Mally Mall Tells Racist Girlfriend To Kick Rocks

Racist Nikki Mudarris LAHH Slave Comment

HSK Exclusive – During taping for Love & Hip Hop Hollywood cast member Nikki Mudarris put her size 12 foot square in her mouth. Mudarris told a Black cast member “You should be my slave”. Don’t believe me.. Ask Ray J’s assistant Morgan Hardman.

An insider is saying Nikki Mudarris called her lawyer immediately asking that he contact Mona Scott Young. Know why? So they could plead for Mona to leave her racist remarks on the cutting room floor.

Insider went on to say that, when her boyfriend Mally Mall heard about her racist remarks, the Hip Hop producer kicked her to the curb.

Here’s the drop:

“Nikki is a racist bit*h and she’s going to get her ass kicked.

Her father owns the strip clubs Seventh Veil and The Body Shop. The Body Shop caught fire in 2008, the listed cause was faulty wiring, but really her pops set it up so he could collect the insurance.”


  1. Thats what these dudes get sleeping with enemy. Idc how cool a white person seem especially a white woman, as soon as any confrontation starts the racist comes out of them. I had to beat my cousins girl of 12yrs cuz she caught him cheating with a black girl and said and i quote “i hope f*cking that black monkey is worth loosing me.” So i punched that bitch with my monkey paw and stomped her out. I was offended cuz one i know monkies comes from them sleeping with dogs wolves foxes etc. Two she had to throw race up in it. So instantly i learned they cool with you til they het mad then you a monkey, slave, a nigger so i just dont deal anymore

    • AGREEDDDDDDDDDDD 100 percent! I had a similar experience too. The brothas think they are exempt! Especially the celebrities(Taye Diggs,Tiger Woods,Michael Ealey,Montell Williams, Charles Barkley,Terrance Howard,Reggie Bush, Kanye, Michael Jordan, Russell Simmons and all of the brothas who think black aint beautiful when it comes to sistas!

      • Nice to read some sense up in here. I visit some of those “swirling” blogs and facebooks pages my oh my what I have learned. Black men swirl marry three times more than BW do so who’s zooming who? Google those stats its real. Same fools calling BW sell out bed wenches kissing the ass of the slave master’s great granddaughter its so crazy and hypocritical. Dem brothas with those beckys get a reality check. WW don’t got the power, anyway. WM do. Just saying. Kim and Kanye don’t got power David Bowie, Robert DiNero and David Bowie do – with Black wives. Kobe don’t got power that dude from South Park with a Black wife do. Just stating.

          • Most black women will never marry,lol?!!! Where you get that from? The only black women who will never marry are the ones that refuse to date open cause their so pro black.

          • Most Black Men/White Women relationships don’t last and end in divorce due to the superficial basis of their relationship. Some factors include: 1) Failure of White Women to connect to the Black community besides sexing black men 2) Black Men’s short attention/attraction span due to White Women aging faster than any woman on the face of this earth.

            #facts #googlethem

            • I can’t believe people think like this. As a “white” woman who dates black men, I’m always astounded when I hear these baseless unevolved irresponsible hateful comments. Do you even know any white women? From different socioecomnic classes? And do you think that no white people fought for the freedom of blacks? If you befriended some white women maybe you would actually have a more accurate perception. Your comments are baseless nonsense and show that you don’t know that many people.

            • Oh, real scientific…not. White women don’t age faster. Their skin is obviously much lighter and so any blemishes, etc would be more obvious that’s all. Dah, why don’t you think before you criticize a whole race of people.

          • You obviously don’t know the difference between “know” and “no”. Ignorant mofo.

        • lol too funny

          Black guys would sell their souls for the white women theyve always coveted

          I think they feel they can feel as superior as the white man if they can sleep with his daughter lol

        • My husband is black I’m Spanish he doesn’t like black woman since I met him I told him to go and date a black chick but he insist he don’t want them dirty hoes,n yes not too many black woman get marry cuz first they got to find an idiot to propose which a lot of man of any racy is willing to do ,u might find a couple Maine of black man or any king to marry this woman

          • My husband is black/ Italian. My mother was blk/her dad, s mom white.
            People kill the f*ckin noise, about blk women being hoes, because a white
            woman is freak of the week. You see ….When a man, all men, want their heads
            blown, black women are not down with that shit. And a blk man, a real one, will
            not ask a sister 2 hit the front, he got the back. !,,,,,,, feel me ? So stop with that
            monkeys/bullshit, cause we all know what it is.,.,,,, oh and I have been with my
            man for over 28 years! Now suck on that !happily married ,

      • It happen that blank man r good looking but black woman r ugly,I’m not racist but its harder to find a beautiful black woman.if u wanna call me racist go ahead I don’t care cuz I think black man r cute!

        • Learn how 2 spell.,,,,,, before you talk shit! Black men and black women, are beautiful. I know I look damn good, it runs in the family!

          • You have to be Completely Blind..
            No Beautiful Black (Hebrew) Women??
            Its Easy to see your view of Beautiful has been been Influenced by Other Races…. Smh… And thats sad….
            For ANY black women you SAY is Ugly…. I can find one in Every other race that is just as Ugly….
            Stop the Blind Madness…
            If you dont like our Beautiful Sisters… Cool… But stop with the Dumb Ass Blanket Statements…. Ijs

    • Punched that bitch with my monkey paw. I can go to lunch now. Love it.

        • OMG..monkey paw got me giggling..but seriously..with everyone wanting a big butt big lips..I’m feeling very happy to be admired..I mean let’s b honest..there were a time when white girls wanted to be thin with boobs..but now butt shots are everywhere..lip injections too.. so thank you mom and dad for my Puerto rican black saved me a lot of coins.. for the wanna bee’s$ your trasformations are so obvious..try loving how God intended for you to be.

