Is Nick Cannon Blowing Nicole Murphy’s Back Out?


Nick Cannon, who recently split with wife Mariah Carey, and Nicole Murphy, whose engagement to Michael Strahan also fizzled, raised eyebrows Monday at Meatpacking District eatery Bagatelle.

We’re told the rebounding pair arrived with two other pals and were seated at a secluded table.

Here’s what a source revealed:

“They were laughing and having a great time. Nick and Nicole and their friends were dressed to the nines.

They didn’t look as though they were on a date, but they were definitely enjoying their dinner.”


  1. Grown Folks doing adult things – you could have found a better pic of Nicole – she looks horrid here.

    • Nicole only dates gay men so unless Nick is in the closet, this tidbit is cold as ice.

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  3. Nicole’s druggin’ is starting to show. You can get away with it until 40-45, but after that, no dice.

  4. I have seen Nick Cannon naked and trust me he ain’t blowing a damn thing out with that average dick of his. All of Nick’s talent is above the waist. I speak what I know, not gossip.

  5. …She might want to stop with the HGH treatments. Face sharper than a Diamond, and not in a good way.

  6. Nick likes older women lol, he don’t to much mess around with chicks his age,dig that o well he only doen what they allow him to lol

  7. Wow Nicole that Hollywood life is talking its toll I thought that was Jazmin guy, she to aged badly,dam what y’all done out there?

  8. Nick definitely has a type, so him getting it in with Nicole Murphy would not shock.anybody.

  9. She’s looks so tired and crackheadish now. She should retire and be the head mistress of the “thot” school for sluts

  10. Nicole looks horrible and she looks that way in real life too. Mannish all the way. As far as Nick Cannon his mom is dating Al B Sure. I’m done!

  11. Hey does anyone think Nicole’s break up with Michael
    Strahan has caused a lot of stress and pain for Nicole and maybe grieving has caused this look?
    Or maybe a lot of the pics we see are just airbrushed and TV lenses are tampered with to give her a softer look. Plus whatever happened to the house Mike bought for them when they were dating? Eitherway that gir stays winning. Like it or not she always catch the men with real money and fame.

    • Many of these women who are used to dating /marrying rich and famous men stay seeking out other rich and famous men to move on to to maintain a certain lifestyle.

  12. Oh Forgot say Nicole is beautiful at any age and what
    you may see is simply her aging gracefully. Eitherway as the saying goes ” Time waits for no one”. So in short father time will bless us as well with old age; and if we are blessed and lucky we will gladly accept the blessing.

  13. Can we stop the broad generalizations about “all black men” and “all black women”? We are individuals. There are many good black men and women.. STOP IT!

  14. @Missk, You are absoutely right. When people generalize repeatedly like that, they are showing
    they beleive the hype they have been brainwashed with by the Master Manipulators and they are dancing to the the Tune of the Master Puppeteer. In other words they are not critical thinkers and let other people do the thinking for them , because they do not investigate information for themselves and simply Swallow what ever any one Feeds them Whole with out taking the time to dissect it and investigate the infor to see it is really true.
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