Paris Jackson’s Lesbian Lover?


HSK Exclusive – We’ve gotten word that doesn’t only point to Paris Jackson as a lesbian, it also puts a face and name to her alleged boo.

A tipster tells us Sophie Jastrow is exclusively dating the late King Of Pop’s little girl. You may remember Sophie as the teen who publicly addressed her concern over Paris’ suicide attempt, back in June 2013.

‘so f***in sad right now…litdraally (sic) shaking right now…literally i cant even focus.’

Paris is reported recently to have said this:

“If you guys want to go all religious on me and say that being gay is against God , just remember that Jesus said to love everyone equally k. Gay marriage & straight marriage are the same as bikini tops & bras . same thing but only one is acceptable in public.”



  1. Paris is a good girl I know that and if you f*ck ups would leave her alone and quit talking shit about her and bullying her she probably wouldn’t have done that. Ps leave her alone stop budding in her life like that telling the whole world her business about what she dose in her life it’s her life. And Paris I hope we can be friends I am a fan of your father’s music I love his music god bless Michael Jackson king of pop love you Paris Jackson even if we never met but I belive in you

  2. Well being gay is just not Hollywood, it's all over the world and at 2016 this generation it's a big time thing my granddaughter is 17 and she just told myself and her father my son that she's gay. Hey i still love her no matter what. It says in the Bible your not suppose to be that way. But that's not for us to judge. Only God can, and God also says love one another. So I will always Love my granddaughter. Maybe someday she might grow out of it and maybe she won't. But I support her 100+%

    • Angela you’re right most of these were a little mean to gay people and she might not have a title she could just be bisexual.

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