Sorority Sisters: Adrene Ashford Exposed FBI Informant

Adrene Ashford FBI Informant

HSK Exclusive – Sorority Sisters cast member, Adrene Ashford, was an informant who gave testimony to the FBI against her ex-boyfriend BMF member Tremayne “Kiki” Graham. Becuase of her testimony Graham received a life sentence.

Dig the drop:

“Adrene is really an informant. She got her ex-boyfriend Tremayne convicted after he dumped her to marry the then mayor of Atlanta’s daughter Kai. Adrene had a nervous breakdown when Tremayne dumped her and was committed to a mental institution.

Adrene owns a boutique named House of Adrene, which was next door to Sabrina Petersens salon the Glam Bar. Sabrina used to terrorize Adrene, by slashing her tires. They were always fighting.

Adrene moved down the street to another location after calling the cops to report that Sabrina was having illegal drugs shipped via FedEx to her salon. Sabrina’s salon was soon after raided.”


  1. Crazy…did he kill somebody. No amount of theft needs life in prison. When the bank steals and misappropriate funds, the govt gives them a bailout.

    • More like murder…drugs…and various other things gangs tend to do. While I don’t think thievery is the sole reason he may have gotten life, I wouldn’t rule it out as part of the reason.

    • …when the bank steals and misappropriate funds, the govt gives them a bailout.

      A. The major banks are a vital part of the U.S. and global economy, not some 4th rate drug dealer in da hood.

      B. The major banks, Treasury Bonds, DOW/FTSE/DAX/CAC/Hang Seng/Nikkei etc + Futures markets determine interest rates and most prices on food/commodities on the planet, not some 4th rate drug dealer in da hood.

      C. OPEC & oil markets, along with geopolitics make the oil/gas prices for everyday living,(along with fantastic fortunes being made) not some 4th rate drug dealer in da hood.

      D. Global shipping and international commerce is vital to worlds’ economy, not some 4th rate drug dealer in da hood, who probably didn’t finish high school.

      E. No one else cares about a 4th rate drug dealer or anything else happens in da hood.

      F. She did the right thing and got rid of this 4th rate drug dealer that is in a cage for life that everyone will forget and will die behind bars with a wiki page telling future generations about this loser’s sorry life.

      • No she f*cked up. Now I understand U when U got the Wall Street which I understood very clearly. A) When U become a key witness in a case like this, the first thing U do is leave and don’t show your face ever again. B) I hope she is not depending on DST to help her out. Again she done f*cked up by being on the show without consent and not conducting herself in a tasteful manner. C) This chick has been in a mental institution. Over a man who have chosen another woman because he chosen to. Damn Imma let a man break me down unless I am sick, dying, rape, or any type of a major crime. D) Now that she has been exposed for who she really is, and not to mention her location. Who in the hell she is going to run to? Nobody is not going to help her cause of what she did. And E) The only thing this chick better do right now is pray. She had an opportunity to go into protection when she testified, but she didn’t. Oh btw, of it wasn’t for those drug dealers, who do you think are the backbone of the major revenue? The drug dealers. When they get busted, they confiscated all that money and turn it into what again? Exactly.

        • So by your logic Anonymous, since the banks controll billions of people’s lives with commerce and trade and regulation, when the F*CK UP, then the CEOs running and mishandling those funds should get life in prison, because they are creating a larger amount of chaos due to the number of people affected by their bamboozlement right? The 4th rate drug dealer in “da hood” does not cause global economic collapse. So I ask again, why does the small time criminal get life in prison?

          • @DaRadiant1′ cause everybody wants fame. Look at Phaedra and her shady scam artist self, on tv screaming fix it Jesus, meanwhile she was fixing retirement checks with Apollo to live the Hollywood life.

          • @Lucid

            I can see your ghetto hood thug prison-loving mentality gets you far in life so I’ll say it in simple terms…


            2. banking, global commerce etc, LEGAL FORM OF RESPECTABLE EMPLOYMENT.