    • I glad you said it, several of us try tell people on here that when the kitchen gets real hot, they going to come out of their mouth sideways. But there are people here that thinks that’s no true

    • the ones you have to watch out for aren’t the Republicans or conservatives,its the liberals eho swear they love everybody.thr Justin Beibrt,Sterling,Gwyneth Paltroe and Riley Coopets of the world who only deal with Blacks when they want to be entertsined.

      • Yep! At least we KNOW the conservatives are racist or have racist tendencies, but the liberals have deeply hidden. They like to pretend it’s not there but get them red hot mad about something – the N word WILL COME OUT!


    • Whoa! She really said that?? Damn! But,not every mixed race relationship, is like that. I can attest to that fact.

      Secondly,Why was your cousin cheating on her? Only God knows what disparaging things he was telling the black lady about his white girlfriend,just to laying with her.

      • I DON’T give a feisty, fabulous f*ck WHAT he told the sista! The white bitch SHOULD have STAYED in her mutha f*cking place! Ass whooping & dropped like a bad habit is the order of the day! Simple.

    • A lot of mixed race relationships are borderline racist I have seen plenty of them. My sister married a white man who family was borderline racist. My nephew was the first mixed child and then all of a sudden two more of the sons and cousin had mixed children. Then my nephew dad who is white married this other white lady and all whole hell broke out because she was racist as shit didn’t not want my nephew to live with them when he was there before she was and if you see him now he looks so old and worn-out because of the situation that he created and stepped into. My sister ended up fighting her because of the she tried to treat her son and my sister is very quiet and the most timid one out of all of us.

      Now this is my dilemma when you are already dating a black person who is obviously related to other black people in general when is it ok to be racist when you see they your partner is not really pro white or black. Halle Berry went through this too with her child’s father talking about his daughter is not black but the women that you fked is so how do you comes to this conclusion.he was calling her all kinds of niggers.

      • I’m half Spanish half Irish like moms from Ireland and my daughters father is black. I consider my daughter black. She is two and I tell her that her mommy is white and her daddy is black and she looks a lot like daddy. Her dad was the only black man I have ever even kissed in my life but after having her I see how racist white men are and black women are towards me when I’m with my child or find out I have a black daughter nd I think it would be very hard to date a white man again cuz I’d always feel he or his fam wouldn’t love my not w her dad anymore. Yr story with yr fam is my biggest fear. I love my kid more than anything but having a mixed child is always trying to make sure she spends just as much time w black women on her dad’s side as my fam than my fam.its a serious decision that I was young n I don’t believe in abortion. It’s sad when I read all the hate towards mixed girls tho. I worry

        • Your daughter is biracial just like you, if you was to take get to a geneticist her bloodline wouldn’t just be traced back to the negroid trait alone. You need to teach your daughter all that she happen to as well as accepting your bloodline as well. If you’re white and Spanish then that makes you hispanic. As for the black women not accepting you who cares (you’d be surprise how many sistas date openly) keep you’re head up and your daughter for who she is . Date men that’s attracted and accept you for you and there’s white men out there that will date you not all is racist & also there’s more men out here besides black and white men. Good luck to ya hun !!!!

        • See, this is the thing that f*cks me up about white women having black kids! You shoulda thought about that before swirling, you dumb bitch! You think your fat white ass is special, don’t u? My retarded cousin got two white girls pregnant from very racist families, they both live in extremely racist areas of town and now these white chicks are raising lil black boys in this environment. I pray everyday for them boys. Damn I hate people! Keep your damn legs closed and keep yo shit in yo pants!!!!!

          • White women can’t have black kids, they have biracial kids, just like the black women did back in the days. White women kill me talking about the 1 drop rule & don’t even know where and when it got started. If you’re white and reading this, the 1 drop rule came from the Jim crow era when white men didn’t want to accept & take care of their biracial children with black women. So when black women would serve them up before the courts (in which the judge would be on his side) the 1 drop rule would be used to say the child wasn’t apart of his culture cause the mama being black hence the child being dubbed black only cause he/she didn’t come out full white. Black women had to take whatever that man have for that child, while it was black men in the family who gave that woman help just to raise the child. Now lets fast forward into today, now it’s reverse, sad but true.

            • I don’t think she’s black. I don’t agree with the one drop rule I’ve only read a little bit about it but I’m a nurse and I don’t agree. I started talking to my daughter about race when evry time someone black would come on tv she would say daddy n when a light skin or sometimes dark skinned black girl would come on she would say her own I told her that mommy is white daddy is black and she is half white half black cuz she is part of mommy n daddy. Remember she’s only 2 but she talks a lot. Lately she says daddy black n then she says I black like daddy cuz she does look black like her dad. So I say yes u are black and ur also white. When I first responded to u u were saying that ppl w mixed children try to say their kids r not black n I was saying for me that’s not true. She knows she’s half black n so does everyone else. And w the Spanish thing my ancestors r from Spain but nobody in my fam speaks Spanish and my dad recently did a DNA test n we don’t have African DNA in us. When ppl ask me wat I am I say half Spanish half Irish but ur right I should find out more about that side. I dnt knw that side of my fam I guess that’s y I dnt really connect myself w them

          • First of all I’m not fat I’m actually too skinny one thing my ex hated about me, second my family obviously raised me that the color of my skin made me no different than anybody else.i live in ny so it’s culturally diverse. I grew up in a nice middle class neighborhood and most of my neighbors on my block were black. Ur right in the sense that I truly didn’t understand the struggles that u face, and still fully don’t, til I walk around holding my baby and get dirty looks or hear guys say to me I’ve always wanted to date u but now that you’ve been w a black guy… It’s disgusting n I didn’t knw it existed n it would be like that. But y put me down? I’m trying to do the best I can now.u think it would’ve been better if I had an abortion?i don’t believe in daughter knws she is black like daddy and i will do best I can to teach her as much as I knw. Instead of putting women like me down y not speak to them about how important it is for their child to identify w their black side n be taught how to be a black woman n tell them how u think a single white mom can do that?im sure u r not so perfect. And I’m positive I’m way hotter than u

            • This type of black woman you need to look out for and avoid like the plague, all of us is not like that don’t believe it when brothers tell we all hating on you cause you’re white and with a brother. When you come across a black woman like that you responding to, run. Not all sistas get along with others cause of the ugly attitude and hateful spirit.

