run by a man who sits up and speculates about the lives of strangers? You should really stop posting because you come off as being a bit slow.

          • You’re the slow one if you can’t see that the “men” on this site are speculating about women’s lives. They are high fiving men for bad behavior and disrespecting women every chance they get (female posters and the women stories revolve around). If you have a problem with my posts, you shouldn’t read them. You must be one of the DL niggas.

            • U come off as a man hater. I think u r dl. U speculate about other posters as well. Glass houses and all that. I like it when u keep to the facts.

            • How I come off shouldn’t be of concern to you, unless you’re deflecting. I’ve never known a man who goes out of his way to disrespect women the way some of these so-called men do on this site. It is sad and it shows their weakness and insecurities. Men aren’t supposed to be in competition with women, but every man didn’t get that memo. If you’re offended by my statements, they probably apply to you.

            • Deflecting what? I’m a normal blinker who loves women. I just think u hate men. I comment on others peoples comments just like you. Spread love.

            • Quit my job to look after my mother. If people don’t agree with you, you start making assumption about that person. Come on bella, your just like the rest of us on here.

        • Imma have to agree with Bella. Now Imma add to what she said. Why do you think there is so many side chicks and mistresses? Ok then!

      • Yup yup!!!!!!!!! They work for satan spreading vile filth that is their job and agenda!

  4. I’m really surprised T.T. is his accuser. People can say she is lying, but only the guys who gave her that “marijuana” know what was in it. You don’t lace drinks or joints because you have no idea what type of reaction a person will have. That little toucan looking f*ck could’ve killed her. I don’t know what anyone sees in him, but I sure hope the law and his team deal with him accordingly.

    • Kap was not at the hotel when Lockette had to call 911 because the female refused to leave. Patton and Lockette were the only 2 at the hotel period and there was NO crime committed by them. She put Kap’s name in that mess and he was never there, so I think her name should be released since she lied and had the NFL looking at these 3 players like WTF. She was the one who committed a crime and by lying and saying Kap was there when he never was and she wasn’t there to visit him, she was there to visit Lockette. It wasn’t Teyana because she has stated that she wasn’t in Miami at that time and her and Kap are only friends. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and I think he’s attractive. He graduated with a 4.1 GPA and I think that’s sexy as hell. I’ll take a big nose over stupid any day of the week. He wasn’t present, so he wasn’t responsible her condition that night and the two previous nights she was with other men in the same condition. You went in on him and didn’t know the full story and this is why they shouldn’t release anyone’s name until all of the facts are in because this could have messed up 3 young men’s career and they did nothing wrong. She claimed there was marijuana there, but that hasn’t been confirmed. What has been confirmed is all 3 of them passed their drug tests at the beginning of the season. The law needs to deal with her and all of the other whores accordingly when they lie like this.

  5. Don’t believe this bullshit these blogs just put her name in cause that’s going to give them more hits to their site!! They use celeb names for more hits! These blogs are straight up lying! It’s disgusting! And the “accuser” name is never released to the public unless they are ready to go to trial! They are lying in both Teyana and Colin and it’s a f*cking shame! I’m appalled!


    Who are the PRISONS containing away from the public and putting into society only to be repeat offenders?

    How many college girls have been raped by fellow jocks and classmates?
    Please research!

    There’s a UCLA water polo player Hakop Kapanyan being prosecuted for 3 counts of rape and having child pornography on his computer. The 3 females do not know each other. Research!

    R Kelly Aaliyah age ain’t nothin but a number? Here in the US of A it is! Research!

    Priests sodomizing little boys and girls! Research!

    AmbersLaw.com Research lots of Vatos on that site!

    Sandusky using his non profit organization to find disadvantaged boys to sodomize! Research

    Pastor Biker Shorts who paid off his accusers! Research!

    Man kills handyman while he was raping his 3 year old daughter!

    Mexican man raped sodomized and murdered a tourist child in Mexico!

    Man on trial for trying to have sex with his 6 month old daughter she died from shock!

    Mexican man caught having sex with a horse on a ranch in California he was working on!

    Man kills his whole family and is on the run!

    19 year old rapes and kills a 8 yr old neighbor and stuffs her in a suit case!

    Dateline to catch a predator my favorite show!

    My hands are hurting and I can’t type anymore because it’ll be 10,000 pages full of incidents involving Men doing all types of vile shit to women, boys, and children!

