Taqoya Branscomb Is Using Her Daughter To Get Into Beyonce’s Purse

Beyonce Half Sister Koi

Mathew Knowles baby mama, Taqoya Branscomb, recently did an interview with Inside Edition. During this interview she stated that she wants for Beyonce to meet her half sister, Koi Knowles.

Here’s what Taqoya Branscomb said:

“They are half sisters and maybe one day down the road that can be made possible.”


  1. Cute kid but its not Beyonce of Blue Ivys fault that Matthew decides to have a midlife crisis and sire children by thirsty younger thots who are old enough to know better than use their kids as pawns.


      • Prince’s and Mayté’s wasn’t sacrifice. He was diagnosed with Pfeiffer Syndrome. Deformity of the brain. Prince has the same condition folks didn’t know until layer.

        • Crime shame how Sy’Rai is dressing. But yeah Prince loved Mayté. An entire 3 CD disc set Emancipation. She has been waiting for 10 years and she is still in love with. But, he doesn’t want her and her adopted daughter to be sacrifice.

  2. Why in the h3ll are all of Matty Knowles’ babymamas focused on getting their assorted bust-it-babies in Beyonce’s face? Beyonce has no obligation to be bothered with all the results of her dad’s loose d*ck. These womenn need to be focused on getting child support and trying to get Matthew in a room to make eye-contact with their children.

    • Well I look this up. Even looked this up and saw the video on YouTube. As long as Destiny’s Child makes money off of tours, songs, concerts of, therefore, hence, whereas Mathew Knowles is still their manager because the group is still signed to his label Music World Group. That’s why Beyonce is not trying to make anymore songs with the group. Mathew is still the group’s manager.

      • Now that makes a lot of since. And it also explains why Kelly and Michelle seem cool with not getting back together. I bet he was pissed when they were all on Michelle’s “When Jesus Says Yes” (my jam btw) I know Matty pissed fire.

  3. What a cutie pie! Oh I just want to pinch her little cheeks.
    Those baby’s mothers need to stop dropping Beyonce’s name in interviews. I can’t stand her at all but she doesn’t owe them anything.

    • Yes she sure is, and that little Nixon is child star beautiful now. I couldn’t believe how adorable he has become. I’ll say this, that old reprobate Matthew sure does sire some good looking progeny.

      If his financial woes continue,he might want to consider opening The Matthew Knowles Sperm Bank for wealthy barren women who are desirous of a their very own Gerber Baby. He could make a fortune.

      • He sure would, I can’t believe his swimmers are still swimming at his age. All of Matthew’s outside children look a lot like Kelly and nothing like Beyonce or Solange. But Kelly isn’t his biological tho….riiiigggghhht!

        • Mind y’all I found out he had a vasectomy oops I mean them tubes grew back and he wasn’t cleaned out thoroughly.

            • That’s the lie he told her that he had a vascetomy. A small clip of Inside Edition on YouTube where she said that he (Mathew) that he can’t have kids. Plus, its on the web.

            • OIC! Thanks, I haven’t watched the video yet. She was still stupid for having unprotected sex with that dog. Who knows what kind of diseases he has.

        • Cheese: you and I both now that Matty isn’t Bey’s daddy. I am born and bred of the same stock as Ms. Tina and I can tell you that within the community, absolutely no one thinks Matthew is B’s bio dad. Can I prove it? No. I wasn’t there when B was conceived, I haven’t seen any DNA tests and I have not heard it from Ms Tina’s mouth. BUT, I will put it as plainly as possible. There are rumors and there are rumors. Level one rumor is that Rich Homie Quan’s daddy was a sacrifice attempt by the Illuminati. Level ten rumor is that Tammy Cruise is gay and his wives were all contracted and well aware of it. The Beyonce isn’t Matthew’s bio child is a level 9 rumor in our home community. Make of that what you will.

          • That rumor was started by Beyonce’ PR people when truthful allegations first started coming out about Matthew’s extreme party filled drug use, accompanied with his affair with one of her backup dancers.

