Safaree Samuels Broke? Promoting Weaves & Wigs for Cash

safaree samuels broke

Safaree Samuels, also known as Nicki Minaj’s ex-boyfriend and Love & Hip Hop Hollywood cast member, is so broke he’s forced to promote weaves on Twitter!

Safaree recently went on Wendy Williams and said he should be compensated for ghostwriting on Nicki’s albums. In a later interview with ThisIs50, he said Nicki should pay him at least $2 milli!

I guess until Nicki coughs up the dough, Safaree will do what he gotta do to pay them bills.

I guess until Nicki coughs up the dough, Safaree’s gotta do what he gotta do!


  1. This is what happens when you make agreements without papers. When will they learn.

      • A lot of these hood dudes cant read or write and most of their managers are shiesters. Lil Wayne, Turk, Juvenile, the entire young money and all of Puffies artists and former artist were exploited because they weren’t literate. Give them a platinum chain and a GMC truck and they will gladly sign the contract

  2. Had he been an official man, he would have convinced her that she was fine without the enhancements. Draw up a contract to protect their their mutual interests and he might have a little extra change to fund his next career move…perhaps she might even have a more respectable career as a skilled female rapper. I always suspected that he wrote her lyrics. They both corny to me but, he’s humbled himself since the break up.

  3. So he dont get royalty checks for co writing look like birdman fucked him up too

    • If birdman won’t pay Wayne why would he pay Safaree. Its very dangerous to sign with these “hood” labels like Cash Money, Bad Boy and to extent G unit because they go by the street code not corporate code so “we are all family” is the theme of these labels….so no contracts are signed

  4. People mix love and business to much.. I was taught to never to mix pleasure with business..
    It never works out for the poorer person.. I’m sure he did help her write some songs, but no one us going to say, oh here some money for writing some songs for me.. She looks like the selfish type of woman.. Sell some of those costs you’re always wearing…

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