Richard Pryor’s Daughter Speaks Out Against Marlon Brando Rumors

rain pryor richard pryor brando

After Richard Pryor’s widow and Quincy Jones put his bisexuality on blast, his daughter Rain is shutting the rumors down once and for all.

rain pryor


  1. And how the hell does she know about her father’s sexual partners?. What parent would tell their child who they had sex with. I understand she wants her father to be seen in a good light but the fact is her father was a celebrity in holly wood. Normal, good human beings with actual morals is pretty nonexistent in Hollywood. You gotta do some crazy perverted shit to get to the top and her father is no exception.

  2. Q was wrong in the first place outting all his friends tea and Richard is Not here to defend him self…. In fact Some one should Tell Q.. When he passes we ll do the same for him!!! Out all his dirty little secerts… And we can deliver that same message to miss patti labell… U wanna out Luther V. U wanna talk about his sexuallity escapades after his death… Well hunny we will do the same for u.. And have ur kids defend ur honor and good name after u pass.(im j/s u dont do ur friends like that even after death)

    • Who cares what one fag says about another.

      We already know how dirty q is, so anything said about him now or after death will not be news either.

  3. Blind faith about one’s parents. It happens. She is defending his honor, whatever she thinks that might be. People need to leave Marlon Brando and Richard and all the dead alone.

  4. Rich said himself he was into trannies, and Brando was a known bisexual he admitted that before he died

    So what we knew about Luther all Patti did was tell what folks assumed for years if not Patti somebody else would have outed Luther

  5. Good for her to standing up for her father. Q was wrong f bringing up dead folks business .

  6. They are doing what they are told to stay relevant in that sinister gay anything against God, Black Excellence, and talent (which is usually Black) industry aka holly wood.

    Anything that is not of His creation is not going to work…you cant perfect perfection people. That goes for sex assignment, natural foods, natural medicine (every tree) ummm not that other tree folks…aahem (clears throat) Dont believe me??? Go against His natural order and see what happens…


    Rise above it…

    • By “they” I meant Quincey and Pattie (puppets)

      (smh as I imagine the god father song playing in the background)

  7. how would you know what your daddy was doing dumb dumb…..shit he was doing him before you were born

  8. everyone ion Hollywood have been turned out…no surprise here. its believable… can be sued for slandering ….you cant be making millions and not fucking

  9. her daddy wasn’t bout that live and that’s why he had to do so many drugs apparently

  10. Black People bringing and ripping other blacks down… Doing their job for them…….. God rest the dead….

  11. Most of you people are soulless and would be anything and tout anything because you’re behind a damn keyboard. It’s a sweet note from a beloved daughter. This is my first and last time posting here but typically I am focused on how a kleptocracy has taken over the greatest country in the world. The US is going to shit and you’re sniffing dead people’s underwear. Sickening.

  12. Rain tell us about your drug doing days and tell us about your drag queen brother

  13. RP was dealt a bad hand, and made Lemonade out of lemons.

    His background and a fast rise to the top combined with all that money and excess led to some negativity, including not being the best parent or spouse. It happens.

    That’s his business.

    He still gets points for rising above and inspiring so many to use their talents to do the same. Dave Chappelle started in comedy at 14. He lives a clean lifestyle and stays away from drama and Hollywood. And he was likely heavily inspired by Pryor.

  14. Hollywood just full of sick perverted people!!!! If you are willing to sell your soul for Drugs, Trannies and all these Sick Gay Shiit then you’ll fit in just fine… God and religion does not go hand in hand with Hollywood.

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