            • Yes, pick and choose your battles. Don’t dignify nonsense with a response. …. That poster clearly has a whole bunch of issues that have nothing to do with you.

            • No dont try and shrug the blame off

              YOU are the one who decided to have unprotected sex with the black and got stuck with the kid lol

              Its your fault and now you have to raise that kid, who statistically probably wont make a success of her life

              Shame on you.. Dont blame society when youre the one whho did the deed

            • bitter black hoes, curious “lovely” white women.

              Becky don’t worry about these lonely ass black women, you’re very welcome to come to the other side. LOL


          • dumb bitch?! white ass?! It wasn’t necessary to come at her like that. You can make your point without being rude.

        • lol having an African kid is one of the biggest mistakes you can make

          It really is like society in general looks down upon you and pities you lol

          But that doesnt really happen to other races, because where I live there are lots of Indians and Asians and their mixed kids are accepted and loved like anybody else

          I think blacks have a bad reputation thats why whites would rather not mix with them if they can help it, plus the kids usually turn out looking African

        • Your daughter is biracial. Please raise her that way as she is NOT BLACK. You, a white woman, is her mother. Be Proud of that.

    • Lol rotf @ the monkey paw but I agree wholeheartedly. That’s exactly how they infiltrated us in the first place: one or more of African slaves thought ‘aye, maybe these creatures ain’t that bad after all’. Got too comfortable

      • This is what’s ironic about what that Nikki chick said. She’s Moroccan and will face racism herself because she’s not considered a Caucasian and she’s not. Some Moroccan people can get pretty dark and at the same time some are Muslims (which is another cause of rascism, etc). Therefore, you would think this idiot Nikki wouldn’t say such a thing but I’m not surprised!

        But on another note, other races believe they are more important than blacks even if they are not Caucasians. These people will usually get their feelings hurt because a white person will eventually show them they’re not white when they exercise racism or discrimination towards them. Once that happens they run back to the black side. Lol…

        On another note, Nikki looks like a freaking man!,,,,,

        • But the other races would rather align with whites than blacks

          Blacks are the lowest achieving race and generally the lleast liked

          SO Asians, Indians and Hispanics etc will align with whites wherever they can..not blacks

          • Lowest achieving? Black women have more college degrees than anybody else in the nation right now. So screw you.

    • This whack ass racist girl is MOROCCAN…please google what continent that’s in and get back to us whether she’s “white” or not.

      • shes still a white – middle eastern to me. Yes Morocco is part of Africa, but she’s more middle eastern/asian than anything else. It’s like a white south african calling a black african nigger and it not being racist because the white south african was born and raised in south africa. it doesn’t make a difference to me, she’s still racist. Moroccan is an ethnicity anyway, not a race.

        • No, no, no – white South Africans are the descendants of the Dutch. Moroccans are African. Period. Point blank. She’s black. Study your history.

          • There’s different forms of Moroccans and some have European features. But at the same time we only know she’s Moroccan so who knows!! Some can be dark as well so I wouldn’t exactly say she’s black. Plus it does not matter because she’s not Caucasian and when whites look at her they don’t see whitey. She too can experience racism from whites and that’s why I don’t understand her racist comment. But then again I can!

          • No bitch YOU learn your history and stop being so f*cking unintelligent making black people look bad. Black people need to wake the hell up and get their shit together. Not everyone in Africa who claim to be indegenious are f*cking black, you damn morons. I have no clue why you would want to claim these people either considering they have a long history of hating our black asses and discriminating against us just like white people! North Africans for one ARE considered Caucasians. Not white European, but nevertheless they are the same race. North Africans are a back migration into Africa, meaning they left the continent as black Africans, and returned sometime in the distant past already different in phenotype due to living in a different environment somewhere in the Middle East. North Africans and Arabs have enslaved black Africans for centuries before the Europeans even thought to, and hated us from day one but you idiots want to claim them as your own? Fuck out of here. And another thing, stop claiming Egypt and worry about kingdoms we actually started like Ghana, Songhai, Mali and many many others as well as Timbuktu. Kingdoms so impressive the Arab and Berber Muslims were so jealous of they tried to TAKE FROM US and LIE and say they must of started the kingdoms because they believed all black people were dumb! These people are theives, forced their religion on is, f*cked with our heads, divided us, and attempted to steal our culture! SOUND FAMILIAR??? Probably because they come from the same race.

    • Bitch,please come at a real hood black woman you know you that ass whoop! Shut the f*ck up you Dog smelling ass bitch! Ye! Come beat my nigga ass!

    • Bitch us guessed it. Last night u sucked my dick & licked my nutsack. And i f*cked you back.

    • This entire post is hysterical. This girl isn’t white she’s Moroccan. Guess what Moroccan is? A mixture if Arab, Spanish and AFRICAN! So for her to say something this ignorant is almost as amusing as all of you judging a race of white women based on a woman who isn’t even white. And for the record, I’m white and I’ve been with my black man since I was 12 and he was 14. No we weren’t sleeping together back then but we were inseparable best friends. That’s 16 years we’ve been together. I don’t have a racist bone in my body. No matter how mad I get at any of my black / White / Puerto Rican friends and family I NEVER resort to racism. It’s classless and childish. Two things I am NOT.

  2. Wow a brother’s other said something racist? Stop the mofo presses! Now how will he have kids with “good hair”?

    Brothers-Wake Up!

    • They won’t wake up! They will forever remain asleep when it comes to this issue. White women have made them think “ALL” sistas are too loud,aggressive, and angry! We resemble the women they grew up knowing,respecting and loving (sisters,aunts,mothers,cousins) Its unreal.. I have respect for those people that just happen to meet a woman/man(white,hispanic and etc)and they fall in love. But its the brothas like Taye Diggs,Wesley Snipes,Terrance Howard, Reggie Bush just to name a few(blue black brothas) that strategically seek out a certain ethnic type of female/male and proceed to justify with denigrating its own race/class of females because they don’t like what they see when they look in the mirror!

