Former Dancer Blast Nikki Mudarris & Her Family

Nicole Mudarris Exposed

HSK Exclusive – Love and Hip Hop Hollywood cast member, Nicole Nikki Mudarris’, mother was a former stripper and her brother Tony Mudarris sexually assaults dancers that work at the families strip club The Body Shop. According to a former dancer who was once employed at the Body Shop.

Here’s what’s been put out there:

“This girls whole family is wack as f*ck, lame ass mental cases. Her brother is known in LA for being a psychopath that attacks random people for no reason and sexually assaults girls. Girls literally run away from this fool unless they are nutcases themselves.


Their Moroccan princess mom was once a stripper before she married Tony Mudarris who owns the club.
He is a multiple felon, they are all morons. If they had an amount of class they would not run around acting like wanna be mafia rapper prostitute thug clowns.”


    • She looks so plastic and kinda like the joker. I hear she is a racist and yet mona keeps her on the show! Wow

  1. Yet another low self-esteem, quasi famous, scandalous ratchet, who, actually looked normal, pre blow up doll surgery syndrome, she ruined her looks and the more she ages the more surgery she is going to need to keep up the blown up Barbie doll look. Why doesn’t she see that she looks like a horrible science project? I’ll never know…IJS and I digress…

  2. What a creature LOL. She looks like a shock, frock HORROR. Damn that is what you call a NIGHTMARE haha!

  3. This woman self esteem so low, she running behind a cheater, trying to prove he didn’t cheat. Girl get the hell out of here, you look damn stupid..

  4. That dress is fugly but Id challenge that dust-rat to a karaoke duel over those versace heels she’s wearing. Have to fumigate them first but its ok, is still rock ’em.

  5. green frosted lipstick soo 90’s bitch needs to go back to the department store where she bought her got damn outfit because she looks
    like a “pee on stick type a bitch” her attitude and mannerism is just like a black women bitch get your own style

    stop copying black women’s your never be one!!.

    • Black Woman On Top!,

      Girl, YOU KNOW…ALL black women don’t walk around “purposely switching their ass with every step they take, pointing in people’s faces, bobbin’ their head, rolling their neck & bucking their eyes with every word they speak.” That’s NOT us. That’s that trick Nicole emulating HER PERCEPTION OF US!

      I’m almost certain you & most of the black women you know do not behave this way.

      • @Ms. Reg Says!

        your right but something is telling me nikki do’t act like that in real life. it’s like she’s putting on an act basically
        showing off for the camera’s we all now realty tv is fake even mona said it on the breakfast club 2 years ago she said

        “some of the people the fight on the show wouldn’t normally fight in real life just because the camera’s are rolling their fighting
        because they don’t want to look like punks”

        mona admitted it’s fake

      • Its called transism.. These new women are really
        Psudo transs. Yall have let these fags trick yall
        Into becoming like them. From the hair nails makeup
        Fake tits and fake ass

        • @Anonymous

          nikki is not trans have you seen her before picture?? is online i suggest you have look!?

          • She looks like a trans. Blown up on fake everything. That what transs look like.Women with fake everything look like transs because they have fake everything as well. That’s all she was saying.

  6. THIS is just filler for HSK since it’s obvious they have nothing new to share or expose. This is “Lazy Reworded Reran Mess” not to be misconstrued as celibrity gossip which it is NOT.

    For those of us who live in LA &/or work in the entertainment businesses be it on the corporate side all the way to the lowest of levels don’t even know of these people. Nicole is getting notoriety since she’s completed the final touches on her Jessica Rabbit plastic surgery & screwed her way on to that reality show. In all honesty no one knew of her beyond the strip clubs & hoe parties prior to her surgery.

    Far as Tony, both…father & son, they know who to mess with & how far to go. They are far from mafioso types here in Cali.

    Nicole’s mother being a former stripper is no big news. Take a good look at her. She shockingly resembles Wilhelmina W. Witchiepoo of H.R. Pufnstuf as does Nicole. Don’t believe me? Go take a look for yourself at:

      • DR1,

        I think you’re a little young to know about H.R. Pufnstuf. Girl, please… don’t take my word for it. Go look up Whitchiepoo on Google & tell me if Nicole & her mother don’t look like her. I’m not even bring the slightest bit mean. Wait until you see for yourself!

