Piers Morgan Forgets He’s In The USA & Blasts LeBron James Over Kate Middleton

Piers Morgan Court Jester

Not My Queen!

The former CNN host Piers Morgan lashed out at LeBron James. Know why? Because after the basketball game on Monday night between the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Brooklyn Nets, LeBron James place his hands around Kate Middleton shoulder to pose for a photo.

Here’s what Piers Morgan said:

“You do not put your arm around the future queen of England!

You do not touch a member of the royal family unless they ask you to touch them or extend their hand. LeBron James, you may call yourself King James—you are not a real king. Prince William is going to be my king, that was his wife—hands off the duchess….

Do not touch the royals! They are immortal creatures. If they extend a hand, you gently touch it and say hello. You do not put your sweaty arm, after a game of basketball, around a member of the royal family.”


    • Hes absolutely correct? Can you say sellout? They are not immortal. They are the decendents of those who killed the killers who eventually became the kings of Europe. Their bloodline is German, not English. Plus, this is Ammurrica, we don’t give a f*ck about so called royals. The royals can’t rap!

      • i get the whole point and that white man is right by stating people can greet each other by simply shaking hands instead of rubbing and touching all up on each other like if they knew each other for years. but then again people absolutely need to practice what they preach

      • Say what? Not all blacks are bi-sexual! I love me some dick and if it get to the point if there be an shortage, Imma (1) Hit up a happyland store or a sex store or (2) Find me somebody’s well middle age man who can lay some pipe in me! In this case, I got number two without the baggage. He done left and got me and my son something to eat. But back to your statement, not all blacks are bi-sexual. That’s like saying all black women are whores.

        • DaRa1 Anonymous was just turning the tables on Fool for making the broad statement that all whites are bisexual by nature. Of course nether is true.

  1. STAND DOWN…Piers
    No one told him about etiquette with the Royal Family. Some one should have.

    I had a problem, with the fact he had his arm around another mans wife. Which is a NO NO! picture or not.

  2. Well his arm didn’t fall off, and etiquette or not, the young royals seem down to earth and probably could care less. Now the old ass grandma, that’s another story.

    • cosign
      This is a new day for the royals, and I doubt that Morgan is able to understand that. Will’s mother Diana was the beginning of the new thinking, and W&K are carrying on Diana’s way with people.
      I’m sure that old ass Pierce Morgan is butt hurt and mortified that Jay Z, Bey and Lebron were on the royals short list of people they wanted to meet.

      • Amen! God knows I wished Princess Diana was alive. She would have been an awesome Queen!

        • Me too. Diana had to live a LIE at home but damn she really cared about people. William and Kate are definitely from her line of thinking. Kates gonna be Queen and seems 100% down to earth when I dont know many women that could handle her rise to fame without getting the BIGHEAD!!

          • I met Princess Di when she came to my job at the hospital She shook my hand 3x, but I dont think she realized it
            She was really down to earth and she sai someting to the effect that we were good working people, but not in a deragotory way
            But in a way of admiration. She was so humble and sweet. Up close and personal, u could tell she was good hearted and good natured
            She even visited the border babies care unit which usually consisted of babies with aids or who was born addicted to crack
            She held each 1 she was photographed with without protection. I know aids cannot be transmitted by regular contact, but her visit was early on when people was just learning about aids and I think that was very admirable of her
            I was so sad when she passed away. And even though it may not mean a big deal, it was an event I will never 4get and it brings me pleasant memories
            Some rich and noble people never shook hands with Princess Di, but a lot of us that day who would had never have a opportunity to rub shoulders with the rich famous got a chance
            And maybe 1 day I will be able to tell my grand kids about it : )

            • PS
              It was a predominately black hospital she chose to visit. Im sure she could have picked dozens of others, but she chose a hospital which the majority of employees were black 🙂
              So that says a lot of the foundation in which she raised Prince William b4 her untimely death

            • That’s alright. Wished she was alive. It’s something about her soul that make U feel good about yourself. Not only that, but can dress her ass off! Honey, she got class, style, and soul. That is a true diva!R.I.P. Princess Di!