            They wanted to distance Beyonce from the fall out and maintain her “perfect lifestyle image” that’s also when they started pushing the whole Creole agenda to make her seem less Black but more exotic and mainstream. That’s when her song “Daddy” was dropped from her tour catalog.

            Matthew is her father, just like he is all these other kids fathers. And Beyonce is black, her grandmother was mixed. Her mixed grandmother married a black man, and they had a child, Tina. Tina married a black man and now you have Beyonce.

            She can try and erase Matthew with all the PR tricks, like the skin bleached L’Oreal ads claiming she’s French, and erasing his song from her catalog, but the truth is that’s her dad. That’s why he worked so hard for Destiny’ Child in the first place, it was never about Beyonce being in a group for long. Matthew used the Supremes model with Beyonce being the new Diana Ross/Tina Turner. Chuck D dropped that knowledge a long time ago.

            Nevertheless, don’t let her PR stunt and shows fool you, she is Mathew’s child. Her plastic surgery through out the years has made her look more mixed but under those wigs, her hair is still coarse, and if you look at old Destiny child pictures you will see her original skin tone.

            • She was dark as hell! But I be damn Imma let folks f*ck up my body to become famous. The only time U need surgery unless U have to have it.

  4. Awwww, Kelly come get your cute little half sister. Beyonce and Solange can’t be bothered they have other things to deal with like lawsuits and stealing song credits. Maybe all the ” kids ” can meet up in an elevator, if there’s any room left. We are at 5 total and counting…

  5. Those women should not be subjected to hiding their children. There is the little boy, this little girl, and Mathews child with his new wife. Sadly, all three will grow up not knowing each other. These women should forget about the two older sisters who have zero legal obligation to these children. But they don’t get a pass on moral grounds. The little boy’s situation is worrisome with a mother who can’t even take care of herself. Yes she needs a job. The point has been proven that the father is a derelict. I don’t like their karma, it’s bad.

    • Old Matthew is one sick dude. Why is he barebacking all these random women? My reaction would be exactly like Beyonce and Solange’s. I would not want anything to do with my fathers jump offs or their children for at least for another 10 years or so.

      • I see him as just another aging male who needs constant reassurance of his attractiveness and virility. I betcha dollars to donuts he will be just like Strom Thurmond–pulling desperate chicks into unholy unions producing “love children” into his 80’s.

  6. Beyonce isn’t financially obligated in any way….but….they are her siblings. She’s so much older richer and famous its going to be hard for them to ever form a sincere bond. Bey will resent them for being born, they will resent her because their greedy ass mommas will train them to expect handouts and when none come, they are going to blam e Bey. But if they could ever get past all that….family is everything. I wish those thirsty thots would realize that it isn’t just Beyonce….Kelly and Solange are fam too. They don’t mention them cause not as much $$$$

    • You’re so right! Beyonce is not obligated to pay for her dad spreading his seeds. These women are terrible. He just an old dusty dog, they’re pathetic. I’m sure B would prefer her parents were still together. So those little tramps can just forget about making a name off her name. Trick or Tramps

  7. Cute Kids, but…these $$ hungry mamas need to make their own damn bread, leave Camel and Barbie alone. All these baby’s momma’s should just get these little Papa Knowles’ kids together and call the group Bastard’s Child. Start they own damn Brand.

  8. This lady is entering dangerous territory, Ms carter ain’t have’en none a that, like he father’s other child she ain’t having it, if she comes up miss’en we know why lol girllll u beta back up before you get sum you didn’t know bout, she’s a little doll and her mother is trying to use her as a Knowles bank account u a stripper bitch get your own money, you’ve showed everyone everything you got keep being a hot used up throt, do you think when she grows up she’s gonna be proud to know her mother is a sleazy trick ass bitch? Think she’ll be proud?


    • Now wait a minute sis. Ain’t nothing wrong with a middle age man. I must admit they put it down in he bedroom especially them Capricorn men. Mathew is a Capricorn. He has what Sunni called the Benjamin Buttons Syndrome. When the Cappy men are young they look old but as they get older, Damn! Talk about fine! I know, I date a cappy with a nice size worm! No enhancements either. Another reason because these men knows how to put it down in the bedroom.

