Say Word: Nick Cannon’s Banking On Playing Pryor!

Nick Cannon Wants Richard Pryor Roll

The fact that there’s a filmography project surrounding the life of Richard Pryor in the making is a joke in itself. Know why? Because Richard Pryor already directed his own life story, playing himself in his 1986 autobiographical film “JoJo Dancer”.

I mean, who better than the man himself to tell his own story?

What could be just as funny is Nick Cannon dropping all kinds of hints that he’s about to play Richard Pryor in a new film project. Nicky recently posted a pic to his IG account with the caption, “I’m feeling his spirit. I hope y’all ready for the next level in my career. #GameChanger #Pryor.”

Here is what’s out there:

“Director Lee Daniels has previously been attached to a potential Richard Pryor biopic, with Eddie Murphy and Michael B. Jordan rumored to be in the running for the role.”



  1. Man Glok9 put the blunt down am not understanding you no matter how hard I try .

  2. I thought Mike epps was supposed 2 play pryor? B4 rain pryor threatened 2 slap the “shit outta his ass”.. (her words, not mine) what HAPPENED?

    • I heard that he was straight biting Pryor’s old material and using it in his shows without crediting the man himself.

    • this biopic will never come out. Its been passed around from damon wayans chris rock adam sandler supposedly forrest whittaker. In a few years perhaps macklemore and gary owens will have it. Whatever the case his children and his wife should approve. Richards life was an open book so no skeletons can come out. Need to release it soon since his fans are dying out.

  3. Nick Cannon is not funny to me, i can’t visualize this project seeing daylight…1 In A Million Chance!

  4. Nope not funni at all. Marlon maybe. Epps doing it kinda reminds me of his character in that movie…oh yea..sparkle

  5. I think Michael B. Jordan would be great. That’s too bad that the project was cancelled. He’s a great actor and he could handle the dark side of Pryor.

  6. I got nothing against Nick Cannon whats the beef here? He can act and he is Black. No beef.

  7. Stop hating on Nick,he can do this role justice. If not then turn to Jaime Fox,because he played the hell out of the Ray movie role.

  8. No one’s hating on Nick hell he isn’t wasn’t funni but he has been coming around.Jamie did my guy some real justice as Ray Charles. my favorite artist

  9. As Jacky has already stated, this upcoming Pryor movie is a joke due to the fact that “Jojo Dancer” is Pryor’s life story. Do we really need a D list actor like Prick Cannon to play Richard Pryor in some poorly directed film?

  10. No black actor on this planet can play Richard Pryor. Nick Cannon, Mike Epps, Eddie Murphy, no one can play him.

  11. I didn’t like richard pryor and I certainly don’t want to see a movie about him. Nick cannon you don’t fit the part but go for it.

  12. Leave well enough alone already!! Richard did the damn thing nearly 30 years ago when he released this fav classic. 1st, Marlon Wayans…then possibly Mike Epps…& now Nick Cannon?!! **SMH** Lawd Lawd Wonder what Paul Mooney has to say?!! Lol

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