      • But blue black/purple black men can’t get any love ..
        Its all about gettIng a “light skinned” man so the babies aren’t dark..

        • NOT SO Willie! I CRAVE my brothers! Ain’t NOTHING like my mandingo warriors, NOTHING! I’ve had 2 light skin brothers in my life, they were cool, but what gets AND keeps me going is a blue black man. Damn i’m having a moment!!!!! Don’t believe that bullshit baby! 🙂 U more than alright w/me!!!!!!!

        • Willie gimme a f*cking break those dark skin BM leap over a dozen Kelly Rowlands to get one Roseanne so f*ck that pity party. BM LOVE watering down the race f*ck that noise. Look around. BM got more mixed babies than BW will ever have.

          • @thee 1: So damn true! I’ve had dark skinned black men tell me I was too dark for them! In fact, I’ve had light skinned black men tell me I was too dark! No other race of men has ever told me such nonsense! Not even Hispanic or Arabic! I have both trying to holla at me every day!
            I know a lot of my sisters who prefer dark skin over light, and brothers over white! So yeh, GTFOH with that!
            I’m beginning to agree with another poster on here (forgot who) that, in some cities like Miami and LA, I believe some so-called balling black men are ashamed of being black and being in public with a black woman because she will make him look blacker. Although where I live, I see far more black women with white men. Hell, where I live, I’m beginning to see more white men with black women than ever before. I’m not talking about white trash men either – these are good looking, successful and educated white men.
            I just smile and think, ” you go ahead, girl, get love where you can find it and where a man loves you back for the beautiful woman you are”!

            • Here in Atl, there seems to be an explosion of White men with Black women. I see it everywhere. Their relationships seem genuine.

            • Absolutely true. White men are not hung up on skin shade. If they are attracted to BW in the first place, they don’t seem to prefer lighter over darker. I have more friends than I an count who are seeing professional well to do WM. These men open the doors, always pay the check without question, show up on time and treat them respectfully. They are all very sophisticated men–no scrubs in the bunch.
              As far as the fear of a white person shouting out a racist word in anger somewhere down the line, well, I have done similarly myself when provoked beyond my limits. I didn’t mean what I said–I said it to wound and it did. I regretted it and I have never spoken hateful words to someone I love again. We’re all human with flaws and weaknesses. I wouldn’t let the fear of latent racism stop me from crossing the color line. The likelihood is that a WM who is attracted to sistas is probably as evolved racially as a white person can be.
              And ya know, everything is a trade off and a compromise to some degree. You take a chance, but the potential benefit of a solid family life with kids and a home and security is nothing to sneeze at.

            • Actually white men are beginning to date black women more than ever before. But there are still many white men who will not dare date black women and it’s not because they do not find them attractive. They just don’t have the balls to go against the grain that’s all! But when they do, I usually see them with brown to dark skinned black women. I believe it’s that opposite attraction thing.

            • y’all are full of shit, Y’ALL HOES WISH WE DIDNT GENUINELY LOVE OUR WHITE gf/wifes
              hahahaha so now white men love black women more than vice versa…WHITE WOMEN PLZ DON’T DUMB YOURSELF DOWN TO THESE HOES.

    • She’s not white, she’s spanish, arab and AFRICAN more commonly known as MOROCCAN.

  3. Some coon will come and whisk her away. All of these girls are starting to look alike. Arm candy with no flavor.

    • You are right! She will be the victim and a Willie Lynched Brotha will take her in! We are such self hatin people! Just wait and see! Naw they will spin it to look like it was just ratings for the show! Watch!

      • Lol. Yall are crazy. Lol. What you about Willie Lynch brothas? But truth though. 400 of slavery has poisened an entire race mentally. Damn

  4. Dumb bitch! Mona lives for these moments. It’s this type of ignorance that makes her shows what they are and receive the hits they get. There’s no way she’s going to sweep that statement under the rug. And it serves her right for saying what she did and forgetting where she was when she said it. Dumb bitch, put the noose around her own neck. So, you reap what you sow and I will be one of those people to help pull that noose tighter and tighter. LOL.

  5. I don’t know if brothas know this or they just don’t care but I live in Miami and this place is rampant with gold diggers. These women are looking for a wealthy man to support them and their spending habits. They don’t care about love or respect. The white and Latino girls here know that the black athletes who live in or frequent Miami love to have white and Latino arm candy so that’s who these women target. They know how dumb and self loathing these bm are so they put themselves in their sight or deliberately chase them. We call them cleat chasers, btw. They know these brothas aren’t interested in black women and think they look better and ARE BETTER than sistas. Sometimes the bm will try talkin to mixed sistas like me but I don’t have time for their triflin asses. Because all they do is try passing you around. I don’t have time for that shit …I respect myself too much. But these white girls and Latino girls will do anything, and I mean ANYTHING to tweet, Facebook and Instagram their nigga. A lot of people think I’m Hispanic so I hear them talk when blacks aren’t around and they call brothas the N word frequently. And I’m talking with an R at the end and not an A. “That’s MY NIGGER ” is what they say. “Look what my nigger bought me”. Some of these bitches go shopping with these brothas, the brothas pay cash and the bitches take the stuff back and get the cash. I know a few girls who have arrangements with certain retailers.
    It’s shameful,
    And then there’s the thirsty ass white women who use the brothas as a Mandingo and try getting pregnant by them so they can get 18 yrs of pay. They know how white and Latina p*ssy hungry these brothas are and they are going in for the kill. Oh yes the game is thick here in south fl. And the bm are suckas for the game.
    It is damn hard to find a good brotha here!!!!

    • Damn,seems like you listed the Modus Operendi of these gold diggers. Free advice on a blog site? That’s a dime a dozen! Thanks for that!
      Regarding finding a good brother,clearly you won’t find any where you at; you may want to look elsewhere, broaden your horizon or something.