      • LOL@DaRadiant! lololol…okay sis! That’s what’s up! I don’t know too much about Capicorn men…I got a Sagitarius myself…and YES, baby. So, I hear you. But you got to admit on the other side of the coin, his fame gets him a lot more Tenderonies than the average 60 yr old men. LOL..I mean, being Beyonce’ father, he doesn’t even have to rap to them. LOL, his line is “Hi, I’m Mathew Knowles, you know, Beyonce’s father”…and the drawers start dropping. LOL

        • TB….Girl get U a Capricorn. There birthdates are December 20th thru January 19th. Boy oh boy!

        • LOL…but I’m happy with my Sag. 🙁
          I can’t get rid of my baby. LMAO…maybe in my next life sis. I used to go with an Aquarius, birthday was 1/30. No skill, just a jack rabbit, sis. LOL

      • Loving me a silver fox as well! I grew up hearing older gentlemen has ” worms.” Not the ones I dealt with. I personally choose a more mature man ANYDAY.

          • lol@worms!! So ya’ll prefer the Rufus’ and Otis’ over the Denzels and Darryls?? Hey, I ain’t knockin’ isht! Those older guys got experience in the sack. LMAO

          • Sis, Otis, Rufus, and Denzel all the way! Denzel is a middle age man and a Capricorn. I’ll let all three get it! LOL! Fuck Darryl! Lmao!

          • Thanks 4:56. I tried to date another man close to my age but my son’s father killed that. Its something about an older man that gives me life. Mystery, they way the carry themselves, there way how they dress, distinguished gets my undivided attention.

    • Exactly my point they knew who and how much he’s worth , those kids were winning lottery tickets

  10. I’ve decided : I’m going to have a baby with Matthew Knowless too. Why not? Apparently he gives away babies as souvenirs for attending his ” How to be a star” conferences, Smdh. No seriously though, those kids are really cute. What a shame they have such trifling parents.

  11. Nasty Matty is rare like spotting a unicorn at Walmart. He’s that one in a million Hollywood dude that absolutely prefers black women. He got like 6 kids altogether and not a half breed in the bunch. I keep expecting a preggy Becky to show up but looks like he ain’t down with the swirl. How unusual for an.old oerv

  12. The lil girl is so cute but I dont see Beyonce reaching out. Look how she did her lil brother. Beyonce is a selfish individual who only cares about herself.

  13. I wouldn’t want to be Beyoncé for all the tea in Chins. These people are ruthless…..

  14. The little boy and girl are both adorable. Too bad their mothers are nothing but whores. Beyonce may try to establish communication or attempt a relationship with the kids when they are older and when she doesn’t have to deal with the two sluts that gave birth to them. It’s pretty obvious that they are looking for a pay day and some fame. And I wouldn’t give it to them either.

    Tramps deserve to be shamed, especially tramps that use children for attention and a come up. Notice how they don’t mention Solange. It’s always about the kids getting to know Beyonce. I would whoop the crap out of both of these trashy witches and then stick a P.I. on them and tear their lives a part, so that I could find something on them that would make them unfit, and then take the kids away. Judge me, don’t care. But the two hoodrats are disgusting and don’t deserve to be mothers. They are the lowest of the low amongst women.

    • The fact that four year old is posing with her hands on her hips with her hair everywhere is enough cps ammo for me. I couldnt pose like that until after undergrad nor wear my hair loose until damn near highschool. Im taking this is the mother who did the crotch shot lingerie pose. These mothers of today…

      • How the hell was she a lingerie model? What SIS she model, full body gloves? Catsuits with matching facemasks?? That stable ass spread eagal crotch shot made me want to fumigate my tablet. Ugh.

    • I like your take. The mothers are all deplorable. My issue then is the kids. What happens to them. Legally, they are attached to the mothers until they are old enough to digest the whole circus in their lives. I think Beyonce owes them nothing. But there is a card that still needs to be played and we will have to wait. That card is that Beyonce won’t stay in her ivory tower and see her half siblings suffer the sins of their parents. She can keep her distance but establish some sort of communication with the kids to ensure they go to college, etc.