    NO female is going to put it out there knowing the stigma and attitudes towards the accuser! It doesn’t matter where she comes from or how much she has it still doesn’t give the right of a man to put some fizzy shit in yo drink so you can pass out and get f*cked and get a train pulled on ya! Oh faggot ass niggas! Closet homosexuals are the worst! That some gang bang faggot shit! She laying their like a dead fish while the men are enjoying looking at each others dick and balls! T was used as a prop what they probably wanted to do to each other is another question! Laughing when yo boy slapped her in her face with his dick as they all took turns!! Uuuuuuhuh ya’ll are a bunch of closest homos but when ya’ll go to prison it’ll be okay ya’ll NFL f*ckers can just relax and be yo selves! Besides playing checkers ya’ll be f*cking and sucking each other contracting aids and come out to yo wives and gf’s! Don’t lie!

    Let me state not all men are f*cked up? Majority! But of course not all!
    Men are by far the starter of wars, love killing, raping, raping children, flying to 5th world, perverted countries to get your rocks off on poor little boys and girls!

    Do you know how many powerful men love little boys and girls? Lots!

      • You’re telling the OP to take a break when predators never take a break. Its a blessing to see someone who has a conscience and takes the time to bring awareness to sexual abuse, sexual assault and rape. People of ALL ages are susceptible to such victimization.

        • @bella 20:34 The bitch Teyana Taylor lied she just mad that Colin Kaepernick left her dumb ass naked in the hotel feeling like just another groupie. She should get over it and so should you stop using this as a forum to bash men cause u got your heart broken in the past.

          • I call a spade a spade. If you have a problem with that, you’re going to continue living a problem laden life. My relationships are in tact. Make sure you can say the same.

      • Here’s a mind bender for you all. Guess which famous black actor is into drugging then raping then sodomizing knocked out female co-workers. For your information she never reported the incident to avoid the backlash and humiliation. And no it wasn’t me. So start name dropping on the count on three… Which actor would take part in such things! Let me see how smart you all are. Lets go…. I’ll say hot or cold but never his name.

    • You must’ve copied and pasted this ish from Word. Because that refresh feature would’ve had you typing this about 10 times over LOL!

    • You’re telling the truth! This is no laughing matter, but I hollered @ “Pastor Biker Shorts” aka Bishop Eddie Long.

    • You are a psycho man hater for sure. All types of people abuse others. You put men as responsible for everything in the world. I bet if your sandwich is cold, a man did it. Im sorry that you have had rotten luck with men, but that is your hang up. Putting everything in the world on men just makes you look ridiculous and bitter. Oh and the majority of Men are abusers. Your an absolute joke and should seek help. Women and men and people of all colors are abusers and messed up. I hope you meet a nice man instead of whoever did whatever they did to you. peace

      • goddamn there’s more than just bill Cosby doing this shit….damn have no clue who else it could be

  7. Never leave hour drink unattended or drink from a cup that you didnt pour. Never smoke from a joint that you didnt roll. Parents should teach their kids that. Mine did bc the world is dangerous especially for females.

    • Your right, but it’s just as dangerous for males, had a cousin and good friend who unknowingly hit laced weed. To this day the don’t smoke. Be careful.

  8. Colin is a 27 year old hoe. He’s born in 1987, and the chick in question is supposed to be Asian.

    • Kap won’t be 27 until November 3rd and he was not at the hotel at any point and time when Lockette had to call 911 because the female wouldn’t leave. There wasn’t a crime committed by anyone and Patton (Kap’s teammate) and Lockette were the only ones in the hotel at the time. They only took an incident report because no one did anything to that female. She put Kap’s name in that mess and speaking as a 49ers fan I’m glad that he has slowed down with the groupies and jump-offs since this BS happened. He gets a bad rap and cannot be blamed 100% for whores being whores. They share equal responsibility for their actions because they know what the game is because we all know they aren’t new to it. If they like it, I love it, but I refuse to be a smash and pass.

  9. The chick is Asian and you not suppose to name a rape victim. Damn, do u like women at all?

  10. Ladies,
    NEVER GO TO A HOTEL ROOM with 3 MEN, if you are the ONLY woman.
    NEVER DRINK ANYTHING – you didnt pour yourself
    NEVER SIT your drink down, LEAVE THE ROOM, and then come back and continue sipping on it.

    NEVER EVER think — if you take off your clothes — he will stop when you say NO.

