Naya Rivera Says “White People Shower More Than Ethnics”

Naya Rivera Showering

Naya Rivera recently said on ABC’s The View that when it comes to personal hygiene. She noticed that whites tend to obsessively shower more than other races.

Rivera went on to say that she’s noticed other races shower once a day, but her Caucasian husband showers two, to three times a day.

Here’s what Naya Rivera revealed:

“I have a theory about showering, which is I think white people shower a lot more than ethnics. I think that showering more than once a day or showering once a day is such a white people thing.

My mom is half black, half Puerto Rican, she showers every day, so I can say this. But I can say, I’m now married to a white man and he showers, a lot. Like two, three times a day. I’m like what are you doing?”


  1. Has she ever thought perhaps the reason why they shower more is because they generate more body odor than other races. I mean its like the saying, White people smell like dogs when it rains, hmm don’t know if its true but her statement sure seem to support that notion.

    • He might not even stink like that. Shes on newlywed lala land and is just talking nonsense. You know those type of birds that talk about their man constantly. How much he showers is obviously his business but she can’t help herself. She’ll be talking about his pwnis next. She got fired from glee and has too much time on her hands.

      • Or maybe just a theory he’s washing her smell or the next woman or guys smell off ? Just saying I wake up or going to bed for goodnight sleep .I like a shower if I have real good sweaty sex you know the type I’m talking about ! Then I need a shower but to shower 3 times a day some one must be unemployed ! Or hiding something an I know for a fact white men are just as bad never wanting to wash they damn hands after using the toilet !
        Even after taking a dump then want to shake everybody hands ! Lil kids as well
        Or just splash water no soap and go and that’s only when your looking oh Asians as well!

    • WHo knows there showering habits but I KNOW THIS for a fact WHITE WOMAN DO NOT WASH THERE HANDS after using the restroom and any woman can contest to that …that be some nasty shit ..they will walk from the stall to the exit door

      • True.. I have worked with many young and middle aged, them chicks hate washing their hands (most of them were nurses which is even worse) Will take a comfortable shit and walk right past the sink and out the door

        • So nasty especially if they put in a tampon or Changed a pad……ugggh disgusting!!!!

      • Wait, what?!? I’m 1/2 white and have never ever exited a bathroom WITHOUT washing! Ugh! That’s just so gross!! My mom is 100% white and she would rather die than not washer hands after the washroom! Ew!!

        • Don’t come in here being the voice of reason amongst these ignorant bigots, they love fi stereotype according to their own negative agenda. I’ve seen people of all race and sex neglect to wash their hands, and the opposite too. You’re too reasonable to have a discussion with these foo-els.

    • Three times a day, he either works from home or not at all. I use to take three showers a day but I was a kid growing up in Miami and the only time I showered 3 time a day was in the summer. I was play for 3 hours, go in the house for an hour but I was sweaty so I would shower. But like I said I was a kid in the summer with no responsibilities and no job.

    • They don’t wash their hands after using the bathroom, it’s pretty nasty. She needs to shut up, most whites look like they bathe every couple of days, and sadly a lot of blacks immitate white culture.

      • Man, some of the comments in this thread make me wanna carry around a bottle of Hand Sanitizer at all times. Hell, maybe two. How the hell do you not wash your hands after using the bathroom? “Ew”[/Shawn Wayans voice]

        • Come to my job Raheim, they walk into the stall,flush, and walk right out. That’s why I don’t eat others foods unless I know their hand habits.

          • LOL@Lucid. Reminds me of that stupid late ’90s Marlon Wayans movie ‘Senseless’ when the woman didn’t wash her hands after using the bathroom, then came right out and tried to shake Marlon’s hand. People nasty as f*ck.

            Oh, and Obvious Troll is Obvious.

            • I’m sure u are smelling yourself. This blonde hair blue eyed beauty doesn’t stink. Venus is my name. Remember that, bitch. But, keep dreaming and never give up.

