Nick Young Blames Himself for Turning Iggy Out

iggy azalea swaggy p apologizes

Iggy Azalea was shaking her fake a*s in front of a private jet with a bucket of KFC propped up on her back, and her ex-fiancé, Nick “Swaggy P” Young wasn’t too happy about it.

iggy azalea swaggy p apologizes 2

By the way, Nick and Iggy broke up once he got his baby mama pregnant for the second time. They’re still together and they recently did The Shiggy Challenge together so why is he worried about Iggy?


  1. Nope…dont like them hands signs drake got errbody doing.

    But what I really want to know is what tha hell was in that sack Nick threw behind the couch??????

  2. Y is he blaming himself for her behavior. What all don’t we know. Tell the whole damn story Nick not just part of it!

  3. I never liked this Casper the friendly hoe ever since she put in one of her rap songs something like she was a slave master. Fuck her ! It’s funny people seem to have easily forgotten about that.

    • White women think they r soooo slick with their racial comments.

      But most of em get a pass because of the simp niggaz that revel and revere them. Worship them.

      So the simp probably heard that line and said “she ain’t talkin about me, i’m rich”, and laughed it off.

      White ppl fuck up and say racist shit all the time. The N word’ll slip out. Niggaz won’t say shit. The younger generation hasn’t really set any parameters or boundaries about the word. They don’t give a fuck. Hell, some white rappers r so “black” that they r allowed to say the N word with immunity. The heart of the black community has been ripped out so black ppl run around thinkin only of themselves. Sad but true. You got black millionaires bickering like bitches on social media; niggaz self snitching; n8ggaz worshipping money by showin it off every chance they get. Sigh

      • I agree 1 million percent. They get super comfortable and that’s when how they feel about you really comes out. These rich dumb ass coons don’t realize they will always be a negro and the racist whites are laughing at them. Yeah mf u got money but don’t think that you’re money is not be controlled.

        • We don’t have a choice BUT to come together and create our own capitol, economy, and bureaucrats. The white supremacy structure will only let u have so much but America is still a decent place to build. But when u have gay satanic entertainers like Diddy and 50 Cent representing the power brokers it makes u syh. Where’s robert johnson and ppl who think like him when u need em?

  4. Ummm no, Nick. Everything ain’t about you. If you want to blame anybody blame TI – he’s the one that had her stripping in Atlanta and working on her fake accent.

  5. Ain’t no black man turned this trollip out. She was a hoe b4 Tip or Nick got to her. Her old boyfriend…..WHITE boyfriend..confirmed that.

  6. LOL, them negros was already eaten up that bucket’o chicken, it ain’t a prop! She’s living her life, and seems happy.
    Fuck everybody and their hater comments.

  7. Nevermind Nick.

    The fact that black men are in that footage with her, and date her… terrible

    This is what white people want. They want you to water down the race. They want you to lust after their sloppy, manly women.

    You all are making these cave b**ches rich, and parading them around as if they AREN’T racist gutterbuts. That’s just not cool. Respect yourself. Respect yourself. wtf

    And they don’t even look good. How do you want to get with sloppy racists? Are you that thirsty?

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