            So if some banker/wall street trader/oil tycoon sees an opportunity that a crash or boom is coming, that said person take the appropriate steps to cash in and make his fortune.
            This is the way ALL nations of the earth operates.

            Drug Dealing, which causes death/destruction, plus ruined lives is now, has been and will forever be ILLEGAL

            The end.

            • @ Lucid

              If you wish to worship and/or emulate 4th rate drug dealers in da hood..that’s on you!

              I choose to be member of the global 1%, making my fortune legally AND without poisoning/hurting anyone.

              …try not to get shot when selling drugs 🙂

            • Now hold up 12:38. It just like Lucid said. U got corporate American as U would say making legal money, but just as crooked as the letters in Mississippi. U depend on corporate America right because they don’t kill off people right? Like Hell! They the main ones who are behind the liquor, the tobacco, the beer, and all these medicines that advertise on TV that have all these side effects! But I trust them right? They doing the exact thing what that drug dealer doing but get a slap on the wrist and that drug dealer gets 15 years for a half of ounce. Did I missed something?

            • @Anonymous, that’s all nice and dandy in your world of unicorns but in the real world, banks break the law, commerce trade is filled with illegal activities, we definately know cops break the law, government officials break the law, CEOs break the law, share holders, stock holders, have broken the law, but AGAIN, where are their LIFE SENTENCES? He’ll Enron executives got what? 10 years at most? Stop being a jackass and admit that there are two rules, 1 for the person creating the rules( those with power) and one for the little guy( the small time criminals, people walking around in hoodies, People who get killed for refusing not to get off the street when a redneck asks them to. And you calling me ghetto is a typical response because you do not have the IQ it takes to debate me. Your cloud of Hypocracy can’t even let you admit that white collar crimes are rewarded with little to no consequence..

              Nicole, yea me too. All they do is recite and repeat what they’ve heard all their lives, acting like he’ knows it all cause he barely got a C in economics 101.

            • One more thing, because of your blatant lack of realism, pretending that there is no abuse of power, that all these legislative, and corporate structures of ladder are running justly, without error, is the same reason why we have two NYPD cops murdered, black teens being murdered for frivolous misconduct. The structure is broken. The system is broken. And people know it. Look at the wealth disparity alone. You are here stanning for bankers and the financial institutions, the same financial institutions that will take half of your paycheck under the guise of “taxes” THE SYSTEM IS BROKEN. But carry on in your delusions.

        • I’m sorry, did anyone of those mentioned forced you to buy and consume liquor, tobacco etc? Is your mind and self-worth that weak?

          Do you not have a medical provider to advise you on the pros/cons of taking certain prescription medicines?

          Don’t like the current economic structure of The United States, The European Union, Japan, China, India, South America, Australia, ALL 54 African states, etc…then by all means, move to a 3rd world backwater that some 2-bit dictator is on Uncle Sam’s payroll.

          Just ask Putin how his country’s economy is doing 🙂


          If you want to make a quick buck selling/dealing/drugging/whatever, that is against the law…that’s your choice.

          You want to live by the gun, you shall die by the gun.

          Its your life, not mine 🙂

          • Hey Lucid, Me and U know what time it is. Unlike some folks hate to see nor hear the real deal about the truth.

          • Its not that Russ. See I knows what really goes on the “behind the scenes”. And Lucid and I are on the same page. We have been on this site a looong ass time to know what the deal is. If I didn’t know what time it is according to,” I prefer the most trustworthy corporate world” anon, my black ass shouldn’t retired at the age of 26. I am 38 and I retired at the age of 26. So, I pretty much know the deal.

          • Anonymous, you’re an idiot.

            So what you’re saying is because the banking system controls the world economy and infrastructure, everyone should just be okay with it?

            Either you started out in the hood and forgot where you came from, or have never been anywhere close to a hood and never understood real world economy from a realistic perspective.

            There are not only two standpoints in this argument: either 1) agree with and move along with the status quo or 2) be ghetto and ignorant about the situation…. fortunately many of us in this country are 3) aware of the situation, recognize that the system is more than fully corrupt and still are contributing members to society.

