Stalker Outside Chris Brown’s Home Thought She Was Moving In!

    chris brown stalker

    Chris Brown had a scary situation when a stalker showed up outside his house with some luggage!

    The woman refused to leave the property while one of Chris’ team members videotaped the whole ordeal.

    Peep the videos:

    Another one #chrisbrown (see previous post)

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    #chrisbrown still has random people dropping by his house

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    When people accused the girl of being a groupie that Breezy invited to his house, he and his team clapped back.

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    1. Chris, shes cute and looks like your type. She probably been to your house in the past and on some stuff right now and just popped up randomly cause she lit. You need to stop letting random ppl in yoir house, because… this a little crazy.

    2. and your security is a piece of shyt. The girl is clearly crazy, he couldve been a little nicer cause clearly ahe dont understand.

    3. Hey Chris – time to move. I’ll bet your neighbors will be brokenhearted over that. Find a place to live in the middle of nowhere with no neighbors to annoy.

    4. Chris stay in drama somebody robbing him or threatening him or trying to wool his ass or hes high on drugs and he still worrying about what the hell karuche doing

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