    • Right. If the royals not tripping why is piers..oh cus hes a white man who saw a blk man with his arm around a white lady doin something meaningless as posing for a pic.

    • Again with the white folks mind reading act Fool.

      Whats so bad about wanting a “new day” for real?
      I would like nothing more than a reboot of race relations and humanity. Maybe the Garner protests that continue to go on are white peoples way of saying they want a reboot too?

  3. Do the Royals poop in the toilet like the rest of us? Well then they aren’t really royal. I’ll treat you like royalty when you can walk on water or some other supernatural stuff. You want to be treated special, be special. And no being famous with a bloodline of wealth doesn’t make you special.

    • Exactly people will give their life for a buck. I refuse to pay out of my money that I refuse to work hard for because it causes nothing but pain, fraud and greed on the societies that use it. I feel bad that in our society we are lied to we are not free we don’t have free will. We are prisoners in our own country surveillance cameras everywhere just like we’re in prision. Police harassing not patrolling.

      • we live in a police state, carefully crafted communism,free will without authority and power gets you nowhere. 6 billion people on this earth have free will. But only 1% of the population,(banking families) control the laws, international and domestic. The rabbit hole is deep.

  4. Man f*ck them…..they are nothing but regular people like anyone else whose blood is red. The Bible tells us to worship no one but THE ALMIGHTY and CHRIST. Peirs needs to take his goofy looking ass back across the waters where he is free to worship those Satanic ass people all he wants. If they don’t want to be touched let them stay in their castle and eat human flesh and drink baby blood all day. Peirs is always trying to push his f*cking ways on others. Let him go back to his country with that bullshit. The so-called royals are nothing but Satan’s bloodline anyway.

    • @Keith,

      PLEASE give me permission to copy your comment & give to our client who is chums with Piers. THIS is exactly what his big mouth needs to be told.

      Several people have already told him long before this ‘to carry his overly opinionated
      ass back to where he came from” many times.

      • Of course she did! You know her little boy will love that picture some day when he’s old enough to watch sports.

      • I think she looked uncomfortable, but that’s probably mostly because that evil old queen judges her. She looked like she was aware of the protocol breach but was still trying to be polite. I’m glad she didn’t push him away or call for security. That would have made things so much worse. As it was, it was just akward. She seemed perfectly at ease with Beyonce and jay.

      • She was hoping that William got lost in the crowd and LeBron stuck some of that Black dick to her. LOL!

  5. Chalk it up to LeBron not being properly trained on how to greet royals.
    What I want to know is, who arranged the meeting between the royals and the Carters?

    • Nobody. The carters are thirsty. The Carters had to walk over to them like a pack of hungry wolves that spotted meat. They’re probably pissed the media didn’t hype up them crossing paths.

    • I’m sorry but that’s just not so. The Carters may be thirsty, but nothing spontaneous happens on an event of this sort(and I don’t mean lie an arm casually on a shoulder, I mean all photo ops etc.)and the meeting of the royals and the Carters was completely planned and requested by W&K well in advance.

      I understand how much most people here don’t care for them, but that’s no reason to suggest that much of the world is not still enamored of Bey. I’ll grant you, Jay Z would not have been on their list were it not for B, but as a couple, they are very very close to being the biggest power couple in show biz at this moment in time.

      • Yeah of course they wanted to meet Bey. Kate Middleton is a regular chick and prince William is a man . Most men want to see Bey up close. Jay z wouldn’t have stood a chance without his wife but those stuffy brits wanted to meet Bey so they must have requested it. They have security up the wazoo, so you cant spontaneously just ambled over and meet them. Let my black ass have run over there trying to get a selfie. They would have cold clicked me Eric Garner style and rewarded the policeman who did it with a gold star and a vacation house. Puhleez.

      • Don’t believe the hype they put out there. The Carters are the flashiest and most fake power couple in show biz, not the biggest.

