Terry Crews Sues Adam Venit

terry crews sues adam venit

WME Talent agent Adam Venit may be back on the job, but Terry Crews still wants to make him pay for allegedly grabbing his package during a Hollywood event.

Crews is suing Venit for the incident that went down in 2016. He has already filed a police report for sexual assault, and law enforcement is investigating the incident.

Here’s what the lawsuit states:

“In the lawsuit, Crews says Venit stared at him ‘like a rabid dog, sticking his tongue in and out of his mouth provocatively.’ Crews said after the alleged assault he pushed Venit away and turned to Adam Sandler yelling, “Adam, come get your boy! He’s grabbing my nuts.”

Crews says Sandler called him on his way home and asked if he was OK. Crews responded that he was surprised he got “molested at age 48.” Sandler was reportedly shocked by Venit’s behavior.

A few hours later, Venit called Crews to apologize.

Crews says he’s suffered psychologically, and he felt emasculated and objectified. He’s also worried his career is over because of Venit’s power in the industry.


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  1. Welp, a man finally getting a glimpse of being “objectified”, and doesn’t think it feels good. Welcome to being a woman every day. We get the thirsty looks on a daily and get pawed at and said nasty things to on a regular. And this type of treatment is co-signed by the part of society that advocates this inequity by the portrayal of women in videos, commercials, movies, etc.. We are depicted as prey and men as predator. So when a woman finally stands up for herself, she is the abnormal one. Whether you’re a man or woman, being objectified DOES NOT FEEL GOOD. lol

    • Majority of you female’s thrive on getting attention with unnecessary provocative clothing trying to compete with each other so save the malarkey.

      • STFU Fool…most of you dogs need to be neutered since you can’t handle someone showing skin.

        Clothing does NOT give you or anyone the right to think they are entitled to treat a woman any kind of way.

      • Telling a woman what she can and cannot wear and judging her for it is classic sexism. So many times we hear people tell young women “don’t wear that, you know how men are”…well maybe the focus shouldn’t be on what women wear, maybe the focus should be on how men act when they see a beautiful woman. Wearing sexy clothing is not a green light to objectify and sexually harass.

      • I’m so happy these powerful men are being brought to justice one by one. This type of objectification has been happening since the beginning of time. Let’s not be on the wrong side of history fellas. Stop the bullisht.

  2. I’m hollywierd don’t these celebrities gotta do sick shit like take it in the poop shoot from those agents and such.??? Him being a big black man I thought he was prey for sure… there must be more to this Adam guy because I’m pretty sure terry had to do some things to get to where he is as well.

    • No and you sound like some conspiracy theory obsessed person. In life there are choices.. I don’t for one minute believe that every celebrity is forced to engage in sexual activity or homosexuality to become successful. I’m sure that there are opportunists who use and abuse their positions of power to take advantage of those who want to make it in Hollywood. Some are guilty of sexual harassment and coercion.. and should be held responsible for their misconduct. With that being said there are some who are willing to do whatever with whomever to make it.There are also others with boundaries that refuse to tolerate or succumb to it, even if it means being black balled..or losing certain roles.

      • Oh please it’s common sense. How many people are in the world???? Zillions and how many people are actually famous????? You can almost count the amount on your fingers so miss me with that bullshit. If I gotta take a drug test to get a regular damn job You best believe you have to do things in order to become high up that’s common sense.

        • Yep. Everybody has to pay-the-piper. No one gets a pass – even hollywood kids have to, so yes, you have to pay-to-play in ‘Horriblewood’.

  3. I should also mention that there were many men who in the past engages in this sketchy inappropriate behavior without consequence. There were certainly many aware of what they were doing but it was covered up or their colleagues/bosses..etc turned a blind eye. They had status in the industry and money so were given preferential treatment.A person speaking out against them at most would receive a settlement with a clause prohibiting them from discussing details of the case,settlement.. Others had difficulty working regularly or securing roles when they spoke out especially if they weren’t already famous or trying to make it. I wondered why so many waited to come forward now but realize that the climate now is more conducive to people speaking out publicly without fear of negative repercussions to their own reputation and career. There’s less tolerance for and acceptance of sexual misconduct..

  4. Good.

    And I give Terry points for not going Tyson and smacking the fire out of that dude.

    Nice fur coat too.

  5. If someone stared at you like the way Terry describes, Terry’s reaction would give a pervert a clue if the door was open to approach or not. Obviously, Terry’s reaction did not communicate the door was locked and bolted, dude thought it was cool to side in Terry’s DM. Any grown ass man would have checked him with the stares, but dude was able to side up and put hands on, then he pushed him…….. Okay…..

    • They were all enjoying “refreshments.” Terry probably didn’t realize what was going on. Terry isn’t some extra thug dude, so he probably thought it was a white people joke. He’s in Hollywood. He’s around them all the time. White dudes especially think gayness is hilarious.

      By the time the dude tried him, Terry was caught off-guard. His wife probably reminded him of how hard he worked to build his career and how many checks were on the table. He could have made the Tyson decision or the business decision. He decided to let lawyers speak for him instead of his fists.

  6. You have to be gay to make it in Horriblewood. If you can’t be all-the-way-gay then you should at least be bi. If you can’t even manage to be bi then stay at home!

    • Not really. This might be a bad example, but Hollywood came looking for Tyler Perry. The industry came looking for Hammer. Neither had to do what the industry said, and neither needed the industry. The industry just accelerated what they already built.

  7. Men are finally be called on they bullisht!!! Yes, its a new day. GTFOH rapist mofos. And all you mofos on here victim shaming…this is why men feel that even when they do violate a woman, it must be the woman’s fault. She enticed him. Rape is not about sex it’s about power and control. Men are so ANGRY that they’re losing their control little by little. It’s a man’s world because men designed it to be. When you have one side that is overruling another, there is bound to be subjugation and abuse.

  8. Maybe Terri embarrassed cuz he got a little pee pee and he afraid the word gon get out.

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