Remy Ma’s Sister Arrested on Gun Charges

remy ma sister arrested gun charges

Remy Ma’s 27-year-old old sister, Remeesha, was arrested after she allegedly shot a gun multiple times into a car of three women.

While the women tried to flee from the rampage, Rameesha allegedly used her car to hit the woman who had been shot.

She was arrested at an apartment complex on Monday night and is being held without bail.

She’s also facing pending charges from an earlier arrest for assault with a deadly weapon, shooting a gun inside city limits, and assault by pointing a gun.

In case you forgot, Remy Ma also spent time in jail for a shooting a woman back in 2007.


  1. Looks like Maw gonna be visiting from the outside and not the inside this time. Happened at a time when her career was trying to take off too. Money needed for lawyers.

  2. Man sistas always carings guns to kill other black sistas or brothers and yet this is the woman/queen we need to uplift fuck outta here

    • Sadly there is alot of black women who are like Remy Ma in the community. Just look at Chicago. You have sistas gun totting, multiple kids by multiple men, welfare queens literally running astray. Smdh

      #evegene #welfare queens

  3. They are both way to pretty to be hitting people in the heads with bottles and carrying guns. I don’t understand, like they don’t have make up to play in or clothes to steam, like wtf

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