      • Sad and VERY true and when someone tells it to their face, then we r called “hatin on nigga” oh please gal dudes know damn well y’all just a green card and a meal ticket for these gold diggers they don’t want y’all and y’all praise them, save it couple of millions and invest in ur kid’s education or something other than some upset that don’t want u just the money The truth hurts…

    • I was born and raised in Miami, and the Gold Rush Is Nothing New In That bitch, That Shit Started In The When It Started Snowing cocaine IN Miami, Late 70s maybe, and the gold diggers are second to none

    • Gurl Bye. I’m a darkskinned Black Woman with tons of Hispanic friends and they tell me this to my FACE. I used to model back in the day and we would go out and club together after shoots. I guess because I look like a “white girl dripped in chocolate,” I got alot of love from ALL races of men and the white and Latin girls accepted me in their circle. What the Latina/Hispanic girls would speak on the MOST is their dislike for DARK SKINNED black males. They thought they were violent and dirty looking. Keep in mind you would be looking at Lance Gross, Blair Underwood or the Idris types and they would STILL see “dirty rapist”. NOW, they would FUCK them for money, but that’s it and the amount of abortions they had was crazy. They were NOT trying to have their kids. The sad thing is most of the time, the dark skinned black guys knew how they thought of them and didn’t care…..shame really.

  6. Also, I know a really cute blonde white girl who gets so much gifts from brothas that she has an eBay store where she sells the shit!!!! Yes they just love her and she’s gloats and shows the stuff off on Instagram first so they think she’s wearing it or carrying the handbags, but it’s all smoke and mirrors…the bitch sells it after she’s tired of it…and that’s usually after just a few weeks. But someone gave her the gift that keeps on giving…if you know what I mean…and condoms don’t protect against this disease. She thinks no one knows but I do! I’m not saying shit tho.

    • Well some (not all) of these bm get what they deserve I actually date interacially too
      But at least I know where I stand

  7. Mally mall dated a girl who I’m friends with on Facebook names masika Kalysha literally right before this girl but it seemed short lived.besides mally is a hoe rangler.also the girl masika will be appearing on this season of hip hop Hollywood along with all of them she can be seen in parts of the previews coming out of the water. This should be interesting

  8. From the looks of her pictures this girl seems mixed. Maybe middle eastern or something.

      • Lmao@Issa,not every f*cking Moroccan is mixed with Arab,spanish and african.Matter of fact,I met a Moraccan girl,and she was very so proud of her blackness,ok? Not everyone is mixed,not everyone was running around with an Arab,and Arabs are Black too with Eastern Indian blood,and those mofos are Black too just with straight hair,so please with the Arab and Spanish and african tidbit,its annoying. Moroccans are African,they are negroid just like f*cking African Americans.

  9. This is the ho HSK referred to as a “socialite,” right? Lol. No shock or surprise here.

  10. bytch really at leat black women do’t have to wake up early in the f*cking morning to apply their make up with a trowel
    bytch please go wash of the orange cool aid off your face you bent “oompa loompa” wannabe with trash on top

    …………enough said

  11. Hollywood actors decide who to date based on who will make beautiful “hollywood accepted” babies. Actors want babies that can be actors–its all about money. Athletes look for body style. Also because they want their kids to be athletic. But they want white women for the same reason that JayZ wanted Beyonce– assess to white money,and power people. JayZ would have NEVER been invited to the White House.

    • I believe this. When I watch Atlanta Exes and I see Torrei Hart (Kevin Hart’s ex wife) and Christina Johnson (Cee-lo’s ex wife) I can’t help but to believe that “Hollywood” didn’t think those ladies were good enough and they wanted the men to upgrade. Christina is a sweet heart

  12. WE should not EVER get offended by white people because they treat each other the same way. and quiet as kept thee truth IS that they envy us. they want what we have, they listen to OUR music, they talk AND act blacker than we do, AND they target us more than any other race. there is NO such thing as a ”minority” LOL there is no human beings that are considered ”lesser” than anybody or any type of groups. so lets just CONTINUE to run the planet because at the end of the day: WHITE PEOPLE RUN THEIR MOUTH BECAUSE THEY FEEL INTIMIDATED AND REJECTED BY US. SO JUST LAUGH IT OFF AND LET THEM TALK BECAUSE THEY KNOW THEY CANT BEAT US AND THEY KNOW THAT COPS ARE QUICK TO PROSECUTE ”OUR” KIND. WE ARE PERMANENTLY THE BIGGER PERSONS, WE ALREADY SHOW IT AND WE HAVE TO CONTINUE TO PROVE IT. amen

    • You’re a moron. She’s not white honey she’s moroccan. You might wanna pull that up on your wiki app because moroccan is arab, Spanish and AFRICAN!

  13. I don’t feel sorry for any sista that don’t know how to date a man base on how he treats her ,rather than dating base on race or trying to appear like she’s keeping it real. Sistas, learn to choose a man based on his character not his race or stereotypes , cause remember there’s plenty of stereotypes hanging over our heads as well. Travel more become cultured and stop thinking everyone who’s not black may not like you cause you’re black. The dating world is changing sistas change with it our get left behind. Sistas who date openly have a greater chance of being married quicker than a sista that date within the culture, sad but true.

    • I so agree with you, “black”.
      I am not dating anyone at the moment but I’ve been with my brothers and I’ve swirled; I can say with great reluctance that white men treated me a hell of a lot better than every black man with the exception of one. There was one brother who was the sweetest thing but he was obese and I just couldn’t. I tried for a while but I couldn’t continue with someone who didn’t look after himself.
      The 2 Hispanics I dated wanted to be white so bad that it made me ill. Plus the testosterone that raged in them was scary.
      I’ve even dated 2 Asian men, and they were great; warm, smart and successful. The attraction wasn’t there for me, though, although our kids would’ve been cute.
      The white men were all very respectful – I was even engaged to one but in the long run, it didn’t work and I called it off for non-race reasons. He is still obsessed with me to this day.
      Anyway, our sisters limit themselves to black men when half the black men don’t even want them. They will take a booty call but that’s about it. Black women need to wake up – it’s fine to be down for the brothers but only if the brothers are down for you.