      • The Camel do love that child. Yall can say what u want about him as a man, but he love that child.

  15. Whoa whoa lets not blame these women and these beautiful children. Mathew was as much the whore in all of this. No double standard please Mathew knew he was still married and made the choice not be faithful.

  16. Baby is cute but the pink lipstick and sassy open mouth pose is a bit much. Don’t like sexualizing kids. They got plenty time for that.

  17. This is Matthew’s fault. He set all of this in motion to allow the opportunists to come out of the woodwork. Should have kept it in his pants

  18. awww she’s a cutey wutey but what’s wrong with her tongue???

    matthew needs his dick cut

  19. I tell you what, with some folks saying Bey’s career is on the down slope, hooking these two 1/2 siblings up would be in her best interest. No money for the momma’s (of course) but a trust fund for college (that the mom’s can’t touch) would have EVERYONE singing her praises. Then she could go on the press junket and say how she holds no hard feelings towards the kids for her father’s mistakes and she just wants them to have a good educational foundation (something even she doesn’t have).

    Shoot, she would be on Dame Saint Angie Jolie-Pitt level with that shit. Folks would EAT IT UP and she’d be America’s Darling again.

    • thats not Beyonce’s reponsibility. The way her daddy is going, he’ll have 12554452 kids before its over…should she have to care for them too???? Her daddy is a grown ass man, he needs to handle his own affairs. And why are the side chicks coming for Beyonce? Have they been previously warned about Solange???

      • @STARR I feel you. I’m just saying in terms of a strategic PR move that is a card that Beyonce holds which she can play at any time to get sympathy and kudos from the general public. Of course she may never play it, but I’m telling you it would look really good if she did (if/whenever she does). I’m willing to bet White folks would eat that shit up anyway…

        • I see your point sista, & yes people would eat it up like dessert. But even IF Beyonce went that route, would it be fair to say that the children in question are/would be exploited? Financial gain yes, morally speaking, questionable. The children STILL lose.

      • That’s right! Beyonce doesn’t owe them anything! Can you image having to take care of your dad’s outside kids, no these chicks thought they received a free meal ticket.

    • I may be alone in this opinion, but I believe that Beyonce may be secretly passing some cash to her half sibling’s mamas on the low. She may be a self centered woman, but I think she feels some shame behind her Daddy’s bad acts. I’m not talking about stacks and stacks, but a couple G’s here and there for birthday gifts etc.

  20. If anything, they should be coming for Matthews new wife. What does she have to say about all of this? I mean, she is the step mother for crying out loud


  22. These women better raise these kids to the best of their ability and not depend on no man let alone Beyonce to hook them up. I wonder if Beyonce will ever makeup with her dad and let him back in her life.

  23. One thing I don’t believe and will never believe is Mathew stole money from Beyonce.
    She was his money making machine. The man is a dog but he isn’t stupid, he would never risk losing out on all that money just to make a quick couple of mill.
    Jay Z and live nation set him up and pulled a coup on Matthews ass to unseat him. Of course Beyonce believed it, after all he did get caught cheating on her mom. The Knowles/Carters are one messy family.

    • We eat at the same restaurant Cheese.
      He s many things, but fiscally stupid isn’t one of them. He’s no Apollo Nida.

  24. Why the hell do all of Matthew’ s mistresses think that Beyonce is going to accept them?? I mean these whores took part in destroying her mom’s marriage, she owes these sluts nothing. You lay down with low down dirty dogs you get fleas. They better go after Matthew and leave Beyoncé out of this

    • Hold up! Everybody putting all this blame on these women. Look, not neither woman made nor said vows in that marriage. Whatever lies he told Tina, he told to the both of them women. The problem of the equation equation is Mathew. Tina knew what was going on. She herself can’t called the kettle black. Yeah, Alexandra apologized but Tina knew Mathew’s philandering ways. TaQoya on the other hand,at least she is working. But she kepted her mouth shut until after the fact. So if U gonna blame anybody blame Mathew.

