Nick Gordon Throws Whitney Under The Bus!

Nick Gordon Exposes Whitney HoustonNick Gordon is a Punk

Whitney Houston passed away more than two-years ago, yet Nick Gordon can’t seem to let the the late legend rest. In a recent set of tweets.. the unemployed, combative 22-year-old brought Whitney’s name into his endorsing a half-baked existence…





  1. How can you be with a man that is talking a bout your mother like that you stupid little girl can’t you see he is using you for your money he is just waiting for your dumb ass to die because I know you left him all of your money where is Bobby brown at oh I know making another child.

  2. NicK Gordon just want the paper$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ Krissy need to get clean, go back to school and meet a nice, caring man who may have had a drug past like her, but who overcame it and has dedicated his life to constant self improvement

  3. I hope that Cissy gets Bobby really hella high soon and makes her sign some little old pieces of paper -just to see what her siggy looks like….. and sneakily manages to get Bobby to get Nick removed from their life. In the event that Bobby comes to some harm he would have been signed out of her will.

  4. Kris needs her daddy to be the bad boy he is and take care or that boyfriend. She needs her daddy or his sisters to extend nick some boston street justice. Help a sista out. PLEASE.

  5. Bobbie Kris may be doing what she wants but she f*cking up badly and should look back at it right now!

  6. Bobbie Kristina never really had much of a chance at growing up normal. I feel sorry for her but she needs to get herself together soon.

  7. I know something is really wrong with Bobbi Kristina how can you let that fool throw your mother under the bus she should be ashamed of herself I don’t care what she thinks that boy is nothing but s*** he’s just a froggy junkie I can’t believe she let him say that stuff about her mother on social media and people are agree with them telling Bobby Christina she is their role models get the f*** outta here with that Bobbi Kristina need to get her life together she just lost a friend Chelsea who died from a drug overdose before Bobbi Kristina’s 21st birthday Bobbi Kristina don’t have no peace all she do is cuss people on Twitter she needs a reality check before it gets too late I would not even be surprised they said with me up

  8. So are people upset that he told the truth and exposed what we already knew or is it a disrespect issue?…wow people sure do hate the truth, well sorry guys cause you can Cleary see where Bobby Chris got her habits from nick just confirmed it

  9. Nick Gordon is so dirty, the city dump wouldn’t allow him to live there. He has the audacity to besmirch the reputation of one of the greatest living vocalists in the history of music. If Bobbi Kristina would sober up for 20-seconds, she would’ve taken that as her cue for her to leave that nigga wherever tf she found him. Call the Tidy Bowl man. Flush that trick.

  10. Rachel Marron ….needs to get her life. How do you love a person you never met more than life.

  11. What the hell is wrong with you negroes? Whitney didn’t give two shits about any of you! She died a drug addict who didn’t care to clean up her life and get straight. Who cares if she smoked crack, weed, and newports. She was/is no Goddess! No diety. She was an addicted black woman who couldn’t pull herself out of the hole she put herself in. Anyone can say any damn thing they want to about her. She was and is not The Most High. It is unfortunate she has passed on but stop treating her as if she is/was some kind of saint that we all should speak highly of, just because. She is/was nothing more than a mere mortal who wasted the talent that she was blessed with. The man can say whatever the f*ck he wants. Freedom of speech!!

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