R. Kelly Shuts Down Sex Cult Rumors

r kelly

R. Kelly posted a video message for his fans and denied all of those sex cult allegations.

The singer told his fans that the rumors were all “crap,” and despite everything in the press he still plans on going to the East Coast to perform.



  1. He is arrogant and thinks he is a smooth talker. He wouldn’t get 1 minute of my time famous or not at a club or a coffee shop!

  2. The Pied Pedophile Of Piss has a upcoming nationwide tour. How much do you want to bet that thousands if not millions of black people, specifically black women will attend R Kelly’s concerts.

    • Shut Up Fool.

      You have been on here flip-flopping form being on your knees to sucking his dick, so you have no room to talk.

    • Thats the world we live in though. “Celebrities” can do the worst and people still will spend their money to support them no matter what. Hes been at it for a looong time.

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