        If Will and Kate actually planned to meet the Carters it would have been somewhere more appropriate than during a break at a damn basketball game. The fact that they didn’t even sit with the Carters should tell you they weren’t pressed about meeting either one of them.
        I’m sorry but the world is no longer enamored with Beyonce, most of the stuff that comes out is paid PR.


          • I don’t see what the fuss is about. Lebron James gave her a hug after a game, and it’s WW3…Really? Prince William and Kate Middleton were just as starstruck as Bron Bron. The best baller on the planet face to face with the future Queen of England. I suppose Piers is feeling some type of way because a tall, wealthy blackman dared do what others not. Which is, behave like a normal person when greeting guest…Famous or Not! It’s funny to me, he spazzin out like this over a hug…Wooooow!

        • Cheese I love ya girl, but you have a serious case of antiBeyonce-itis. Did she kick your puppy or vamp your husband in the past?

          For real, can you name me a married couple in show biz who are more of a force to be reckoned with than the Carters?

          Brad and Angie are close, but the general public doesn’t clamor for photos and news about them lie they used to.

          • The public doesn’t clamor for the Carters either, it’s all smoke and mirrors. Everyone knows the paps do not hang around buildings to get photos of people in NYC unless they are at an event or called ahead of time by the celebrities PR people.
            LOL. I swear I don’t hate the Carters as people because I don’t know them. I do however hate the lies they put out there and the images they put forward.

          • I dont know why ppl hate the Carter’s so much. Its like they personally did something to them. They appear to be an established loving couple. I dont have time or the imagination to create unfounded conspiracy theories on them as ultimately God knows and sees everything. He will judge us all one day.

        • I agree. Kate & William DID NOT want to meet them or else they would have posed for a group photo or take some photos together. The thristy ass Carters walked over there and Beyonce looked scared because she cannot string a cohesive sentence together with her illiterate self.

          Don’t be fooled this is not the first time they have met. The met before at the Whore of Babylon rituals where Beyonce was the whore!

          • Look at the video.Kates bodyguard was to her immediate left and he welcomed the Carters over. Remember Jay is a freemason too. Notice how Jay kept his back to the camera. I was straining to see if they did some kind of special hand shake, but Jay knows what people say.about him and he was like ” Fuck that!”, lol

          • You are so pitiful and sad to use the word dark skin like it’s a bad thing. You seem to have some issues with your own shade of brown that you want to look into.
            I swear I would rather be accused of having that so called crab in a barrel mentality than be a self hating, color struck, coon ass blind FOOL like some of you. Stay blessed, moron.

        • I love how you all are so knowing…(side eye) and know exactly what went down ,how it was arranged ,what the involved parties were thinking and all..

          • Truth – from all the people in New York, their was no REQUEST to meet the Carters Paid for and delivered by the Carters – well kind of, in a gym with thousands of people around. TRUST!

  6. Don’t come to the f*cking USA because we don’t care about Royal protocol. When the African Royals come to town I don’t see any red carpets or anyone interested in learning their protocols. Piers is really finish since that hacking UK scandal and just looking for relevancy and shine. Bye man-bitch

  7. LOL @ ” they are immortal creatures”.. Piers just told the secret. Those reptiles think they are gods. However they sleep shit and f*ck just like the rest of us. And if Ms. Middleton thinks lebrons sweat is disgusting wait til she sees what her grandma in law looks like without the protective skin coat she wears so she can pass for human LOL.
    Seriously tho, let’s keep it 100%, Kate middleton is a commoner. She has to bow to the queen and the queens daughter and grand daughter because they were born royal and she wasn’t. She isn’t even a princess, she is a duchess by marriage. It’s not written in stone that she ever gets to be queen. So she need not get cocky. Just a few years ago she was getting drunk on campus and running around in mini skirts . If Royals don’t want to be touched they can stay their assess in the castle behind a moat and f*ck off. Who.invited their booty toity behinds to tea anyway. Oh and her toothy husband reached out and touched Bey. His ass wasn’t worried about protocols then.

