Soulja Boy Exposes His Mom: ‘She’s a Crackhead!’

soulja boy mom crackhead

On today’s episode of Family Feud, Soulja Boy and his family are still beefing over money.

It all started when Soulja’s brother filmed a video saying he and his mom lived in the hood and the rapper wouldn’t help them out.

Now Big Soulja’s airing out his own fam, calling his mom a crackhead and threatening to smack the sh- out his brother!

Peep the tweets:


  1. He is probably right and his family like many families constantly come for a handout while making no effort to help themselves. You don’t hand out $100K, that’s crazy. You divide that over a year. You hire lawyers to set up trusts and give the family x amount per month and make them all sign papers; NDA. You used your monthly money, you wait until next month. It’s what lottery winners do to get family off their backs. Contingencies such as getting a job and getting off drugs should be made. If they do what these two are doing, then show the world you set up a trust for them and they’ve been drawing money from it and then tell em to shut up or cut them off. If your fam is good people, you help them out and avoid the money fight.

  2. He’s an addict hisself.. How in the heck do you spend ?K a week.. she’s buying crack for the whole neighborhood.. I agreed with you, a monthly income is all they should get…He does not owe them money for thevrest of his life.. imo

  3. SouljaBoy is the typical by-product of the BT-900…
    Why should he treat well someone who treated his like shit ?
    Her despictable single mom shoulh ahve set the example but she did the total opposite…

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