            While I don’t co-sign many of the opinions about the certain situations on the board, McDonald’s should consider putting you on the board for a couple of months, because you sir, are a McCoon Deluxe with EXTRA sauce.

            I didn’t know they still made your type.

          • @Anonymous 13:16.. Just keep that ass on you’re shoulders, the most high (Jehovah Jesus name) is gonna humble you and your kind very soon. Egypt use to be a powerful nation look at it now, Persia (Iran) use to power through Xerxes bloodline, look at it now, Rome was once a great nation that grip the world, look at it now. Even isreel had had is turn ( misspelled on purpose).

            When your turn come to be a persecuted people, consider it, cause when others was down you took your turn taking shots as well. What comes around goes around and it’s definitely time for reaping what was sow. The most high been patient with your people time is up, now it’s time for the count down for the fall.

        • You are a dumb f*ck to even come close to believing this Bullshit article, do you even know shit about the BMF? There isn’t even a f*cking source to this article.You childish ass drama loving dumb f*cks. Y’all just gonna give this show more ratings. Any questions, comments, concerns, come find me, I’ll let you know where I’m at if you need to meet. I don’t hide behind a blog or f*cking words. Don’t write garbage like this that threatens people’s lives when you know how many black people are nothing but sheep that believe anything they see about something they don’t like. Thanks, Holla

          • No not really. But I do know a lot of shit, but I can’t say or nor reveal it. The old man and his best friend gave me “The Gift”. It’s not a disease, money, nor a gun, but it has open up a lot and
            when I mean a lot of doors and not to mention a lot of secrets, I knew right then and there I’m glad I came in contact with those two. R.I.P EES and WK than you for “The Gift”

      • @ Anonymous- Don’t get upset that I won’t answer your calls. I was busy. Meet me at the spot in 20 mins. Cash only! I don’t want anymore of your wife’s jewelry -__-

      • 1st rate – a banker = thief LOL
        2nd rate – exec thief
        3rd rate – white collar crime thief
        4th rate – street hustler thief

    • Yes, he killed of his crew..who he thought was going to turn on him.

      He ordered the hit on the guy and his girlfriend. HOME INVASION IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT … Killed both of them… Their baby was unharmed..
      The child was left with no parents.

    • Yeah between the fake smile
      Chinese crackhead eyes
      The Eyebrows that look like she can’t find the answer to your question.
      modified chastity belt on her neck
      the Blouse that looks like it was made for Prince to play opposite MJ in the beat it video.

      She looks pretty nuts to me!!

      • LMAO!!!!! Damn I laughed so hard at your comment I got tears in my eyes…but for real VH1’s exploitations knows no boundaries because home girl definitely looks cray cray.

        • Lmao! If she get on I-20 East from Atlanta and take it all the way to Columbia, SC and take Exit 555 aka Farrow Road, the crazy house will be on the left. U Can’t Miss it! Its right by the exit. All she gotta do is drive straight and make one turn. Lmao!

        • LMMFAO…….she is confident with her Cray Cray though, hands on on her hips like, what!!!

    • Marked and black balled. I am not in a sorority but by this being exposed, she is putting a lot of folks in danger. Oh best to believe she will be notified as of today.

  2. She looks nutty as hell in that pic. I would imagine it’s for the best she doesn’t help sully the name of Sorors on some shitty ‘Reality’ show.

  3. DST is not going to like this at all. Not only she is a snitch but do y’all realized she done put them in a whole lot of danger when she did this? Not to mention a few of us as well. Somebody of on DST is going to contact her chapter and get her straight real quick or her membership will be deactivated.

    • Who gives a damn about DST or any of these black Greek organizations? Only you. For someone not apart of a sorority you sure act as if you’re head of administration.

      • @Say what, no but certain circles I know and connect with. Oh, I ain’t no slow leak whatsoever. But U be amazed what I can say and have proof. Shhhhhhhhh……

  4. It’s time to take a stand & STOP watching garbage like this.

  5. Didn’t the two brothers from bmf each get thirty years in Fed prison. I thought big meech wife was going to do a reality show similar to mob wives.