      • Knowing & suspensions are two entirely different entities. Maybe his ex wife knew, maybe not, but the fact remains the husband went outside of his marriage, into the arms of willing participants period! The children are innocent pawns in a f*cked game that evidently wasn’t very well thought out.

  25. She is one beautiful little girl. Nixon is a handsome little guy. I hope Mathew dotes on these beautiful babies like he does on that brain dead, Creole wig crypt keeper.

  26. if beyonce had a heart she should of reached out to her sibling. even if she didn’t like the mother but beyonce only cares for person
    herself and that’s phuck up what if this happen to blue ivy!!??

  27. This chick broke up Beyonce parents marriage. now she trying to profit from sleeping with Beys Daddy? And having a child with him..
    Girl..got sit down….

    • Mathew broke up his marriage to Tina. He had been an infidel for years. Stop blaming single women for a married man’s indiscretions. HE took a vow of fidelity and betrayed his wife.

      • Co-Sign. I hate when people call the single woman the home wrecker…she’s not the one who made vows before God. The dude is.

  28. Aint no fool like an old fool , I guess he thought those hoes f*cked him cause he’s cute, those kids are just trick babies

    • Please do not reproduce. IDK how anyone feels about Beyonce, her father, Tina Knowles, Taqoia (sp) or Alexsandra. Nixon and Taqoia’s daughter are innocent children. They are not “trick babies.”

      • born OOW so their trifling ass mamas wont have to work , just a form of prostitution making those kids “trick babies” yeah I said it . calling a spade a spade . dont be upset with me I had nothing to do with that mess

        • You are one ignorant disgrace to humanity. Honey, I was born out of wedlock to a wonderful woman who never asked the piece of shit she had me with for a damn dime, and he was a millionaire at the time. She held a corporate job until she changed careers. I was afforded the best of everything, education included. Alexsandra may not have been working, but Taqoya has worked.

          I am so sick of bitter ass niggas who always want to f*ck anything with a hole, yet they hate Black women and the womb. How the f*ck did your retarded ass get here? Too bad she didn’t flush you down the toilet or spit you out. You don’t refer to children as trick babies, you troglodyte.

          • I too was born outta wedlock and look at me! Retire from work and the United States Navy. My mom never ask shit from my Dad neither! So for you Knutz to come outta your mouth sideways was wrong! My son was born outta wedlock and his father ain’t shit! But my son gets what he needs from M-E! So don’t U dare bring that nonsense about we are trick babies. If we are trick babies then your ass is one too!

            • I don’t appreciate Knutz referring to Mathew’s babies born outside of his marriage as “trick babies.” That is dead wrong. I didn’t take it that he was referring to ME as one. Males always have some off color shit to say about women having babies out of wedlock, as though we can impregnate ourselves. IDGAF beyond that what he has to say or think. Those babies are innocent and should be treated as such.

            • hey lady you choose the wrong nigga , face up to it . you dont deserve a standing ovation for your bad decision . you could do better by going to talk to the ratchet ass single mothers out there . I aint had shit to do with it . those babies are like hitting the lottery for those whores

            • @daradiant1…..A trick baby is a baby born out of an adulterous relationship outside of a marriage or from a paid whore. I think you’re missing the point of the meaning.

            • @Black, I know what a trick baby is. I ended up getting knocked by someone in my past besides my son’s father that wasn’t my man. Does my deceased miscarriage make my baby a trick baby? No. It was concoeve of me being fast and both of us wanted it. Not every trick baby is out there for money. Something to think about.

            • @daradiant1…. I understand what you’re saying but if he want your man and you w were the side woman, then call a spade a spade. I understand a woman don’t want to be labeled a ho but you put yourself out like that knowing he was with someone else. That lifestyle is why black women have the highest rates out of the women category of HIV patients. I just hope other sisters reading this will learn to not sleep with men that have multiple partners or stay with a man that constantly cheats.

            • @Black U call it what U want but tell that to old girl before me too. She did the exact thing. She wanted a lifestyle and I wanted the love. Yep, old girl did the exact thing but the difference is she don’t have kids at all. But U can tell these men gets so restless with these women they married.