    • Exactly.
      And someone needs to send LBJ and Bey and JayZ the youtube link to that grimy ‘Ring of Power’ documentary. That’ll give they all the info they need about the ‘Royal’ family.

    • Let me add to that. Before Princess Diana passed, she made sure no matter what that non royals are no different than the rest of them. She made sure that William and Harry to get involved with folks outside the palace. She made sure that went to soup kitchens, held folks that was dying from cancer, AIDS anything that could be saved or killed a person. She made that her boys spend time and listen to each and everyone about what’s going on the world. U don’t see Camille doing that. I wished Princess Diana was alive! That woman heart was too good! She wasn’t a snobby person nor judgemental. And we got a chance to see that before she passed. And the best thing about her, she did it without nobody telling her to do it. R.I.P. Princess Diana.

      • Very good point DaRadiant. Diana was quite a woman and I think that Will is reflective of her influence.

        • Actually 09:19 actually both William and Harry still carry on Diana’s legacy as we speak. Remember Kate gave birth to the Lil George? Wore a polka dot dress just like Diana. The only difference is Charles didn’t drive Diana home when she had William, but William made damn sure he drove his wife and son home from the hospital. I wonder he is going to do the same thing again with this birth. Yep, Princess Diana did real good in raising her boys right and it paid off.

      • I thought Diana was the ISHT how she stepped to her mother-in-law and held her ground. She was such a good human being.

        • Yes ma’am! We loved us some Princess Diana! And she was the shit! TB I am glad U reminded me when she went toe to toe with the queen! Now that was crazy and she did it too!Lmao!

          • Yes Diana is missed by all. A kind and gentle soul she was. Diana gave the queen a run for her money (literally). W&K are the new royals and Diana lived and died to show her sons the way on how to rule with the hearts and not with their money and power. I thought Pierce was back in Europe by now. He profited from Diana too through Book and interviews. If Lebron was in Europe i’d be a differnt story but like someone said they chose to meet and visit certain celebs while here in America. I’m not a royal stan at all but i like the new royals. The media just force feed them to us like they do tye fake King and Queen Bey and Jay.

          • I remember when the Queen didn’t want Diana to take her son to “public places” and mingle with the commoners. And she objected when Diana wanted to bring her sons to an amusement park. Diana took William and Harry anyway and they had a BLAST. Good mother, good person.

            • Yes she did! Especially when they went on those water rides! Lmao! They had fun!

          • Sorry but you sound like a groupie,Princess Diana was a human being,who some liked,some disliked and some like myself paid no attention to.This is 2 daradiant and that bunny person

            • @Really, Neither me nor Babes Bunny are not groupies. We are simply complimenting the things about the the late Princess Do. Is there any harm in that? No. It’s ok to say something nice to someone without being a groupie. Now for you to come out your mouth and to say that apparently you simply don’t know me nor Babes Bunny. So with that being said, how about take the time to think before you open your mouth. Not everybody is a groupie, but it is ok to have an opinion and be nice to a pperson even if we do nor do not know them.

    • She didn’t seem to mind taking the picture, and neither did her husband who was close by. If it was not considered proper protocol to put his arm around her than someone should have informed him prior to him meeting and taking a picture with her. Why is Piers Morgan so damn pressed and concerned about something that doesn’t involve him? Those are adults and they don’t need him speaking for them.

      • Thank and I consign that DaRadiant. The problem with folks is that everybody has to have something negative to say about others all the time. An opinion is like an a&$hole…everybody gots one. Since you sent for me, Here I am. Really, your entitled to your opinion just like me and DaRadiant is to ours. If everyone thought, talked, and looked all the same the world would be a boring place. What makes the world and people interesting and beautiful is that we are all not the same but different. God Bless.

  8. Lebron Need to wash his arm off after putting it on a Tea crumpet biscuit eating
    Illuminati Godless Alien Reptilian.

  9. They shit brown just like I do. WTF? LOL…That’s why I love Michelle Obama’s answer when they tried to criticize her for “touching” the Queen. She calmly replied “She touched me first”. Awesome answer!