    • I think so but I did remembered that the wife was going to do a reality show but somebody spooked the shit outta her if she did.

  6. My thing is this Russ. If they had enough evidence against dude, why in the hell she made the situation worst than it was? Ok, dude dump your ass, that’s life. But she was doing the most! Not only she is a snitch, but she is a Delta excuse me a Nutcase Delta. She done f*cked up everything she done got herself into.

    • Because when it comes to evidence and you are trying someone, the more the better, you can never have too much evidence. And when you have a case like this one you take EVERYTHING. it’s like picking up 50 dollar bills, Just because you have collected a millon dollars worth and you think you have enough to buy everything you want. Do you stop collectiong them? A smart person won’t. You keep on til it’s no more. And in some cases they get so greedy that they start counterfeiting 50 bills, That’s fabricating evidence…

    • Im sure she was facing charges. But even if she didnt have pending charges She needs to be charged with something before she kills again. ……LOOK AT HER!!! You can’t tell me she isn’t a murderer. She probably was on BMFs payroll as a shooter.

      • nah, Porsha from RHOA killed Mr. ED. This chic , made his edges bald , at the very least.

      • Lucid, I see you giving it to the dummies today. Learn em, it’s Monday, they think it’s still th weekend. Thanks for being…..LUCID…..LOL

        • Yeah you did, time to kill a few people who have their heads up they ass. I heard of a ghetto pass but some people/sheople are are believing in the concept of a corporate Pass..SMH, as if they didn’t already get away with murder. Well thanks for being you

      • …as a shooter omg i can’t. Lol chick really does look that crazy. I bet a simp some where is dating her crazy ass. Smh

    • TB she did all of that over some man who dumped her stupid ass! Now she done put her life and her membership of DST on the line.

      • SMDH…and these are supposed to be college educated women. Sometimes street smarts stands for a lot.

        • Chile I have seen my fair share and ones in my state are nowhere like that. But she is doing the most. And she had a meltdown over a man? Something is definitely wrong.

          • Yeah, that’s true. Trippin’ out like that has nothing to do with going to college, it’s just that I would think they would expect better treatment for themselves. Right? But Hell hath no fury like a woman’s scorn…or some isht like that. LOL

        • ALWAYS remember this, there is a such thing as an “educated fool.” In one sense you have this woman, that for whatever rhyme or reason, turned “states evidence.” We’re speaking of a crooked ass system that wasn’t ever designed with us in mind. The thirteen colonies was built on drugs, alcohol, rapes, murders, and a lot of free labor. Misguided, delusional, egos, with the “GOD” complex. Frightening! Asleep sheep have been conditioned to believe that if you do the right thing, all will ok, not! Read, research, cross search, then pray for discernment.

      • Then again you get a lot of women from the ghettos that get dumped and taken advantage of too, but the difference is, I don’t think we drop dimes to 5.0 like that…we won’t be alive to walk the streets if we did. Especially on no damn drug dealer. LMAO

  7. If you still gib a shit about a frat or sorority after 25 you should reevaluate your life

  8. The only black women that’s getting in Hollywood is whores , former/current strippers, jumpoffs of athletes and stars (that are African American). Professional, conservative, educated God fearing women need not apply, this is how America wants black women portrayed across the globe (of course including here to). It’s so sad how many African American women and girls fall to the mannerisms, lifestyle and cop the styles of these filthy heffas.

    • Cosign! It’s sad when there isn’t a true sense of self, carbon copies EVERYWHERE! Cats everywhere coughing up serious hairballs that don’t even belong to them. There’s nothing wrong with beautifying one’s self, but there is a problem with getting lost in someone else’s image of what beauty is & stands for. Superficial resemblance to a m.f. that mocks you is crying shame. Got Kleenex?