        • Damn her ass do look like her! No wonder I don’t remembered! My ass was born in 1976! But Nikki’s mom do look like whatever the hell it is!

    • Thank you, Reg. Yesi Ortiz is known in L.A. because of her radio gig. I’ve seen Ray before. Berg is known out here. I know Teairra as the girl who lost her deal because of Rihanna. Omarion and Fizz are known out here. As far as Hazel, Masika and the baby mamas and gfs on the show, I don’t know who any of them are, nor have I ever seen them in person. LHHH is beyond poorly staged.

      • @B. Stiviano

        your right is obviously fake. in episode 5 they had souja boy, ll fizz, omarion playing basket ball together like there were best friends
        who are they fooling??

        in episode 6 masika was having a photo shoot for the muddarris strip club. then nikki came to talk to her about mally mal

      • B.S.,

        “YOU KNOW WE KNOW!”….
        I have seen & met Ray at several events & various venues. Yesi I saw at a broadcasting event & only then did I learn who she worked for & what she does. (B, the ONLY mainstream radio station I listen to is 88.1 KKJZ otherwise I’m on satellite radio jazz ststions) Like you, I know of Omarion & Fizz but only them with their group & only because our company prepared contracts for local venues & events they were slated to perform.

        I NEVER knew of Teairra Mari but I recall hearing of “Ray J’s psycho girlfriend” but never knew it was her. ALSO…this young lady is supposed to be a “singer?” No, seriously, I’m not trying but be facetious but…
        seriously, are we to believe she’s a singing artist? From what I saw of her performance… she may want to work on perfecting her craft a bit more.

        And just like you said…Hazel, Masika & the baby mamas & gfs on that show… I have never seen them anywhere in person. I frequent The Ivy & Mr Chow’s…never seen them once!

        • I suppose I knew of Teairra because I met one of her producers through a guy I dated who was in the industry. He introduced us like I was supposed to be impressed that the producer did a track or tracks for someone whose career is stalled like a mfer. Lol

  7. I dont get why Nikki has all this hate??? If the strippers dont like being treated like a stripper, Im sure you can get an education and a REAL job. Now when they start holding those strippers there at gun point, that will be the real T. The THOTS are there because they want to be there…and you get what you earn- If you dont respect yourself, dont expect any rich snobby folks to respect you either.

  8. Who cares!!!!!!! anyway i watched Love&HipHop for the first time yesterday only because there was nothing else to watch on the television lol and obviously NIKKI is the most entertaining girl on the cast, she just needs to learn how to fight before she seriously get trashed on the Reunion show LOL btw i changed the channel when the #Candyman movie popped up

  9. Seems to me is was just one woman’s opinion ..besides a statement from a FORMER dancer does not seem very credible…we all have a past

  10. Nikki was credited as a “socialite” on this site. Amazing at how the truth is now being exposed, like anyone who two marginal eyes could see, based on her attire, that Nikki is void of class.

    • Socialite= designer THOT
      I wish stop propping these jezebel sluts up in the

    • “Socialite”… “social- lite”

      At least they didn’t call her or her dad “moguls”.

  11. Blame Mona Scott-Young for this trainwreck. Her family’s wickedness be damned, Nikki Mudaris is just the latest installment of the same model. Use her sexuality to gain a seat at the “Big Girl” table for chips. Daddy and Bro are out of sight out of mind. Mama just going with the flow, what type of matriarch is she? She supposed to be a darker Kim K, Really Mona?

  12. All is true about that low grade family a d their DUMPY few clubs. Dad was a whore monger who’s too old now to get it up/he paid for every p*ssy be ever got including Michelle Ezzezler, nikkis mom who is also as old as her freaky sister torie Tyson muddarris. Her brother was involved in a RAPE and they are NOT as rich as they portray. All dirty fluff that fa ily is.

  13. I’m so shocked you mean to tell me that a strip club owner can’t keep his hands to himself? Shock value #2 you mean the whole family is cra cra? The family never sat down and had the talk with thier kids, After all what could they tell them morally. Absolutely nothing, they sold thier souls for money and fame. The devils in thier corner, or maybe it’s since Nikki knows Spanish it should be el diablo.

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