  10. is that right Piers? That might be your queen but she was at a basketball game and they spoke and he was courteous enough to speak and posse for a picture, of course he was sweating he had been playing basketball, then keep your prince and princess in their palace and you luck their asses after they shit bow down peasant

  11. Royal?! FOH. Nothing royal about those reptilian, pedophelia, inbred cave monkeys. If anything that pale, cold creature wanted to feel the energy of that carbon( melanin) against her pasty, lifeless, carbon less flesh…..

    • Question: since Kate Middleton was a commoner born of a flight attendant and shop owner, when did she acquire her shape shifting reptilian qualities?

      Even my friends who are dedicated conspiracy theorists think that people who buy into Ickes’ garbage are cray! lol

  12. He needs to get his know-it-nothing ass on the first flight up out of here and take the ice queen and her apish prince with her. Sick of Piers and who would love to know who the hell asked him anything about anything.

  13. HSK editorial staff: You all are top shelf when it comes to selecting and photoshopping pics for the daily items and this is no exception. Funny as hell!

  14. Stop deleting my comments…I’ve seen worse that was posted…why y’all on MY dick so hard??

  15. Judging from the expression on his face, LeBron knew what he was doing and I’m glad he did it. Royals are nothing to us but media whores, we shouldn’t have to follow their protocols when they are in our country.

  16. Diana was the best of them. Bucking ham palace couldn’t control her that’s why she met her unfortunate end in the paris metro (check out the memorial plaque commemorating the location. Creeeeeeeepy). She was very hands on. I’m sure the queen did not want her associating with regular folk and dating Egyptians but she was like ” fuk u, I’m bout to share a sandwich with this african orphan”. RIP, Diana. The truth will come out one day.

    • Philip ordered he death, and I’m not a conspiracy theorist. He HATED her, even much more than the queen. He is really an evil man.

      • All true, that whole story broke my heart. Is it true Harry is not really Philip’s son?

        • Cheese, Philip is Elizabeth’s old Greek husband, I think you’re talking about Charles her and Philip’s son. NO. Charles didn’t have anything to do with Diana’s death, and yes, I personally believe that Harry is not Charles’s son. But that’s not a proven fact, just something based on Harry’s looks and the fact that Diana was very much in love with a ginger around the time Harry was conceived. We’ll all now in the next 2 or 3 years, because ALL of the House of Windsor men lose their hair and turn homely around 30. Harry just turned 30 and he still has lots of hair and he still is cute
          (if you lie gingers lie I do) so it’s looking pretty likely. No one cares though, because there is no chance at all that he could ascend the throne now that Wills had a son. I thin that it will stay a family secret forever.

          • Harry looks like her brother to me. Red hair runs all through the royal family. I personally think if Harry wasn’t full royal he would never have seen the light of day. However, there’s a rumor that Andre isn’t Philips, but the child of the queens close companion who was in charge of her race horses. Who knows? They like to think the so above it but behind closed doors they are on some whole other shit.
            Btw, Philip isn’t Greek. I mean he is, but in name only . He’s house of Hanover like the rest of those mugs, meaning he’s actually mostly German. Which is why his Hitler loving ass is such a fukkin Nazi.

            • Thank you for that. I new he was a huge Nazi appeaser, but I always thought he was Greek and related to King Constantine.

            • @anonymous 12:43 I agree that Harry’s red hair and overall looks could have come from the Spencer genes. But still his overall personality and facial features are so much lie Diana’s back door man, I think the odds are at least 50-50 either way. But we’ll never know that’s fasho.

    • I liked Diana as well. Was the only few royals who wasnt inbred and seemed like a true ambassador and was relateable. I make an effort to stop by Kensington Gardens to the princess wales fountain when in London. Unfortunately my last trip was during Nottinghill carnival a few mos ago and it was grey and rainy the entire time. Tmemorial playground is nice as well.

