Darius McCrary Reveals Hollywood Exec Molested Him

darius mccray sexual assault

Darius McCray, the actor who played Eddie Winslow on Family Matters, revealed he was touched by a Hollywood when he was a “young man.”

“I was inappropriately touched by a Hollywood executive and I’m not gonna tell on nobody. This happened when I was a young man. I’m not going say [when it happened] but that’s what it is.”

You can watch the video here.


  1. Just like Todd Bridges. My thoughts and prayers go out to all children who have been molested and raped by sexual predators!

  2. All of these ‘reveals’ are very sad. One can only wonder if any parents of young children currently still have a dream of stardom for their little bastards.

    These reveals are frequent now. It is like they are trying to over-saturate the market and make it ‘appear’ that Hollywood is really cleaning up its act. We all known who the real ones are though. They are still wining and dining little kids and making money – that’s the important thing here – for the Israelis.

    • or… these people can’t cope any longer. holding a secret of being hurt or ashamed for years, was probably weighing heavily on them. really fucked their heads up.

    • That part. Proverbial thinning of the herd. Whoever is on that list, that’s what tptb really think of you.

  3. I liked him in Next Day Air. His persona changed for the better after the comedy tv show era.

  4. ItDontMatter why would he/someone not want to expose a pedi,if he’s telling the truth,that means the perv who abuse him can/is/will continue doing that bs to other children,#boycotthollywood mho

    • Because I think his only point is to add support for the victims. He is a real actor with credit, so his word is good enough to help people understand these other actors arent lying snd support there stories. I think thats his only motive. Whicj is to let the world know hollywood is messed up

      • why won’t he say who did it so they won’t harm another child… giving support with out evidence is worthless…. He might of kept his mouth shut….

  5. This is so common from that culture. Who the hell told them they could touch kids, but they did. So many stories I think we are losing track of them.

    • ummm what do you think the founders of the country did back in the day? them sick fuckers, married female children, made playthings out of the male children, bought, sold, raped tortured, killed slaves. used cocaine, wore powdered wigs, tights, and make up. abused their women…. it was common practice, perfectly normal behavior for them.

      this has been going on for centuries, Hollywood is no different. the sports world is no different either. offer a dude a $20mil a year contract… he will do ANYTHING for it, and so so many have.

      • yup, most if not all dem favorite football players done had their asses busted wide open for fame and money.

    • Satan told them – he insists! These people are all following Lord R’s mandate. He’s a Satanist and they all have to do likewise. They all sit around eating each other’s ? too. This is natural for these Hollywood people. You will not make it without selling your soul. Really disgusting stuff actually. But surely by now this should all be apparent to you?

  6. I’m still waiting for someone to say Steven Spielberg and the folk over Disney
    Channel, nick at night. I was told by someone that worked in Hollyweird
    that it’s so corrupt and the sex parties are sick. They have sex with
    eachother, children, animals and they have initiations ceremonies
    that are so sick. The average person would not make it, they sell
    Their souls for fame.

    • Not gonna happen. Diplomatic immunity. He makes too much money for the gub’ment hush slush fund.

    • The actor Michael Egan named some execs at the Disney Channel. He also named the X-Men director Bryan Singer. Hollywood covered it up.

  7. I don’t know if the families of these child stars are that fucking stupid to leave their kid alone with some grown men that they barely know or if they are super greedy and evil and don’t care about their child’s wellbeing as long as they are getting money from them. It’s a terrible world we live and I’m glad these sick fuckers are being exposed. Anyone that touches a child should get the death penalty point blank.!

    • ^^
      parents leave their kid at a school, at a church… with grown men they barely even know.

      • But the ‘entertainment industry’ is know for excess and corruption. You really couldn’t find a more high-risk environment to leave your vulnerable, underage, young child. Why do people continue to do so?

      • We aren’t talking about church or school. And obviously you’ve never read the stories about kids going to spend days at these executives houses like I said what normal parent would do that. I would never send my child away for a weekend with any adult that is not family and even some of them u side eye.

  8. That dude from That’s so Raven needs to come out and tell what he knows. Whatever hollywood did to him messed him up incredibly.

    • Yes! I knew something was going on when his balloons from one season of That So Raven to the next. And the fact that Raven Simone was nearly a billionaire off her merchandise from the show?! Disney ain’t letting you have that kind of money off their product unless you really really know some that they don’t want to get out… I knew something was up

  9. YES!!!!!Steven Spielberg is the person who passes these kids around to the stars when he’s done. He has everybody in his back pocket, so nobody utters his name or they may die of a drug overdose?


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