            • @daradiant1… Sis believe me I’m not the one top judge cause honey we all have fallen down, even our parents. If these husbands gets restless with their wives then they got married for all the wrong reasons, still , doesn’t give they other woman the right to covet the house of the Lords covenant between man and wife. If husband got problem buddy needs to call Dr Phil or get out before starting to date again.

            • Girl, the shoe fits, so he better lace that motherf*cker up and rock it like the latest Jordan rerelease.

            • that shows how low they can go aint none of this shit my fault but ignorant niggas wenches want to call names not knowing jack shit about me . I wonder how many bastards are in her family has to be one with all this drama

          • hey you dont know me so why are you getting personal , I didnt come up with the phrase but it sure fits in this case . a trick baby is the result of a whorish woman having a baby for profit . go spew you hate at the women that do that crazy shit

            • It is obvious that Mathew was cheating on the women he was cheating with. None of us know what he told those women. They were all of child bearing age, unlike Tina. Nixon and Koi may have been planned pregnancies between Mathew and their mothers. Even if the mothers had the children for financial gain, the babies deserve to be treated with love, dignity and respect.

        • P.S. My mother married my father when I was little. I’m so sorry she did, because she deserved better. That’s why I will forever break my back and my front for her until I depart from this earth.

          • you’re on this site every damn day . WTF appointed you grammer cop ? you know I’m not lying trick babies is exactly what those damn kids are . you should be mad at Matthew and leave me the f*ck alone cause I aint the one

            • You aren’t the one to be appropriate or respectful of toddlers. You aren’t the one to judge how this baby was brought into the world. You aren’t the one to use decency as it pertains to referring to a child. Keep posting BS about children. The universe will definitely will your crap back to you. Know that.

          • im on here cuz I don’t wanna be another whore like like my mother I want to break the cycle I want to a w cyber whore I want to come here suck dick through the gigabytes of the men on hsk , tired of living this holier than thou ,I flip burgers for a living I just quit my job I wann work here since I live on this shit ..I hate dirty knutz who try to act better than me !

            • You are succeeding beautifully too sis!! You are the most elegant cyber whore on the world wide webs!! Us regular whores idolize you.

  29. She is absolutely a homewrecker. It takes two to tangle, and he can’t cheat without a willing participant. Single doesn’t absolve you from showing respect for another woman’s relationship or marriage. These hoes could of walked away.

    • Thank you and these enablers always want to blame the rich men hell poor man it dont matter . they know precisely how many kids a man has and yet still choose to procreate with him

      • Mathew enabled Taqoya and Alexsandra to bear his children when he opted not to keep his marries dick in his pants. Oops.

          • that was one dick 2 holes who was more of a slut . you should go and get you some dick ijs

            • You should go get a dick. IJS. You’re the monkey in that picture if you think dirty dick Mathew ONLY had two mistresses. Last I checked, by definition, a ho is someone who gives of themselves freely, sans discretion. That would make Mathew the ho.

            • Im a Ho I know this expertise monkey , I sit around and act like a educated bitch but I do hoing a lot better ..so have several seats!

    • I agree with my girl B. Tina knew Mathew a dog. She a Capricorn too! Since when them SeaGoats know about one and only? Their favorite number is 2. Like Me and B. said before, Mathew told lies and could have said anything to these women. You can’t always blame that outside woman all the time. And even she said no what that going to do or help better yet solved? Nothing! Look at the ratio between men and women? Tina knew all this time. She played hip to it until those kids came. Alessandra fell for it and open her mouth while TaQoya sat back, sit, waited, kept quiet and open her mouth after the fact.

      • Beyonce and Jay-Z pleaded with Alexsandra to sign over custody of Nixon to them, that’s why Bey-itch isn’t worried about Nixon’s welfare. While she isn’t obligated to do a thing for Alexsandra, she could check on Nixon to see if he has what he needs, especially since she wanted to raise him as her and Camel toe’s own.