              • Your hair was black, but now it’s blonde
                Glok you seem to change it every day, yeah
                ** sang in a Crackhead O’Neal voice **

              • Sorry “venus”, but I must correct you on that. Blonde hair does indeed stink from the color developer used to remove the brown/black. Oh, but wait! I bet you’re a “natural” blonde right? Lol

                Try to find a new hobby SB.

    • That’s the first I ever heard of white people stinking. Lol. When I was in college I worked for a Marriott. One time, a whole group of black people rented some rooms and used the pool. When they checked out, we had to drain the pool and scrub the black ring out of it. Poor housekeepers. It took them days to get the showers clean. No lie.

      • Venus,
        You are a liar! I served in the military with people from all over the country. I can tell you some stories about your stinking ass.

        • @18:14 Me and U both did, but I am retired now. We know how clean we get when go to the heads or showers. See, I do hair when a client calls me up or when I feel like it. U understand? Shoot, I am sitting back enjoying my retirement. What branch was U? Mines was Navy.

      • Lol, melanin isnt ink you crazy bish! relax. y’all kill me with that fear of a black plant psychosis you got going.

      • I see stinky nasty unbathed, caucasoids all the time, right here in Santa Barbara. That’s right the American Riviera is full of them.

    • Naya Riveria is a dam fool! All Naya can say is “Im from a very poor family and we could not take a bath everyday.” She cannot speak for all ethnic groups, not wearing a hat like that. Both Afr-Americans and Caucasians takes two-three baths a day.

  2. First of all, it does not excuse you to disgrace a race because you are half way there. Just say it if you feel it. 2nd of all, she needs to check to see if her man is a fag! How many men shower 3 times a day?!!! For what?!!! 3rd, when I was a kid and would get on the school bus on a rainy day, white people would stink! When white people get damp, they smell like raw chicken meat!!! Bathing twice a day should be enough! 3 times mean you nasty all day anyway!

      • White people think they are so much better than any other race on this earth! They once called blacks colored. Yet they turn colors if they get mad or hit upside the head! They call blacks monkey’s but they adopt monkey’s to see if they can raise a child for practice. Now they saying we don’t bath enough compared to them. They are just jealous because they are not black! They even try to tan and get dark.


          THEY CONSTANTLY HAve sex with blacks because they wanna find out about the black penis myth.

          they want lip implants, boob jobs and ass injections because they wanna look like black women.

          talking about kim k, Angelina slut dyke incest loving ass.

          jon voight loved watching his kids French kiss like he was at a damn graduation or something.

          remember those old penis enlargement commercials wasn’t but 1 old ass black man on there te rest of them was young middle aged white men trying to get a bigger dick so they can strike back at all the black men for phukking the hell out of white girls.

          • U r hilarious. I don’t know one white person who would want to be black. Hahahaha! U mean I want to live in a ghetto, get food stamps, be a single parent of 12 kids? Hahahaha! No way would I let a black man get anywhere NEAR me. I am a nurse and wash my hands at least 20x’s a day. This website is making me lmao! Keep dreaming though and never give up. Rotf!

            • There this ho go changing up names and saying the same shit , bitch white men piss on you and you bathe in urine, that’s why no sane black man wants YOU, you wreak of pee and that’s the only thing you sprinkle your nasty looking self with you bum bitch, GOLDEN SHOWERS! !

            • I am sorry u have no self confidence. Please read a self help book. No one wants to he black. No one. No one. No one. No one. Blacks dont take showers. Black women do not was thwir crotches and every race knows that. Ya just stick. Kewp dreaming though.

            • It’s a damn shame I am a stylist and know the same bullshit U do. Four classes and 750 clinical hours and I can become a RN. Hell, at least with my license I can move around eight areas in mines. Excuse me 10.

