Drake Set It Off @ Meek Mill Becuz He Bumped Nicki!


HSK Exclusive – Word from multiple sources reveals Nicki Minaj “really is carrying Meek Mill’s” unborn baby! “Nicki will lie and tell outsiders that she’s not pregnant,” an insider explained. “But I betcha you’ll won’t see her drinking alcohol for the next 8-months!”

That’s exactly why source say Drizzy got gully, waging a war on Meek Mill! Drake apparently missed picking up the press Nicki put out there, letting it be known that he was merely her boy toy. “Nicki Minaj wants to date but will not date anybody super famous because she wants to be the most famous person in the room,” a source reported. “Her ego will not allow anyone to take her spotlight, so she will for sure hookup with Drake but they will never be a couple.”

“I love Nicki Minaj / I told her I’d admit it / I hope one day we get married just to say we f***ing did it / And girl I’m f***ing serious/ I’m with it if you with it / Cause your verses turn me on and your pants are mighty fitted”. –Drake, “Thank Me Later”

Peep this:

“Drake really wanted to wife-up Nicki. She’s the main reason why he’s heated with Meek. Drake got the pop fans, but Meek won … he got the girl.”


  1. They both ugly men!
    She’s a glorified stripper with the enhancements to match !!
    What a world !

  2. Nikki is suppose to be on top of her game with two gay boys vying for her hand in marriage, too funny. And she is supposedly pregnant by one of the homsexual dicks, too too funny. What part of the game is this? So turned off. Will the real men please step up.

  3. Drake is a suckee for love meek should have kiled him in a rap beef puff beat drakes ass common dissed him even kim dissed him nicki and meek wont last long anyway shes going.to have the baby then diss him but drake will take her back

  4. Umm Meek started the whole beef when he showed his bitchassness on the morning show about Drake not tweeting. I do not believe for one second that Drake really wants to wife Nicki. But um if true..congrats to Nicki on the baby and wifing a nigga!

  5. All and I mean all the rappers gay I knew it , the athletes and movie people all are to. you are not ah straight man if you want anything sexual from another man period.

    She 33 goin on 34 this year so I see it in her face she want ah kid .

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