        • you’re damn good with name calling you sick worthless in your own words “Hoe” get a life and stop commenting on other people’s trick babies

    • Honey, you should be the last one to judge someone’s actions with your piss poor grammar and god awful spelling. “Should of” is not proper grammar. What you meant to type is “should have” or “should’ve.”

      “It takes two to tangle.” Are you brushing curly hair?!. It takes two to TANGO, as in dance. Smh.

  30. this shit happen to my friend she was fooling around with a married man. she was bragging about her sex live saying his dick is like
    a drill and she’s wanted to have his baby!! i told her to snap out of this shit “it’s the sex talking” but didn’t care

    he has 10 kids from different women he cheated on his wife more than 30 times!!! he’s wife can’t have children
    he came on to me once i told him i do’t f*ck married man!!!!!

    the wife knew about the affairs but she blamed the “women”!!! not her husband anyway my friend eventually got pregnant with his child
    she had twins!!!!

    • See! I told y’all these wives know! They ain’t stupid! But them wives quick to blame that other woman. Put that blame on the husband. He was the one cheating and whispering sweet nothings in the other lady ear.

      • @DaRadiant1

        the wife knew about affair but she choose to blame the “women” at time he was very forceful very touchy feely type of nicca
        i remember when me and my friend was at a club he was touching me all over my body!!!! even my private area he tried to kiss me

        my friend didn’t do shyt she said “he’s only playing”??? he wanted sex from me!!!!!

        • Now that’s crazy! See these be in denial and saying these wives don’t know. These wives know.

          • And that’s why most of the cases of HIV is high among women (especially black women) due to turning the other cheek.

          • @DaRadiant1

            the crazy thing is he wanted to have 3 some with my friend and his wife!! ewwwwww

    • what does that say about those women , one despicable man versus 10 whores . women say men aint shit and give the other women a pass. I wonder why

      • Knutz once that man takes off his ring when he hit the streets, there isn’t anything these women are not prepared for. Like I said that these men will lie their asses off!

  31. If there’s anything taqoya can makemoney, is how she grew her daughters beautiful natural hair. Many black should take a page out her book, cause it makes no sense how many young black girls have no or little hair (adult sisters included).

    • Isn’t it ironic that no woman takes more shit for not grooming her child more than Beyonce…perhaps the richest black woman in music history. Then her father’s mistress who is probably barely solvent, pops out a child with the best head of hair ever? Life is so funny.

      • Richest in the history? Boo bye !!! Have several seats! But i would say this that’s one color struck family now Beyonce looks are fading and it just so happen that ol’ Matty Matt have 2 gorgeous kids by 2 dark butts (as Tina and the crew would come on here and call others). The Lil girl is stunning and when she grow up watch out she has pretty hair and a face to match, that’s one pretty Lil chocolate girl. Matthew better be in his daughter life cause she’s definitely a boy magnate.

  32. MY mom iz a crackhead and been one I got 24 brother and sisters I don’t know but 2 of them they scattered around philly oh one time I was in krogers I smelled a familiar odor (stink vag) ..I knew that smell cuase ir runs in my family I seen this young light skinned gurl who look like me and had my mom features just her nose was bigger. I wonder if we related It was defenitelly was her cooch I , should know!

  33. I agree with knutz. At some point these women need to be careful who they open their legs up to. We all know a man will do and say anything to get some puzzy…just because a man is in a woman’s ear, doesn’t mean she has to listen. These women need to have higher expectations for themselves and more self respect. Not downplaying Matthew ‘ s role at all, but these women are just as trifling.

  34. I see her mamma exploiting her like that Raising Asia kid in the reality show. 8 years old and dancing like a stripper, behaving like an adult, wearing heels and adult clothes. Sad to see her thirsty parents exploit this talented kid. Anyway The bible talks about this in a revelations

  35. It’s not really her responsibility, she’s not at the age to where she’d be breaking her neck to have a relationship with this child. This is ANOTHER one of her father’s mistakes she shouldn’t be held accountable for.

  36. Cute kid. Horrible parents. Hope that the daughter becomes a better woman than the woman whose her teacher.

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