            • Venus, you are a joke. Why are you even on this site? I bet you secretly wish you were black and loathe yourself for it. How dare you insult Nubian cleanliness while your people lived in caves like rank animals in the north while Nubians were building civilizations? I bet you smell like a wet tuna fish sandwich. And please, don’t call yourself “venus” because I am sure you are not a roman goddess or a work of art. And by the way, you’re not fooling anyone- I see your Black envy-keep trolling this site, loser. Your pathetic tirades make me laugh.

            • so let me get this straight YOU are NOT pro black and despises black but come to a black gossip media site to _________

              feel free to insert whatever you must to NOT feel stupid

            • Santa Barbara is full of caucasoids on welfare, and they are baby mommas, they are also even married and their husbands are right with them at the welfare office being leeches.I would not be surprised if you live in one of those white ghettos somewhere. We all know there are plenty of white ghettos and they are nastier that any housing project you’ve ever seen.Maybe you live in the woods with the rest of the uneducated, rotten toothed hillbilly hicks. Public housing here is pretty decent. your kind does not live there though. You scavengers live in trailer parks. You really are making yourself look stupid. You and your “kind” are slugs you leave a trail of slime behind you everywhere you go. My.caucasion associates and colleauges wouldn’t even look at you. You are an embarassment to them.

          • Don’t forget some black females are getting that shit too. Plus lip reductions and skin bleaching to look white. Shit cuts both ways.

      • Omg Yessssss !!! And everytime I see Naya Rivera she look like she understand hypnosis by MLK Mine control people would to anything to keep up with the Hollyweird crowd she. A stupid bimbo

          • Stop being an ass. You kbow she meant mk ultra mind control. Eithet contribute something knowledgeable to the discussion or just stfu.

            • STFU, you just as dumb her non spelling ass bitch , learn to spell your shit right before you come callin on me dumbass !

            • Its “calling” cunt. Now, take your thread de-railing ass back to your corner, put on your dunce cap and write : ‘a typo is a typo’ one hundred times. Bitch.

      • Exactly! He could have OCD! I’m sure he is not a factory worker to need to bath that much!

    • But that’s not his situation. I understand some people need to shower more than others but it’s not a race thing either. I’m commenting on what she said about her boyfriend and bringing the difference in races. What does race have to do with it? Black people sit behind a desk and are millionaires too. I know because I am one. 3 times a day everyday is a little much if you sit behind a desk. I guess he uses his lunch time to take a bubble bath. That’s 21 times a week.

      • Of course you are. That’s why you’re trolling in a gossip site about stinky women you encounter.

    • They smell like wet dog and beer when they don’t bathe or wash their hair. I grew up with a lot if white girls and I know that smell.

          • Venus shut the f*ck up white women are nasty as f*ck they do not wash they’re hands or asses! These women stay waking up throwing on yoga pants and running around all day with their stinky pork pussies! Yeah you better wash your hair daily because if you don’t we’ll all smell that nasty oily secretion ya’ll nasty skulls emits! Your houses are dirty and you all allow animals to piss & shit where you eat! Bitch better recognize that my ancestors taught yours how to cook & clean your people been filthy bitch!

          • @Venus Penis Shut Your Raggedy Coon Bed Wench Ass Up
            People Like You Are Trash, Go Back To Massa And Keep Nibbling On His Dick, Like A Carrot

        • Um Venus, let me correct U and a few others. U wash cars, clothes, your body, laundry, etc. But U shampoo and condition hair. And where you get off saying Black women do not shampoo their hair? Let me get U and few others straight right now. I am a LICENSED HAIR STYLIST FOR THE STATE OF SOUTH CAROLINA, HOW DARE U AND A FEW OTHERS COME UP HERE AND SAY THAT BLACK WOMEN DO NOT SHAMPOO THEIR HAIR? Now for the rest of the folks up here saying White folks smell like wet dog when they come out the rain. For your information your sweat glands is called sudoriferous glands excrete perspiration and detoxify the body by secreting excess salt and unwanted chemicals. Sebaceous glands or oil glands creates sebum, a fatty or oily substance that lubricated the skin. Have y’all thought when the body is in motion it stays in motion and when the body at rest, it stays in rest? Nope! Now if you have Bromhidrosis which is smelly sweat under your armpits or on your feet caused by bacteria, U need to see a doctor. If you got hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating caused by heat or body weakness, take your ads to the doctor. Now anybody else got any questions why this wrong ads information is going around is so incorrect, all y’all gotta do is ask!