      Why do they act like Winsors are honorable? They were ousted after Germany and the rest of the world abolished the monarchy for phucking over the people with taxes, fiefdoms for centuries, changed their name/nationality and relocated to England. They taxed the hell out of their colonies based off the labor and resources of subjugated people. Castles were fortes built near water or trade routes that to tax merchants and hijack cargo ships. Travel and take walking tours around Europe, especially the Rheinland-Palatine to get a better understanding of these refined military criminals, all info isnt on Google/Youtube. Europe suffered under monarchy and so did the colonies and people under their jurisdiction. No one outside of the dailymail comments section gives a shyt besides delusional moms who teach their little girls to be fairytale princesses. Self governed free thinkers folk prefer republics. Cant believe Jamaica celebrated the Queens Diamond Jubilee just 2 years ago. Dog and pony show, wide grins and all. The world saddens me if I think about it long enough.

      • I don’t now why, but Jamaicans seem to have a real affinity for Elizabeth II. On my last vacation there, the housekeeper regaled me with QEII tales the whole time. She even prepared her own special Ackee and salt cod dish which she swore was Elizabeth’s favorite whenever she visited Kingston in the 60’s.

  17. Everyone that is scheduled to be introduced to the Royals were given explicit protocol – it’s standard procedure and other countries have specific protocol. also. It’s called respect for another culture!

    Beyoncé and Jay z were classy in their approach. That outfit Beyoncé had on was appropriate until she turned around – she had her ass padded and a zipper going from waist to hem (visions of Kim K)- embarrassing.

  18. They are immortal creatures. —-Did he really just say that? He must have forgotten that Americans give 0 f*cks about anything or anyone. And they are not GODs they are mere mortals who are idolized by weak minded followers.

  19. I think they fully understand the ring of power. Every once awhile, they are given the opportunity to walk in the shadow of those within the upper echelon of the ring of power.

  20. Princess Diana went up to regular people and talked to them and hugged them all the time. So f*ck Piers he is one of a very small minority who still believes in that bullshit. Let him bow down and lick their assholes after each shit if he wants to. Fuck the royals…..they were in someone else’s house so they play by house rules.

  21. Fck The fake Queen of England and Piers Morgan.The first Queen Of England during the Dark Ages was a Light skinned Sister whom went by Queen Elizabeth The 1 who’s mothers name was Princess Ann and her father was Henry The 8th.These white imposter fake queens after Reconstruction are a big joke!

    • I cant figure it out. I know Queen Charlotte was black, but she came later. Ann Boelyn was Elizabeths mother and she was dark complexioned, but not black. King Henry 8 was definitely white. You know those Royals rather repaint a priceless antique than
      admit they had some color at one point which they have tried their damdest to breed out. But I don’t like to think any of our blood got mixed up with those people. A lot of those royal folk are evilllllllll.

      • The Windsors who are the ruling house now, were not blood related to the Tudors, the house off Henry and Elizabeth I. The Windsors are of German stock and they changed their name to sound more British when they assumed the crown.
        I’m not British and I don’t now everything about the lineage of the various Houses, but do know that Queen Elizabeth II is not related in any fashion to the earlier royal families.

        • Actually Elizabeth 2 is a descendant of Henry 7, so you could say her and Liz 1 were distant cousins. Most Royals are in some way related. Actually Elizabeth 2 and her husband Philip are both related on both sides to Queen Victoria meaning.both.of their mothers and fathers were direct descendants of Queen Victoria. Now here’s where it gets really tripped out: Queen Elizabeth is a direct descendant of King George 3 . King Georges wife, Queen Consort was Charlotte, who was directly descended from the BLACK branch of the royal house of Portugal. Google her, she was light skinned and had such obviously black features that she was considered very ugly during her time because obviously folks were really racist then as now. Anyway, what I can’t figure out is…doesn’t that make The current queen a kind of octoroon ? I honestly hope not because I despise that odious old woman.
          * fun fact: queen Elizabeth is related to every single president this country has ever had, except 1 . Obama you guess? Nope. He’s related to her too.its all 5 and 6 generations back and distant cousin stuff but its still pretty funny how power begets power.