    IF you take off your Panties, thatis a mans GREEN LIGHT.

    keep your panties ON!

  11. Nothing happened and no one drugged her weed, she shared a bong hit with all the other guys in the room.

    If she was drugged they would have drugged themselves too.

    She wrote in her version of events to the cops that she also mixed the drinks, so they didn’t drug her drinks only she could have.

    She says Colin looked at her and left after she said stop. The two other guys looked in the door and then closed it, then the next thing she knew she was in the hospital.

    They don’t even know that a crime was committed, yet you simple ass women on this site talking about a rape victim and calling a man ugly, like you all are models yourself.

    Get it together folks, tmz made this story to attack Colin and it was unprofessional as hell, seeing that he isn’t a suspect in anything because they don’t know if a crime was committed.

    • I don’t think its all completely made up, unless you think the police report was also falsified. Tmz knowz better, Levin is a lawyer

      • Yes it is all made up because TMZ has no journalistic integrity along with this site.

        1) the girl was asian.
        2) The girl was in a casual relationship with Kaepernick
        3) Kaepernick and Co. are the ones who called the police for her and this is now documented.


        A woman who said she previously had a sexual relationship with Kaepernick told police on April 3 that she passed out in Apt. 4710 in the Viceroy Hotel and Residences around midnight two days earlier.

        Soon after, someone in the apartment contacted Miami Police, sources familiar with the incident said. When officers arrived, they grew concerned about the woman’s frame of mind and called Fire Rescue, which transported her to the hospital.

        “At 12:32, Miami Fire Rescue was dispatched to the Viceroy and transported a 25-year-old female from the Viceroy to the Jackson Memorial Hospital emergency room,” Miami Fire Lt. Ignatius Carroll said.

        The woman woke up the next morning with no idea how she got there, according to Walter Sarrafiore, of the Miami Police Department’s Special Victims Unit, which investigates sexual battery and other serious crimes.

        Fire Rescue’s records did not name the hospital or the woman.

        “We have to examine evidence and wait for some tests to come back, including toxicology reports,” Police Chief Manuel Orosa said Friday. “We can present it to the state attorney and they can decide whether to continue.”

        The chief added: “It’s too early to determine what the evidence indicates.”


        Now why would they call the police when they were worried about her if they had raped her or done anything illegal towards her?

        also from that linke

        In her interview with officers, she said she went to visit Lockette at his apartment around 9 p.m. on April 1 and found Kaepernick and Patton there. She told police she had a sexual relationship with Kaepernick in the past.

        “They talked for a while and she mixed some drinks for all of them and gave them shots,” the incident report states. The report goes on to say “that they told her in order to drink the shots she had to ‘hit’ the bong, which contained marijuana.”

        For those who want to say they drugged her, how the hell did they drug her without drugging themselves?

        Like I said before she mixed the drinks, so if her drink was spiked she did it to herself.

        • Good looking out DK. I’m all for crucifying men who sexually abuse women but it’s good to have all the facts before we go all the way in on Colin and the rest of the crew. If this story is untrue, I hope Colin sues TMZ for tarnishing his name.

  12. Third Wheel Syndrome

    Why do some blackmen feel the need to include their homeboys? Teyana is in a hotel room with 3 men, was it supposed to go down like that? She may have wanted to slap skin with Colin alone, not all of them. Give a blackman or some mixed mofo some money, and watch them implode. I see him as phony anyway. Colin is a typical half-breed male…wants to sex blackwomen to get street cred, but, he’s really a whiteboi underneath the facade. A woman has to protect herself no matter what, f**k what the haters think and feel.

      • @Anonymous

        F**k You! I don’t give a damn’ if you hate me or not. I stand on my 2 feet without lame negros like you. Hate blackwomen so much, it’s oozing thru your computer or phone. Unlike some blackmen on this blog, i actually love and respect women that look like me. Be mad punk, still gonna bust you up side the head…figuratively speaking!

    • Tyrone:

      My guess is if a group of men only want one woman, its the closest way they can all have sex with each other without crossing swords. She is their buffer. That’s telling.

      • @Bella

        I’ve seen this scenario too many times in my life…never understood the logic. My best guesstimate, she was gonna have sex with Colin, but, the homeboys got in the way. So, she got cold feet. In doing so, may have created a false story to get out of a s**ty situation. 3 men boning 1 female, it speaks for itself. The code does not advocate that, negros know better. If a man has to get some side action on the sly with his homeboy butt-naked next to him…I Don’t Know? The other 2 guys are football players as well. Teyana is a fine chocolate shake, but, plenty of women in Miami equal or better than she. Maybe their game is below par, but, money is no guarantee of female pleasure…Bottomline!