          • Then all black people need to see doctors. There is a black women where I work. She is all greasy looking. Makes us all sick. No one wants to go in the bathroom after her. The administrator put some cleaner and rags with gloves in all the bathrooms cause no one wants to take a chance.

        • You have to. Your oil glands work overtime because uou still have cro magnon genes. Btw, I am the living embodiment of your every nightmare. Im brown and beautiful, have natural soft curly hair, natural booty . Your men sweat me but no one wants those hairy red beasts and their tiny pink cocktail sausages. I know you are a worthless troll doing social research so heres a message I want you to take back to your people: if you cant dance, you cant FUCK. Yanno?

        • That is because NO BUGS RESIDE THERE you hair is dead and like a morgue so bugs feed on it..them call them LICE to be PRECISE

        • Black don’t need to wash their hair every day idiot. White people have to do it everyday or else its gets oily and Snell’s like wet dog. Learn about black hair care before you speak on it.

      • Yall, Venus is a troll. Dont waste time on that thing.Didnt you guys notice she replied to herself. Sloppy troll at that.

        • Bitch bye! U can go with that bullshit! Did my research? I went to the military and school and retire at the age of 26! At the age of 38 I’m living off my own damn money. Now if U can do what I just posted, then U you can claim your shit. But apparently U didn’t. Now if U don’t mind, folks like me have responsibilities. Just because folks called your ass out that’s all U can come up with? That is what we call pathetic!

          • It’s funny when black people say they retired. In real life it’s called being fired. And there’s no way you will ever live in a house like mine with a family that worships me. So stfu. U have no idea who I am, bitch.


        • Venus may even be one of our own trolling for the sole intent of stirring up trouble. I wouldn’t have said that 4 weeks ago, but ever since New Years, I realize that there are people here who just live to piss people off and that includes race baiting.

          Just consider it a possibility.

          • Trust me, I AM NOT ONE OF YOU! I can’t believe there is a website for black people. What is this world coming to. Y’all go and protect your Bill Cosby.

            • See this is proof you guys….imagine someone in America
              ( and even though that thing is trolling its vernacular is that of a white female american) claiming they cant believe there is actually a blog for black people. Thats just dumb. I think its SB. He uses male and female personas black and white, hood and buppie. He says he gets off on it. Pathetic way to get sexual pleasure, but whatever.

            • I for one feel quite sad for “Venus.” Can you imagine having such poor self esteem that you would seek out an urban blog for the sole purpose of marginalizing others? That’s simply tragic.
              Venus, perhaps you should invest in some therapy. Life can be very good, and I hate to see someone in so much pain.

            • I think it’s SB too. He just wants to race bait as always. PLEASE y’all don’t play into his sickness.

            • ‘your’ Bill Cosby? LOL You really are a Troll with that quip. Like Paul Mooney said about O.J. Simpson, Cosby ain’t been ‘ours’/black since he was 17. I’ve given him props for ‘The Cosby Show’ & ‘A Different World’ and what they represent, but his infamous denigrating of poor(er) blacks over 10 years ago while he had more skeletons in his closet than a serial killer/had done his dirt to rise in Hollyweird just like any other celeb of any color pretty much ensured that many ‘regular’ blacks won’t be coming to his rescue while the white media he & his ilk (used to) love so much skins him alive.

              That being said, Cosby is all yours, Troll. Make sure you teach him to shit on the Newspaper and not the floor.

            • It IS SB. I cannot tell you how I know, but I do. The more you react to his race baiting the more he will continue to do this horrible shit. Just stop it.