          • Good Lord. You really know your stuff! Very interesting and I learned something. QEII an octoroon? That’s hilarious.

      • Henry the 8th was black during the Dark Ages and he became white during the same time King James did and that’s after the period of Reconstruction.Blacks ruled Europe for a thousand years before the whiteman ever set foot in Europe and the word Europe derives from Queen Europa who also was a black woman btw.Don’t fall for the chicanery we ruled once and we’ll rule again soon.But this time is forever.

  22. I believe the state department does a short brief with people and Lebron didn’t get the memo. It’s not just Lebron, but everyone is asked to not touch the royals because these are their rules regardless of where thy go in the world. Even the queen wears gloves when she shakes hands. Lebron is naturally touchy huggy type and these faux pas are usually forgiven. That Beyonce and Jay walked over to meet the couple was orchestrated. Only their celebrity qualified them for that, but it was definitively cringe worthy.

  23. Lol f*ck the queen she better give me my mauhfukn social security I paid be for I stop working when I ask 4 it

    • All social security numbers come from Rome spearheaded by the Vatican but some are to blind to see it.SSN are very recent and was launched back in the 1960’s as a way of monitoring the publics activities particularly the Minorities.The same goes for the 12 to 15 numbers atop birth
      certificates which are nothing but stock market numbers on bank note paper.

        • Yea that’s what I was gone say except I thought social security didn’t start until after the great depression.

          • I think Social Security was part of F.D.R.’s New Deal..

            But the numbers.. ppl didn’t want to be numbered back then. They thought that getting a number was the mark of the beast. We accept it now. Our lives depend on / revolve around those numbers.. that was 1913.

        • That might be correct because I wasn’t certain of the time but the dollar which was created by the Federal Reserve has been falling and getting weaker since 1913.The dollar is simply an illusion and it’s just a printed piece of paper backed by absolutely nothing,and you’d get more value owning Gold/Silver than the so called almighty dollar.All these celebs who think they’re rich are misled and they’ll soon see that the riches are nothing more than an phallacy because green paper money is nowhere in the bible but Gold/Silver will be around forever and ever.

          • Actually silver is very low in value, they regulate the prices on that too, gold and platinum is the only thing worth having its always worth alot

            • But you will never GET rich hoarding gold and platinum. It’s fine to park some of your wealth in precious minerals, but the only way to get rich is by taking some risks i.e. the stock market. I remember reading a boo when I was in college which related an interesting comparison: If you purchased an oz of gold in 1920, you would have the equivalent of the cash amount of a fine suit of clothes. Today, that oz of gold will also buy you an equivalent suit of clothes today. But if you
              had taken that cash in 1920 and bought shares of Coca Cola, with all the splits in the stock you would be a millionaire today.
              The market scares some, and with good reason, but it is one of the few ways that an average Joe making a decent salary can become quite comfortable in their later years. My own father started buying me shares of Walmart instead of buying me traditional birthday gifts when I was a little kid. If I told you what that stock is worth today, you wouldn’t believe me.
              The trick is finding the next Walmart!

            • Yes i agree with that i think the Bible has an analogy about that too, the man who burried his gold who profited nothing and the man who invested his gold and profited or something like that

      • But everything else you said is most definitely the truth and the sheep don’t want to believe it

  24. The tragic car wreck that up ended Diana was no accident at all,and it was a clear message to her that dating a Muslim”Dodi Faud”was not going to be tolerated.The thought of a Muslim beneficiary if and somehow she passes is a taboo when dealing with bloodlines and royalty.It was also rumored that Diana was supposedly pregnant with Dodi’s child before she passed so this presumed accident was no accident at all and was nothing but Smoking Mirrors for the Public Consumption and just to clean hands.

    • @BA,

      We know that’s exactly what happened yet the Queen walks around to this very moment acting as if that never happened.

      Do you believe Harry & William KNOW the truth?

      • I think they are brainwashed. Without their mother there to protect them they probably just accept what they have been told by their father, as most kids will.