      • How about a man being down for you than just a brotha. Also,God wasn’t lying when he said judge the spirit by the spirit. Don’t look on the outside look within that’s where our main being lye. Pay attention to everything that comes out of that mans mouth cause it becomes his actions which should also be paid attention to closely as well. Know what you’re looking for IN a man (notice i said in) before giving him a shot and definitely have yourself together, cause he to have a right to critique you as well.

  14. 1st of all mally mall isn’t black he’s either white or some other race… a lot of other races are profiting off black success
    do’t believe the hype white people looove money!!!!

    mona scott won’t do shyt because she doesn’t have no self respect or dignity all she see’s in dollar signs.
    let’s not forget slaves were slaved by their own kind then their own kind sold their own race to white people (that’s that makes)

    • @raw & fresh:
      Yes, that’s true, there was also slavery in Africa. but the slavery that existed in Africa at that time wasn’t the brutal slavery that blacks endured here in the states. Slavery in Africa was more of a servitude (where servants were likely to have experience a much more peaceful existence) and were part of a family. It was very rare for a slave to be whipped – much less suffered any type of violence. Africans who sold their own people knew “slavery” from their own perspective. So when they sold other blacks, they had no way of knowing the terrible brutality that their future held in the hands of white men, at least not in the first 100 years. I’m not sure about afterward, because you’d think stories would’ve gotten back to the tribal leaders in Africa describing the horrific abuse being suffered. But by that time, the slaves were being kidnapped from Africa in addition to being traded from other countries.

  15. Dudes like Mally Mall created this problem. Wanna colorize women who ain’t black because it soothes their ego. I see women like Nikki Mudaris in Miami day in and day out. The product of black and mixed women raped by white slave barons who are confused about who tbey are. A dual psyche more or less. One side of them thinks in color, and the other side is black and white. She assumed her conment was not a big deal, Why? How could she be racist? Her skin tone, last name, black boyfriend, etc. Again, whitemen created tbese so-called Exoticals that are all the rage among brothas in sports and hip-hop. For a long time, we’ve focused on the white-american vs. black-american conflict…Wrong! Our demise as a people started in the deserts of North Africa and Mesopotamia way before The Middle Passage. This is why Nikki said what she said. Her kinfolk know the real story… We Don’t! Human beings have been obsessed with black womanhood from the jump. Without Mally Mall, she just another random colored chick in Cali. Had to beg a lawyer to save her, thought she was the new Kim K… B***h Please!!!

    • Dude I can tell u right now that I am not confused about who I am. And most of my mixed sistas are NOT from black or mixed women…they are from white mothers. Perhaps THATS where the confusion comes from with some. Nope I ain’t buyin’ it!!! This ho Nikki isn’t black. She is white and Latino. She might have a little black in her but not enough to even say she mixed.
      And trust me, hoes like this DO KNOW their comments are a big deal. I hear this shit frequently in south fl!!! White girls and thots like this are a dime a dozen down here and they know all about the word NIGGER!!! They think they have it over the blacks…think they are better. And you know who helpin them believe they are better??? Brothas! I have seen bm diss a sista right in front of them and they all laugh it off…except the sista of course. Callin them nappy headed hoes and shit…right in front of white girls!!!
      I’ve had brothas act like a sista don’t exist just to get next to ME just cause I am mixed and look Hispanic!! You seen that Dave Chappell clip where he pushes the sista out of the way in the club to get to the white girl? Well honey I’ve seen that shit in real life with my own eyes MANY TIMES!!
      I swear I don’t know why black women even waste their damn time running after these so-called ballers!!
      I’m 28 yrs old and I’m starting to really believe black men hate being black…I really think they are ashamed of it and being with a black woman would only make them seem blacker!!!

      • And any sista that put themselves in that position is a damn idiot. Lack of self esteem, self worth, self confidence with no sense of knowing what man should be allowed to pursue them, is why sistas like the ones you speak of, get dissed . Sad to say ,it’s a lot of those blind sistas like the ones you speak of that out here. It’s dad to see allot sistas want to keep black power alive instead of choosing a quality life mate based on being worthy to be picked not just being black. Hopefully the next generation of sistas will be better than their weak mothers of this generation.

        • The black male apathy you speak of is an internal issue that we gotta make right. Sistas can encourage good vibes and so forth. That’s all to the good. Right now, we’re in no position to tell ya’ll who to love. Ratchet is an understatement, we’re effed up so bad in this day and time. Our race is not gonna sink or swim based on blackwomen being with other men. But, it will drown if we hate ourselves and the women that birth us—Yes! Men are supposed to safeguard the integrity of their tribe. No race of men can survive if they hate their reflection. This is basic stuff, but it flies over our heads. I feel you Sis, but, we gotta see the bigger picture. Mixing in and of itself is not the panacea many assume it to be. Still gotta love each other regardless. I understand the Black Woman Empowerment angle. Know about Dawn Ali and the others. Fed up with our bull, so, some choose to date or marry other men. What sane man can resist the coloration that is You? All of us are not blind, but too many are drinking tbe Kool-Aid… Jonestown!