          • Damn right! Typical race-baiting troll and everyone stupid falls into the same traps as usual. Only racist f*cktards of any color say people of another race smell, just based on their race. People only smell because they are either unhygienic, seriously ill or consuming meat and fish/ dairy / sugar or not cleaning themselves after sex. Anyone who believes otherwise needs to have a serious word with themselves about their IQ and how to improve it.

          • No white person wants Cosby, dumb @ss. He drugged and raped beautiful white women cause he knew that would be the only way he could EVER get one. White people wanna hang his ass.

            • You all have been wanting Cosby since the ’60s, dumb @ss. Don’t start shit you can’t finish, SB, or it’ll be a repeat of last year.

    • Co-sign…but being a public figure she should really know better. At some point you can’t just chalk everything up to youth and you have to call a stupid person a stupid person. She’s getting awfully close.

    • I agree, there is no cause to retaliate against Naya’s insane ramblings with more insanity. Who cares what she has to say anyway? That idiot is one step below the Kardashians on the stupid ladder.

      • True that! Why would anyone on here even be stupid enough to get in a tangle about somebody stupid saying some stupid shit? Since when has her husband represented the whole of 1 race? Wake up posters you’re being played like a pack of cards.

  3. Oh dear…who cares if your husband showers three times a day….I am sure there is a ‘cryptic’ message in there, regarding your husbands ablutions….but it is not for me to point it out…lol…

  4. Is she throwing subliminal shade at Big Sean? Cuz her entire comment makes very little sense. Because shes married to a white man, shes a expert on race and hygiene issues? Gtfoohwtbs.




      • Look here. Y’all already know I coupon. I got two full baths and an ads of soap. Between me and Jay WE GONNA WASH OUR ASSES WITH THIS FREE WATER WE GOT!! And for ole girl to put other ethnicities on blast like that wasn’t even called for. She don’t know how many times folks washes they asses! I am blessed to have free water in my garden apartment.

        • Free water cause I am sure the government pays most of your bills. Cause if they didn’t, u wouldn’t have water. U waste your welfare check on wigs so hopefully a man will look at ya. Cause girl, that fro had to go!! Ha!

  6. My beautiful black ppl, these yt ppl have the skin color and texture of a pig. Yes pig play and their own shit so what do you expect

  7. They may shower more but are less likely to use a wash cloth or loofah. Dont see how people bathe with no friction and exfoliation of dead cells. Everyone in the family shares the same bar soap with cemented pubic hair. Im generalizing.

    I bathe twice a day(in the AM and before bed) or three times if I run/workout and I am not white.

    • No one needs to know your family’s gross hygiene habits. I am sure y’all ain’t got money for a wash cloth or more than one bar of soap. Gotta keep that crack coming in.

  8. She knows no better. Especially, when your dealing with an adult who speaks with an intellect of a teen child, you treat them as such! I’m not mad about her comment I’m mad that a nationally syndicated show would let her generalize like that.

  9. He may also shower more cause he has more “scents” (another women or man ) to hide or wash off him. That is peculiar when you dont work a job requiring that.

  10. This pyscho nobody just sooo happy she married some it boy that she’s just running her mouth about dumb shit to make sure we all know..whatever! Furthermore yt folks ain’t got the lock on showering once a day. This just tells me her nasty ass don’t..yuck!

  11. I think white ppl have to shower more,and wear expensive colongnes to cover up that dog smell.have you ever smelled a white gal who ran out of deodorant….FUNKY!!!!!

    • Paaaahaaa! They smell like wet dogs without fur! If they go 3 days without shampoo, they will catch lice!

  12. Big Sean was right. She does have a bird brain.

    lil stupid a$$ bi&ch, we aint fuggin wit YOU! lmao

  13. Hilarious! Not all white people are clean some barely shower at all. All the funk in the world? It Couldn’t all be caused by minorities!