  9. If ever to do a real adaptation of Jim Henson’s FRAGGLE ROCK, she’d be perfect!

  10. This chick is partly responsible for a black man going to prison? Fuck this sell out bitch! Comedian Corey Holcomb is right, “More and more black women are working with law enforcement in a effort to send black men to prison.” Black bitches liike this are the real f*cking problem. They have betrayed their own race and at the same time pledged their allegiance to the system that’s destroying black men and women!

    • Exactly and that will comeback and bite them in the ass. And they wonder why we our so damn left behind.

    • NBA.. Please don’t believe the hype. The power’s that be start these campaigns that pit black men against the black women. Just like they did with the Hutus and the Tutsis. They know that all they have to do is plant negative seeds and they will grow. This is devised to continually separate and divide us as a people in order to keep us down. I hate when I hear reference to MOST or ALL or SO MANY black women in negative ways. Corey Holcomb ain’t right. He can take that seed back and shove it where the sun don’t shine. We are not the enemy. The powers are. Please, don’t ever submit to that mindset. It only gives them more power and renders us weaker.

  11. Men I hope ya’ll are learning more about these pretty lil girls. Find you a good sister who is faithful in Gods word. Also, remember that the devil goes to church too. Be careful with who you choose.

  12. This chick… May wanna skip town.. i am sure..somebody is looking for her….
    FOR SURE since . this has come out

  13. If I were her and saw that someone had printed THAT picture I would shoot myself. She looks straight up crazy. And she can’t accessorize for shit.

    That neck piece with a lacy top should be a Federal offense.


    $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ THA WORLD IS STILL BMFs. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

        • OMG Raheim as a very conflicted semi-fan occasionally(can you sense my ambivalence?) of TS, these videos are hilarious. HILARIOUS.
          When the heehawing donkey made it’s appearance, I literally choked laughing. Tariq Nasheed must be quite a man indeed. I love a bit of humor mixed in with my consciousness, lest the content become too dry. Thank you my dear friend for opening my eyes to his talent and message, as you have done so many times before.

          And have a happy holiday season too!

  15. Another degree’d sister who boned a dope boy to come up, how shocking. Let me guess; she didnt have a decent father figure growing up as well? I feel no empathy for her or the coke smuggling felonious ex, though I absorbed that rise and fall of big meech book during a rt flight from reagan to madrid a while back and briefly wished that I could have attended one of those lavish parties with “the world is bmf” marquee in the background.

  16. @ DaRadiant1

    That “gift” is herpes. Spend less time on this site and take care of your business.

    • @Iggy, I know what herpes is dumbass! I wasn’t referring to that! Non comprehensive bitch! I was talking a damn book dumbass! It’s called “The Gift”! I know who I hang around and know who’s who!Damn dumbass!

  17. I can’t stand Tommy Sotomayer or whatever his name is. Self hatin’ ass creep. I wonder how far he will bend over to lick the yte man’s ass.

    • @ Sher, Please don’t take this as a challenge to your words, but I have to ask you, have you ever listened to a Tommy show in full, or are you just going on what you have heard as to Tommy’s harsh assessment of BW? Because, Tommy distrusts and loathes the yt man as much or more than he does the black woman he sees as inauthentic(the dreaded Hair Hatted Hooligan.) This is the dichotomy which IS Tommy Sotomayor. How does he fit the description which is usually assigned to a sambo or sell out coon? He is misogynistic to be sure, but I can never understand how he earned the rep as a puppet of The Man.
      This is really not directed towards you personally Sher. I am hoping that someone will speak as to how this happened. It’s sad, because among his screeds against HHH, he drops a lot of smart insight.

  18. So drug money set her up in a shop now she onTelevision claiming she self made…see…another case of people fronting only to get exposed.An she real stupid for coming on TV.

  19. My whole thing is baby girl all on tv acting high and mighty but yet you got paperwork lmao fraud.

  20. Uuuummmmmm…hol’ up, hol’ up. You mean that AIN’T Kenya Moore’s pic w/ a f*cked up nose photoshopped onto it? And I’m no trying to be funny. Please tell me that is not a real person.

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