      • A lot of brothas hate themselves, we need to acknowledge this sad reality. What we see in hip-hop and sports is a reflection of the rotten meat that has made us sick for decades. Usually, blackwomen are forced to fight against 2 enemies. The coonish brotha and his other female companion. I’ve seen this play out so many times. Sista makes her feelings known, but, gets no backup from the other side. So, other women see the disrespect up close. Why should they keep it 100, when her man won’t? Mixed women have been lied to as well. Assuming their black fathers really got love like that? Amazing how fast swirlish cats jumped ship into the arms of so-called Latinas who are beyond phony to me. Real niccas know what i mean? Them and the other chicks who exist today because their white forefathers could not keep their hands off enslaved blackwomen… They Know Better! Non-Black latin women are the most arrogant females you will ever see. At the same time, racism against afro-latinas has never stopped. Again, they come from your loins as a mixed woman. Where’s the racial awareness on their side of the coin? Growing up, i loved Spanish women. They were a lighter version of Sistas… So I Thought! I was checking out tbe On Demand from Comcast, came upon a local modeling reality-show that was built around latin women. So, i decide to check it out. All the women were white, with the exception of one Sista… Black Latina! No matter what she did, as far as poses, makeup, clothes, hair. Was never good enuf for the judges. I was hot like lava, that was a turning point for me in relation to other women. Many of us fell victim to black nationalism. Our asian sisters, arab sisters, latin sisters, etc. This was beaten into our heads from childhood. Back then, we didn’t know the truth about Arabs and Spaniards. They’re colored just like us, not realizing that both are the genesis of our enslavement. Circa 2014…Nikki Mudaris tells a mixed woman that she should be her slave. Assuming that most brothas are still hating on the other white guys. She Latin, no way in hell Nikki can be against black. To understand white supremacy, privilege, colorism… Gotta deal with The Source! History is what allows us to see the truth… A Necessity! Appreciate the comments Ma, this needs to be talked about in the open… It’s Real!!!

      • I thought about that the other day. If you marry a black girl, you are inheriting black friends and family. They dont have time for that.

  16. This story isn’t true! I’m Black & she’s a close friend of mine. Whoever created this is only trying to point a bad picture of her. She’s seriously humble. Don’t let tabloids fool you!

    • “Seriously humble” huh? So humble that she’s willing to sacrifice her dignity, self respect and image by being on a show that is known for drama and portraying women in a negative light. Now if that isn’t humble, then I don’t know what is. And just because you’re Black, Danie, what is your point?

    • I hope you are not dark or representing what a true black queen look like cuz she may secretly feel the same way about u
      No pun intended, ijs


  18. First off all.. f*ck your whole entire crew of racist fukkin rapists and runaways! If they’re not racist like you fukkin claim… Tell me why the entire line up still looks like the cast of a Motley Crew video? Also, why is the one Sister on shift always gotta be fukkin to keep her fukkedc up spot? You treat any minority that hustles under your cursed demonic chambers and that f*ckked up fukkin stage like shut. You got your reject drug addict son who your managers are too scared to control spitting on the minority dancers who are on stage and when they step to check him who fire them! Wtf?! This fukkin LOSER who won’t even pay for his drugs Chris f*ck him I hope he’s fukkin dead bitatch a zzz faggot — he fukkin scared off ice ts son n shit that f*cker skated and he was spending!!!! Your family aren’t only a set of rejects, losers and leaches, they’re racist and fukkin jealous of WOMEN!!! And that FAT kim k wannabe sponsors this type of behavior laughing and mocking siestas who she wishes she could be like– walking around like collecting trap! Are ya fukkin me? Save it for your surgeon ugly hoe — you scare off the clients! Ya’ll are a disgrace to your culture! Fuck Hassan! Fuck f*ckkiin Chris! I hope your 200-yr-old troll is finally dead and burning hell for all his f*ckked shit he likes to RAPE drugged young girls in the office while you chump on pumpkin seeds and watermelon slices ..

  19. Check this swizzle bitatch suck my fukkin bloody fukkin p*ssyfoot bitatch — you wish!!! Lolo

  20. Die Biatch ! Die croak f*ck u — the word has benn out Biatch and you know it ! Sho yo cottage cheeeeeese a zzz hoe– my valet my city my hustle my biwtches biwtches , f*ck u

  21. I got some issues bout time that f*cker Jack f*cker Chris f*cker tom bouncer troll drop dead mutha blame it on your white princess Megan aka Siren Tiffany aka Page whires

  22. Everyone BUT the insurance COMPANY seems to know that fire was a scam b4 that shit even went down! Racists.. Liars… Scammers.. Bottom Feeders.. Rapists.. Pedeophiles! Lowest of the Low! They clubs is brizz too that’s why they prob gotta fire coming soon n shyt

  23. Nikki is far from a racist !! Her nephew is black as well as several other of her family members and friends. This is nothing more than a sad attempt from her ex Mally Mall to gain any type of relevancy.

  24. Fuck dem gypsies!!!
    Nikki is gypsie inside out!!!
    Don’t believe me?? Ask her grandmami!!!!
    Look at that ho! She a gypsie!!! We know all about dem bottom feeders! Trash! They know it and we know it!!!! Whole damn trashy family is dirt gypsie!!!

    • She totally looks like a gypsy. That’s the most believable ethnic descriptive so far. I see no Latin in her at all. A little Egyptian yes.

  25. Publicity stunt maybe so but I still ain’t watching the shit show nor will I watch this dirt gypsie ho! So even if it’s pr stunt, it ain’t workin and ain’t gonna work!!!!!

  26. Well here’s some tea…a couple dudes who got with this nasty thot said her stuff smell like Limburger cheese. No lie. Don’t believe me?
    Ask Mally!!!!

  27. Since y’all are leaving numbers on the thread, will someone leave me Ray J.’s number? I promise not to eff up his sneaker collection. I’ll be good to him and I expect the same in return. Please and thank you. <3

    • He always maintains a fresh edge up and never a pimple in sight. Dude must channel the spirit of ‘Lena James’ from Jada Pinkett’s A Different World era.

