Royal Wedding Bishop to Lead Anti-Trump Protest

bishop trump protest

Bishop Michael Curry is using the attention he received while presiding over the Royal Wedding to lead a new anti-Trump protest.

According to sources, Curry and other Chrisitan leaders will host a candlelight vigil to protest the “dangerous crisis of moral and political leadership at the highest levels of our government and in our churches” — crises that put “the soul of the nation and the integrity of faith” at stake.

The event will kick off with a church service beforehand right in front of Lafayette Square, which is across the street from the White House.

Who’s going?


  1. That satanic wedding was an abomination. All involved in the deception will surely be sorry.

  2. they will protest against trump, but not all the priests raping little boys and girls…smfh

  3. We do have a moral and religious crisis in the country and all over the world. But that didn’t start with Trump. He’s deluding himself trying to put the blame on Trump. Trump don’t want transgender people in the military. Obama put them there. Trump didn’t want illegals coming here to take jobs and commit crimes. Obama did. Trump’s economy has decreased black unemployment rates. Rates disproportionally increased with Obama. God don’t like liars.

    • BS Trump hired all the illegals to work on all his properties when hey were being built..
      What jobs he or anyone made available for black people??
      This man said that black people can take those field jobs that the illegals do now
      He raise taxes on the middle class, his insurance is insanely high and don’t cover a lot of things.. I see he has you drinking the koolaid..
      Oh I didn’t vote for Obama neither time and I didn’t vote for Killary…

      • Jobs are not made available to you, you have to be qualified and apply. Unless you are including Prison Industries, Trump employed more Blacks than the Clintons!!!!!!!

  4. I’m not with the MS-13 shits but I did not agree with the Pres calling then animals. Not cool.

      • Agree 100% Cynthia and illegals by virtue of the fact that they got here illegally should be rounded up a kicked out. If it were blacks sneaking through the border like Mexicans have, the wall would’ve been built 40 years ago.

        • Lies- There a plenty of Carib/Somali/Arab people in Mexico now waiting for help. The Mexican gov is stretched and sending all their people to US.

          Get facts before you type.

          • There are MOOOOOOOORE MEXICANS crossing the border illegally than Carib/Somali/Arab. Research the stats.

        • Native Americans would probably share the same sentiments about you and your family.

    • Who do you think are bringing drugs into Black Cities like Chicago? Who are doing a lot of the killings that cannot be solved in Chicago? People who cut off mens heads and cut off their genitals and put them in the dead victims mouth are worse that any animals.

      • While I agree, It ain’t just them bringing drugs into the community…the GOV’T is the biggest drug dealer there is.

        They flood the community with them and have their agents, usually black, kill other blacks or they set them up.

  5. This is interesting. Not only was he used to proclaim love – he is now going to be at the forefront of changing America? How interesting.

      • Practically Everything being promoted these days is being used to usher in the antichrist…and make believers look like the evil ones.

        In the last days, Good will be called bad and bad will be called good …i.e gay marriage, transgenders, being a ‘pan’-sexual and screwing anything human or nonhuman…even that show lucifer is based around that MF being a cop…wtf?

        And if you speak up against any of this BS, you are the one who is made to look like a bad person. Personally I don’t give a fuck what you do, but don’t tell me what I have to accept because I do not have believe wrong is right.

        Stop falling for the mind fuck people.

        • Prince Harry is the Antichrist. Don Glover is playing a Pansexual Lando Calrissian in the “Solo” movie. Not suprising for a Met Gala attendee.

          • Hardly, first off the anitchrist is supposed to be gorgeous, not balding…like all fallen angels were…which is why they were able to mate with humans who could not resist them and Harry is 6th in line to some BS throne…the antichrist will not be waiting in line.

            Even more important the two witnesses have not come to warn people…think before you type.

    • Yeah, this country is pretty focked up right now. Its like a neverending version of PUNKED. Never seen anything like this. It’s like dumb dumb dust was splashed on one side, then there are the rest of us.

  6. He married them and Harry wife , a divorcee, and her husband is living , which makes
    her an adulterer. Bishop should know his Bible , before he judge others.

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