        • Tyrone, Kap wasn’t even there and whoever the female was put him in some mess he had nothing to do with. I doubt it was Teyana because she has always said that her and Kap are just friends and she’s dating someone else and is in love.

    • There’s no such thing as a halfbreed because the man carries the seed.You can have your mothers features but your fathers spirit and that’s manifesting itself with Colin as of now with these allegations. He’s getting the black male treatment not the halfbreed

      • @BlackAnastasia

        Me and the Shemar Moore side of the family tree have never gotten along. I know that he has a black father, but, i don’t see it. Too many men like Colin play games with our race, and it’s not kosher to me. Picking and choosing when to be black is what they do. I don’t see them as blackmen anymore, Why? If Daddy don’t love black, 0 + 0 = 0. I get very annoyed when blackmen assume s**t. “Oh, my mixed son is blah blah blah.” In doing so, false expectations are created on our side. A lotta brothas bring mixed children into the world without fully comprehending the baggage that comes with it. Anastasia, when these mixed men learn to love and appreciate blackness, i won’t have a damn’ thing to say. Until then, i view them as part of the problem.

          • @Brickhouse510

            No sane blackwoman desires to be in the middle of an alleged rape scenario. American media and journalism treats sexual abuse of our sisters differently. As with most issues, it’s multi-layered. We need to take this issue to heart, and stop defending those within our ranks that glorify this bs. Teyana has nothing to gain from this, but more info will reveal itself in time

    • Tyrone, his parents actually told him he was black all of his life, so that is how he self-identifies just like President Obama. He’s a Kappa and he actually dates black women. Before he became the starting QB for the Niners he was dating sistas, so he’s not looking for street cred by sleeping with a few.

  13. Just because a woman cries rape it doesn’t make it true and every man who says he didn’t rape a woman can be lying as well. But a woman can accuse a man have his name disparaged and still remain clean if the accusation is unfounded while he will have to live with the stigma. So instead of automatically labeling a woman a victim and the man the predator and releasing his name, how about withholding both names until an investigation has been thoroughly concluded?

  14. I’m more shocked Colin was partying with a Seahawk. I hope we can get a better quarterback now.

    • Lockette played for the Niners and they are friends. Just because he no longer plays for the same team doesn’t mean that they cannot be friends. He’s also friends with Russell Wilson and Cam Newton, it’s not that serious off of the field.

  15. Teyanna just tweeted that Sandra Rose is behind this.

    She says she wasn’t even in Miami.

    • And you that nigga Teddy who thinks if a woman wears a skirt she wants it! GTFOH!

      FYI Are you Tina’s Teddy?

      Nigga go get tested and go back to your harem! lol!

  16. @White guy, keep ur ass at bossip or mto we dont want u over here with that hating black women shyt

    • That’s your opi ion and you are welcome to it. I personally don’t mind at all whT you think of us because I find white me sexually repellant. You people can’t dance, smell of humind barn animal and are not handsome at all. Also I understand from my girls that go there, its true you all have very small penises and con it f*ck worth a damn. So…stick to your racist stereotypes and I will stick to mine.

      • Ugh…autorefresh on this site causes too many typos…let me recap. White men 1) stink, 2) have no rhythm, 3) have tiny penises and can’t f*ck. Oh yes and you smell like hot horses. I am as racist as you. So its all good. Only difference really is you should not be mad you are so attracted to black women, which is why you are here trolling for attention . I’m sure no one takes you seriously anyway. Oh and let me leave you with one final thought: the chick who accuse coon Kobe was white. Good day! Happy race baiting !

        • I know you realize that’s most likely a teenaged black guy trolling this site.

  17. This needs to be updated because Locke claims he called 911 because the woman wouldn’t leave.

  18. Cry me an effing river. Never in my life have I seen persistent shit-talkers/man-haters cop pleas after they get a taste of their own medicine. As the old saying goes: If you can’t take the heat, get the f*ck out of the kitchen, regardless of how important you think you are because you’re feeding ‘black Hollywood (What a joke)’ gossip to Jacky.

  19. These black athletes keep f*cking around with these hoes are going to catch a case! These guys obviously didn’t learn from Mike Tyson!

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