Annie Hits The Streets Before Its Official Release!

2014 Annie Bootleg

HSK Exclusive – Annie may not be slated to hit theaters till December 19th … but that doesn’t mean the movie’s not already out there. Just ask Will Smith and Jay Z, who insiders say are in the midst of trying to shut down bootleggers said to be banking on the flick.

The drop:

“My boy went and picked up a bag a weed from his dope spot and they gave him a Annie bootleg with a 20 sack.”


  1. But the movie iS PRODUCED by blackfolks.
    only applies to the police?

    FUBU =. For Us By Us

    • I don’t support Hollyweird period.
      They trying to turn that little girl into a little boy or a d*ke. She’s pretty and they got her dressing on TV like a boy

  2. So the bum ass boot leg buying niggas dont attend opening night where good folks with money will be.

  3. Jamie and the little girl were on 106 yesterday (looks like they done tore that set down) talking about the movie.

    “Sandy” the dog from the movie was also there. Julisa says “Jamie act like a dog”..

    This jackfool got on all fours on the floor, *ss poked out. Later they showed past clips of Jamie and Puff together on the show. I can’t believe I didn’t catch onto this mess years ago..

    Good for the bootleg man.

  4. 20 bag and a bootleg copy of Annie huh. I like it. Kinda like some kind of ghetto ass Christmas doorbuster.

        • Lol. Hollyweird is about to get shut down. The cameod that Korean leader and now he has hacked Sony movie studios and talked ish about Angelina Jolie. Yeah Jamie days are numbered. Quanza is a beautiful little girl, it’s a shame that she is being polluted. And molded by hollyweird.

  5. I thought this movie came out a long time ago. I still can’t believe no one out there could come up with an original movie for that talented little girl?

    • I agree. Annie has been remade multiple times. I know blks produced it but produce something else n stop being lazy like white hollywood with all these remakes n sequels. I have 0 interest in seeing annie.

  6. Fela! was an awesome play produced by Smith and Carter and memorable experience. This movie should be good as Wallis is talented and cute as shyt. I will support it if it portrays black people in a positive light and provides a lesson. Now if sucks I will definitely be a torrent site. Grow tired of showing my kid relatives the same three movies when babysitting:

    The Wiz
    Night John
    Akeelah and the B

    Either that or foreign movies with subtitles.

    • Yes I loved every minute of Fela. The Smiths and the Carters did a good job with that one.

  7. Sorry I buy bootleg have u seen these movie prices lmao especially if I see a movie I think may suck I boot it first

  8. yeah i got annie 2 weeks ago and its a screener no cam corder excellent viewing thanks will and jay

  9. Got mines too Sundontshine and you’re right..It is a screener. Very clear. I got two copies. One for my goddaughter and one for my grands in NC. If folks are smart they will bootleg there own shit and get in on theater and that bootleg money. It’s really heavy in some states. We get everything here in Baltimore. I have not been to the movies in YEARS…but I’ve seen most everything. 😛

  10. Man i tell ya, most of you is blind !!! All these movies that was once white cast that’s now using black people is just a reason to jack more black created art forms of our creativity. Don’t support these movies keep your money and invest it it’s not to late !! Everyone in black Hollywood are sell outs their not for us but for themselves & who they make for. They make money for the same race of people that once made fun of us in everything, now these coons work for them. Keep your money !!!!!

    • @black,

      Very well stated & filled with the truth.

      This is precisely why I have seen a movie in a theatre in YEARS. I do not buy bootlegs either. I learned long ago…

    • remember the wiz the black version of (wizard of oz)

      with Dianna Ross as Dorthy (yeah right)
      Micheal Jackson as a scare crow (lol)

      the movie was crap, the music was ok, but it got creepy Micheal was singing about elite in one of song in the movie

  11. the movie looks chit, basically Jamie fox is wearing a wig and Carmen Diaz acts like a 2 bit whore in a bandana!!

    they could call it Annieca instead of Annie
    Williow smith turn the part down…..maybe you realized the movie was chit from the jump-off

  12. Heads up people the person on here name name is CB I repeat it’s CB the one that hates on light skin black woman the one who wishes she was beyonce sorry CB you did not wake up like that. That’s karma for you now choke on that to you turn light skin Sicko.

    • So your a trouble maker now!! haven’t you got nothing else to do, but stalk to online

      You need help

  13. “((( I’M NIGEL….I BOOTLEG YOUR SHIT))))”…..LMAO! Cant stand Jamie Foxx, all the while singing black face and then always shucking and jiving for Hollywood. I heard he is or was screwing Tom Cruise’s. I wasn’t overly joyed with Django either……The fact that Jigga put a lot of money into this, makes it even better. No offense, I love the little girl. Originally Willow Smith was supposed to pay the part and they wanted Jay to play Daddy Wallbucks (thank God he didn’t-I don’t think i could take that much ugliness on the big screen). Will and Jada and Jay were supposed to all invest in the film, then Willow went “weird”. I am all for black films, but not this one in particular.

  14. Boot leggers have been doing this sh&t for yrs..selling movies before and even after the release of movies in theaters.Why not support it, considering that its being backed financially by other black people? Seems like a remake of a movie, that everyone in the family can see from young to old. When we support black cast movies like this it makes it that more possible for similar future projects to get support. Even if you don’t care for the personal choices of Jamie Foxx, he is a good actor and the little girl playing Annie seems really talented also, along with others cast in the movie.

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