Nene Leakes Leaving RHOA Confirmed?


The current cast of The Real Housewives of Atlanta will all be returning for season seven, multiple sources confirm. Plus, two more — Demetria McKinney and Claudia Jordan — will be joining the cast.

Kandi Burruss, Kenya Moore, Cynthia Bailey, Phaedra Parks, and Porsha Williams will all be coming back for another year of turnt-up ratchetness. However, as one source close to production reveals, “this is the last season of Nene’s contract, she won’t be back if we do season 8”.

Here’s what is out there:

“Leakes will have new pals to socialize with before packing her bags. According to the insider, singer/actress McKinney has officially signed on to be a full-time Housewife. TV and radio personality Jordan — who has appeared on the U.S. version of Deal or No Deal — will have a supporting role.

Newbies may change up the dynamic, but tensions are still high between some of the costars. Producers are apparently scrambling to make pot-stirrer Moore get along with the other women. As fans know all too well, Moore got into a vicious brawl with castmate Williams during the taping of their Bravo reunion back in March.

Leakes took to her personal website in April to defend Williams while noting that she doesn’t “condone violence.”


  1. Claudia Jordan is so boring. She has no personality and has been passed around more times than a frisbee.

    • if NeNe and Gregg arent there I wont be either and we r losing apollo, i guess, so i’m done

    • WHy Claudia Jordan? Who is this chick? Why not Christopher Williams and his shim? they were far more interesting than Claudia who? Marlow would have been an awesome addition! WHY CLAUDIA? NOT CUTE AND WHERE IS HER STORY LINE GOING TO START?DON’T REALLY CARE ABOUT NENE! SHE THINKS SHE IS A SENSATIONAL STAR! NOT THE CASE

    • LOL- “passed around more than a frisbeee”. It’s really time to cancel this show because it is no longer entertaining.

  2. NeNe Leakes an actress? Lol. She’ll be running back to Andy when all that money is blown away. All those tv shows she did were cancelled because of her thats how bad of an actress she is. People cant stand to look at that evil wench!

  3. Nene will be back—where is she going??? She’s not an actress
    Kenya is a pit stirrer with no storyline
    Fhedra clean husband is in jail
    Kandi’s husband Todd is suspect to me
    Cynthia is a wimp n Peter is a Bitch

  4. They closed Peter’s Bar One lounge for non payments. Phaedra aint coming back because she has no story line. She’s going to divorce Apollo.

  5. This will be the final season, so it really is moot whether Nene stays or goes. The genre is old and tired. The only franchise which is still drawing an audience is Atlanta, but even it is running on fumes. This is the beginning of the end.

  6. nene leaks a modern day coon…… enough said with all that make up and blonde hair she wears she looks like a drag queen!!
    she boss’s greg around constantly putting him down etc etc then the bytch marries him again???!!!

    greg must have a good sex game!!! to win her back…..d*cking down a drag queen!!

  7. Nene better enjoy her 15 minutes of fame because it’s running out fast.And she’s not much to look at to begin with, so he hurdles are higher.

  8. Well, she’s got two things going on for her. So thank goodness we don’t have to worry about her.

    First, she’s an accomplished actress, who has won many awards and is always in demand.

    And secondly, she let all of us know she’s a “Rich Bitch!”

    She’s still winning!
    *eye roll*

    I think because this contract has expired she’s gonna secretly/quietly try to renegotiate a new contract, in the guise that they begged her to stay.

    Bloop on that, Nene! :/

  9. I hope NeNe don’t think she’s pretty because she is far from it. That big bitch don’t need to be making faces

  10. They need to kick Cynthia off instead, shes boring af, next to go should be phadra because shes boring too and seems to classy for reality TV she isnt catty enough shes poised and dignified which makes a boring show ijs….keep Kenya (the villain), porsha the black blonde of the group, and nene the instigator, Kandi is only entertaining because her mom is so ratchet

    • Lmao when she tried to fight the friend in the bridal shop i was like damn she should go on the bad girls club old lady edition

  11. Ok right @anna but see im just gonna be real I would’ve walked kandi’s mom bcuz she was outta line and respect is earned not given lol geriatric ass whooping

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