Pusha T Slapped With Nightclub Lawsuit


According to a lawsuit filed in Miami, the rapper Pusha T agreed to do an appearance at Cameo nightclub on August 16 and part of the deal banned him from appearing at any other clubs within 30 miles of Miami-Dade County within 15 days before or after his sceduled gig.

So, naturally Pusha was at Dream Nightclub on August 15 for a celebrity hoops tournament, and Cameo’s calling a foul.

They claim Pusha’s double cross intentional or not cost them $13,000 in sales cause who wants to see Pusha T on consecutive nights?

Cameo is now suing for their lost revenue and more.


  1. i met pusha hes cocky nd conceited when he gets a lil bigger ull see his attitude is like kanye west…. so Good for him pay up!

  2. He’s already peaked in his career and to sue for 13K, a club with no one there can make that on bar alone on good night.

  3. God bless Pusha and Asap Rocky for having the courage to sport struggle braids. Most reserve this hairstyle only during their leave in/deep conditioning regimen or kimdergarten.

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