      • @Ms.Reg No,they’ve been fed the same fairytale that it was an accident and they’re mother perished under circumstances that she didn’t control which is not factual.

        • Faud’s father to this day is still crying foul on the circumstances involving both the death of his son and Diana. When that happened back in 97, he said they were set up by the Royals. I believe Faud’s father will not give up on the truth for his son until his death.

      • I always had the feeling they have suspicions in the back of their minds. But they know it won’t do them any good to speak out about their mothers death. In spite of the wealth and fame, those boys grew up in a tough situation.

  25. it’s because a Nicca’s touching Her….if it was a White Man now this chit wouldn’t happen…..period!!

    3 years ago Michelle Obama touched the Queen’s hands, and English people were complaining

    geez is just a f*cking touch, ain’t gonna hurt no body

  26. Piers Morgan is nothing but Esau reincarnated lashing out at his brother Jacob again.Do not be dissuaded my people.The whitemans rulership is coming to an end and he hates it,but can’t do shit about it.Extermination is his future.Rejoice oh’Children Of Israel.

  27. I cracked up when I read an article that said Prince William stated that Lebanon’s size was twice as big as his ans Kate couldn’t stop giggling HA! She knows whats up.

    On another note, I love when white people say go back to where you came from, I always tell them now that I would love to go back to Scotland and they look at me like my head is on backwards. When they pick their jaws up of the floor, I tell them to Google Black Ivan or Black Kings of Europe, shuts um down every time,lol.

    Follow me, follow me, follow me, follow me. *wink*

    • There still are a fair number of black folks in Scotland. I was surprised. But not so much in Ireland.

    • The word Scot means black,so Scotland really means blackman’s land.Once again, we ruled Russia,Scotland and all of Europe for a thousand years so this is no mystery.KingJames was the King of Scots and if the word Scot means black how could King James have been a Caucasian?It’s all lies..William Shakespeare was also an negro.I’ve seen pictures of him.Don’t believe the hype.

      • BA Is that where the movie title “The Last King of Scotland” originated from? If I recall correctly, Idi Amin was enthralled by the legend.

  28. BA, you are preaching to the choir but I don’t know which is worst, Brits like Piers that know the truth and continue to hate or the people who whitewashed history to begin with.

    Ancient artifacts continue to be discovered all over the world that prove Black dominance and they continue to suppress the evidence. Once again, Black people know thyself.

    I guess it’s going to take the Messiah’s second coming with skin the color of fired brass (Black) and the separation of the tares from the wheat to make people believe. What’s sad is that a lot of those tares will share that same skin tone.


  30. This site is just like Bawsh*t and media f*ckout. The only person anyone should worship is the Heavenly Father. Black people needs to stop feeding into these ridiculous stories. We are our worst enemy! Smdh. Still no positive sites for our people. The internet is the devil! Peace I’m done….

    • There are plenty of positive websites out there but this is a gossip blog. This stuff is not meant to change your life, it just helps pass the time and inform from time to time.

      • IKR?

        I have never understood the dichotomy which is this site being the source of religious uplifting blended with the dilemma of who’s the most ratchet on Mona Scott Young’s payroll.
        In many ways this has to be one of the most diverse blogs on the web. It does lend itself to some very interesting dialog though.

        • I mean I also get frustrated with this site sometimes but I feel more of a community here than on other blogs and there are some pretty smart people around here.

  31. Fuck piers dis is america & if kate had problem with take ur azz back across the water we r touchy feelin ppl here smdh

  32. Last I checked, this was a land that didn’t recognize royalty, and that all men are created equal.

    Take that god shave the queen shit back to Bongland, this here’s Murrika, bubba.

  33. Thats what I was thinking as well….when I saw the photo I was like does he have his hand around the future Queen of England!!! I was really shocked…his publicist should be fired because they should have been on their game about this because they should have known that the royal couple would want to meet Lebron after going to one of the games…hell even Bee and Jay ghetto butts knew that!! Because their people were on their game!!

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