Shemar Moore Addresses all the Rumors

shemar moore gay

Shemar Moore took some time to address all the rumors about him dating Phaedra Parks and about him being gay!


  1. She thang ain’t fooling nobody. That man has sat on more homo casting couches than Mr. Oglilvie!

  2. He must be shopping for a new role because posing with an ex-RHOA cast member doesn’t warrant 15 more minutes of fame imo.

    • They were on ‘What’s Happening Live’ at the same time. Celebs, realty stars go on there all the time, then pose for pics. That’s where the pic she posted is from.

  3. I’ve been to his house near universal city… let’s just say the men outnumber the women….

  4. Wow he wants to make sure we know he’s not dating her.
    No need to be that angry to tell his side of the story
    We all know Fhedra is a boss deck liar and I thought Shemar
    Was batting for the same team. Ugh

  5. He needs to be careful what he says in this climate.

    What he does is his business, but he needs to remember that his fans are a mixed crowd. Be diplomatic.

  6. A man of his age tho no kids, never married, never even really seen him with a woman.. I mean yeah that usual for a guy in his 20s to 30s but this dude is super close to being half of 100 and a senior citizen. I’m not saying he’s gay but it’s unusual.

  7. I like Shemar, he seems like a nice guy. Ppl are going to say what they want. What his sexual preference is is his business. Really like his new show SWAT. I don’t feel he should waste his time addressing this. He does need to just live his life because he has a lot going for him. Just enjoy the success. ?

  8. He telling the truth, aint nobody especially a celebrity as known as he is gone post a video like this knowing if he was lying everybody that knows hes lying like the supposed white woman that know he dont like black woman or the supossedly boys he like would come out and point him out as a liar. He is like the only celebrity Ive ever seen who directly addressed any rumor and specifically replied back with a actual answer without beating around the bush, explaining too much or nothing. I believe him!

  9. Sorry- I know a person who was interviewed for a show. She told casting crew how in love she was with Shemar Moore because they stated they’d worked with him in the past. She was sick to her stomach when they told her he’s screwed several men directors to get roles. You don’t want him.

    • Well, there’s a lot of actors rumored to do that for roles, but no one considers them fruity. Just like there’s actresses that will do freaky stuff for roles. I’m not giving it a pass, I’m just saying that’s a long list.

    • Also, Shemar has fans. People know him from the soap opera and he’s a model. Even though he’s not considered A-list, he’s marketable. He can also be marketed across demographics because he’s racially ambiguous. That’s why he’s consistently landed roles.

    • And probably Nia Long, Mya, Mariah, and others with a similar profile. Any dude that gets to his status gets a chance (Boris, Tyson, certain rappers). He’s like a male version of Gloria Velez.

      There’s also probably rich ww who pay for his “company.”

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