  28. white women are blaise about biracial children these white women do’t know shyt about the black culture
    so when these sellouts black men leave them for someone else .these white women do’t know how to look after or care after their biracial child hair

    that’s why you see them hanging out with black women (using them like slaves) to fix their biracial child’s nappy notty hair!!!!
    white women are soo dumb when it come to biracial children i was watching “tiara and toddler” where this fat ugly white bytch wanted to
    give her biracial daughter tan luckily for her sake. her sellout fat black husband told her not too!!! and said that his daughther doesn’t need a tan

    these white women are blaise. black men think before you spawn a child with a wrinkly white bytch

  29. AmerikkKa is racist. Where there’s smoke there’s fire. This random KKK worshipper being racist ain’t news… they all are. But I’m sayin’ tho — it’s hellla hilarious dat she supposedly “plead for Mona to leave her racist remarks on the cutting room floor” … never gonna happen! Ask Jenn “I’m White” The Penn! What’s even better? This random is now just another random MSY heaux ! HAHA!

  30. Next time before this chick utters something racist perhaps she should take off all that hideous,ugly ass Makeup!

  31. Yo! Why did yall repost a week old post? Did you forget you already gave us this tea?

  32. they call biracial children
    black because they possess high
    melenin genes. these genes are dominant.
    that means the moment they re breed with black
    genes the potential for a black
    not mixed child is high. how many high yellow
    women have given birth to pitch black babies.
    the process you are seeing is called breeding out.
    those arabs and egyptians (gypsies) are all
    concidered black. thats why the us is bombing
    iraq and palestine. that girl is considered a semite
    and the white germans killed millions of them 60 yrs ago.
    semite = semi which means half.
    in one pic she got puerto rican hair
    in the next its straightened.
    she racist because she got self hatred.
    the kardashians might be hoes but they not dumb.
    they know they black and and they breed that way.

  33. Saw her last night in LLHHH. There wasn’t one mirror that she didn’t look at herself as she passed by it. Not a hater, but she would give m a headache if I was a dude. The only thing she tlks about is herself and what a “boss” she is. LMAO

  34. Aint nothin more beautiful and apealing
    Than a White woman with a no-gag reflex
    And a 800 credit score.

  35. Soooo Fizz’ s baby mama racist too???

    Didn’t she tell Maria to go get her green card and to go back to where she came from ?? Assuming Tejuana or Honduras??

    Everyone’s a racist just admit it!

  36. Mexicans were slaves before African American 1835.she need to be knocked in her big fake booty mouth…

  37. You ppl can be so intelligent but have the worst intuition or common sense ever. This so called mixed ‘girl-woman’ y’all sitting here commenting over and making relevant IS or was BORN a man. Wow its amazes me how even less than 15yrs ago even the most bifocal wearing naked wye could see this right away just as I did. However, I can’t forget that unfortunately, the media have passed men in drag and transgendered men (its too hard for women to be passed off as men) off as women on the big screen. The media is a mind control beast apparently. That man had a lot of work done but DAG with these comments, I never thought there would be a time when a man or a woman cannot determine which sex either is. This is epic. That is nothing but a rich boy in drag. I wonder what we’ll be like in 15more yrs. Welp, carry on… I’m not going back and forth with any of you trying to prove what I just stated. If you can’t see it, then maybe it wasn’t meant for you too. Peaches.

  38. I can understand ppl not be able to tell by a still picture but on the show while heshe is walking talking moving you can see it.

  39. That “Noname” persons comment was on point tho. I not only seen it for myself but before that, i have been told this by non black women all over for years.

  40. damn!! she looked hella different. she got her hawk arab nose shaved down and know she looks like micheal jackson, she got a tan for that pasty ass skin, and got some kind of brazilian keratin treatment or japanses straightener/ relaxer to defrizz that poofball. and she died her hair blonde. i hate how she tries to say shes italian, french spanish,one day then she says shes algerian and morrocan the next day bitch you a LIEEEE. she’s muslim because on her twitter she said so and her last name come ON. she’ll post pictures of her sister, nephew, dad but never post pictures of her mother hmm probably because she wears a headscarf and doesnt want people to know she’s muslim. because this girl does own strip clubs

  41. You know it sucks that our past has formed a split between white people and black people. In reality we are all the same to God and when this life runs out we’ll all be loving each other in heaven. All we’ll know is love. People waste their time feeling any thing negative for any human being.

  42. This girl’s comments are racist and disgusting, but so are most of the comments being left here. I’m mixed and coming from both sides: f*ck all of you ignorant racist ass fools.

  43. She looks like every other morrocian mut… but this issue is sad but true… I have three sisters and we all have same mom and dad…we are European and African, but unfortunately we don’t all have the same complexions I am lighter and my sisters are slightly darker. I see the difference that people treat us just because we are a few shades different… When we we learn one planet… One people

  44. I don’t understand why everything comes down to race. There’s no need for insults. In the end we are all human. We need to stop paying attention to the color of our skin and more attention to what we are teaching our children. Hatred is wrong no matter what color it comes in.

  45. She got a tan made her lips fatter and got a fake ass but she dislike blacks hmmmmm .. I wonder who she tried to look like ?

    • Mally only picked Nikki probably because her father or she could help with his career, I don’t even understand why they were even fighting over him? Those girls must have some serious beer goggles

  46. Every race of people have been slaves. She may have not meant it in a racist way, but in just a haughty, elitist way.

  47. Nikki is Moroccan, of African decent. She’s black. Know your geography and your history sisters. Stop hating on your sisters. Jamal “Mally” isn’t exactly black himself. Stop hating.

  48. Fucking idiots she’s not even white, she’s Arab. So is Mally Mal. So clearly she just made an ignorant comment, not racist. Stop always jumping to shit being race related.

  49. She probably didn’t mean it as in “you’re black so you should be a slave” we all know nikki thinks shes a queen and shes the best and shes above everyone thats probably how it was meant but came off as racist cause of slave history. you can’t immediately hate the girl when the intent is unknown. she is african maybe her skin isn’t black but that’s her ethnicity. i get called the sand n**** everyday by all races black white islander arab wog whatever


  51. You guys are all f*cking idiots. She is not Moroccan she is a Lebanese Arab, big difference but her ass claims to be mixed with a lot of stuff. And to the dolts saying Arabs are black, no they are not, they are caucasians you dumbasses. As for Nikki's statement, she is a racist dolt who probably said it out of anger, no defending her but that's what probably happened.

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