Puffy Signs His Son to Bad Boy

puffy signs son bad boy

As a gift for his 18th birthday, Puffy signed his son, Christian Combs, to a record deal with Bad Boy Entertainment.


Christian then shared his excitement on Instagram.

“Yesterday was the greatest day of my life. Not only was it my birthday, but also the day a dream come true. I got signed to epic and BADboy records. I’m extremely thankful for everything that God has blessed me with and I will never take it for granted. Music is something that’s been part of me my whole life. #Epic #Badboy we got this!” ~ Christian Combs


You think Diddy’s going to do his son dirty like he does all his other artist?


  1. Poor little fella. His a$$ will be passed around just like everyone else. Sad thing, his daddy will be responsible for this kid either committing suicide, strung out on drugs & alcohol, being gay, having numerous stds

  2. I knew Puff would do this. Hes been asked to step down by tptb and he wants to keep the ball rolling. Quincy's on Empire and now Christians involved.

  3. Yeah he might do his son like Birdman deed Lil Wayne… Its in their blood to do their artist dirty… especially family smh

  4. Don't care for Puff…never really did but if I had to say one nice thing about him is how I love the way he loves his kids. He's always showing them off and never hiding them *cough(jay z)*

  5. This will be the first and only artisit on BadBoy to get paid by Puffy he might even get some writing an producing credit.

  6. Ok so what's this real life Empire on the gram? Yawning…I rather watch making the Band..flop.

  7. not a smart, wise move for the game as dirty, evil and underhanded as the music industry and rap industry. but good luck young buck. everybody aint able and was blessed to have be born with a silver spoon in their mouth and with a rich, wealthy dad like your bitch of a pappy who can't seem to choose what name he wants to go by and be called in life.

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