Rick Ross Shows Off New Daughter Surrounded by Cash

rick ross daughter baby picture

Rick Ross has just debuted his new baby girl he had with an IG fitness model. And in true tacky fashion, the baby is surrounded by stacks of cash.

Peep the video:



  1. Can’t breathe people’s sh#t, but can be surrounded by dirty money.

  2. Tacky nd sad. Guess he’s not smart enough or doesn’t care enough to knw abt the amount of germs tht lives on money. On another note, I hope nobody hears abt him owing any damn taxes later on dwn the road.

  3. Proof positive that groupies will fuck the ugliest, worthless black men if they have money!

  4. Ya’ll wrong as hell for talking bout that baby, (chokes back laughter) Ahem… (clears throat), meanwhile, back at the ranch… In that first pic that baby is like, Ummmm…. What the hell? Who? “DEAD!”

  5. The baby is ugly. Got stupid parents too. Like it has been said, all kinds of germs, etc. is on money. You should wash your hands after handling it. And certainly not put it close to a newborn. Dumbasses. The baby could get sick.

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