Peter Gunz Quits Love & Hip Hop New York

peter gunz quits love & hip hop new york

Love & Hip Hop New York’s Peter Gunz stopped by Laser 101 radio station in Aruba to talk about his life, his relationships and the future of his reality television career. Peter started the interview with Laser 101 by telling the host that Tara Wallace’s family won’t even speak to him after seeing him dog her out on national television.

“I was tight with Tara’s parents and tight with her family, and now they won’t speak to me anymore,” – Peter Gunz

Peter was asked why he decided to go on the show and for him, it was all about the money. He didn’t think viewers would get so caught up in his love triangle, and he hates that he has drawn all of this negative attention to his life. His appearance on the show has backfired, and now Peter is done with the series entirely.

“After this season…win or lose it’s over for me. I’m done after this season,” – Peter Gunz

The show is now on hiatus, but the cast will be back filming in July. Do you think Peter and his messiness will be missed after he leaves the show?

Check out Peter’s interview with Laser 101 below. He talks about his plans to quit LHHNY at the 5:09 mark!


  1. If Peter leaves the show will suffer, most viewers tuned in to see him be messy and reckless.

  2. If the money’s right, trust, dude will be back. Outside this show, really, who’s checking for Gunz?!! Dude better stay wise and milk his “crazy messy life” for all it’s worth. Though the NY franchise in ways tried making Gunz as to what Stevie J is to the ATL, he has yet IMO to ever come close. I don’t think Gunz’s exit would hurt the show entirely, nor would viewers’ lives stop. If push come to shove, get somebody else. Trust, Gunz is easily replaceable. He should quit and devote more time to both father and grandparent hood.

  3. when are People gonna learn realty TV will make You or break You, and most of all it ruins relationships

    nearly everyone on the Real Housewives franchises are divorced!
    Taylor’s Husband Russell committed suicide on 1st season of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Taylor didn’t seem upset at all

    Hulk Hogan’s marriage crumbled because of His realty show, then He’s son got into that accident and permanently injured His friend

    thnk twice about doing realty tv!

  4. Good him and that low self-esteemed Tara can kick rocks off the show. Amina ain’t slick. I think initially Peter was right and he did it for the money and also Amina who at the time was having immigration issues, conveniently marries Peter, then get’s knocked up. The immigration laws states she has to be married for two years before she can apply for a visa/residency. I find it interesting there has been no filing of divorce papers, before he put a ring back on Tara’s hand. Whatever the case it shows what people will do for money…..smdh!

  5. Hell Imma need for Aminata get a backbone and some thugness in her life like right now!!How in the hell U let three people walk all over U like that?

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