  14. Listen that smell almost made me throw up one day during lunch break , people went out to get lunch and chile it was raining ..when they came back into that building ..I was like what the hell is that smell ..all the other black people laughing at me because they know what it is and I am being loud steady asking people what that smell is and the white people are like I do not know, I dont smell it and I am like you dont smell that dog smell.. all the time not knowing it was them ..until another black co-worker pulled me to the side and said chile that is them and I am like WHAT GTFOOH lol

    • Obviously u were smelling yourself. Black people STINK. Get over it. U know it’s true. U smell like an outhouse. If i said u smelled like a wet dog would be too nice. Go wash your nasty @ss!

        • I had a white male friend that only dates whites women, he said white women have stink boxes, and he had to hold his breath if he was getting it in closed quarters like in a car. He said he doesn’t understand why white girls think they’re so cute but can’t properly use soap and water down there. I was shocked and laughing at the same time, cause white people aren’t honest about their faults like black people are.

            • Since I made this comment bright and early, I guess it doesn’t, now does it moron? I know, the truth hurts. You mean to tell me trolls have feelings too? I thought you were racially superior in every way? Hmmm…I guess not.

  15. D-list colored actresses will say and do anything to please the white racist hollywood mafia! This Naya Rivera chick is just trying to keep her job. Just ignore this bitch!

    • I guess you didn’t hear. She’s taking Rosie Perez’s slot on The View. That’s better than D List dontcha think?

  16. White People Don’t Wash Their Hands When Their Eating
    And That’s The Truth!!

      • @Anonymous

        Bother Someone Else, I Ain’t Playing Your Games, Yours A Vile Nasty Bully Who Like To Pick On People

        Just Because Their Speaking The Truth

        Go Suck On Boiled Dick Your Fucking Dyke

        • Im playing your game to one of your many names on here bitch you can dish it but can’t take it slut!?

            • @Anonymous

              I Haven’t Got Time For Sucking Dick!
              Why Are Your Offering Your Dick??? I Know Some Women Who Will Be Willing To Lick Your Dick Like A Lolly Pop!!!

              And Clean Your Guttering With Their Mouths, But You Need To Pay Extra!!!!

              Sucking Floppy Dick Ain’t Free, Your Should Know Like!

            • YOU don’t have time to suck dicks because you on here changing names and f*cking with people ,but take it from DICK SUCKING HO WHO KNOWS HER SHIT ,DO YOU PAY YOUR TRICKS OR DO THEY PAY YOU SLUT?

  17. I’ve smelled wet caucasians and that mixed with funk is an atrocious smell. I think its their PH or phermones, I don’t know but I think there is a different make up that they have that is different that let say… us black people folks. I don’t find anything wrong with what she said. It’s not racist. It’s her and many other folks truth.

    • Usually pheromones are to protect or attract, so in this case what are they used for? Just curious

    • Omg, like I said before, this is the FIRST I ever heard of white people smelling. Black people need to take at least one shower every day. Preferably two or 3. Cause y’all just stink. YA JUST STINK! AND PLEASE WASH YOUR HAIR AND THOSE NASTY ASS FEET!

    • Maybe that’s why they behave so psychooathic and reptilian like? But the same God that made us made them, why are we so different? I do know one thing for a fact though, pure black or pure African genetic blood is free of diseases and disorders, it lives longer, that’s why they try so hard to destroy the black race living in America, jealousy.

      • Ask why whites are buried immediately after dying? Die Saturday funeral wednesday.

      • Black peoples skin is like a snake’s skin. Gross. Never in my life seen a good looking black person. Never ever! Maybe if they went to a beautician they may be able to help. Y’all gotta shave your heads and wear wigs spending your welfare money on it. That’s not why we gave u that money in the first place! Then ya pop out another kid so u can get more money from us hard working white people! And u don’t even know who the father is!!! Go back and try to get a GED. dam! I work part time as a RN and my husband makes $63 an hour. U don’t even know where your ol man is!

        • I’ve never met a good looking white person. You have the same complexion as a pig. The rest of what you said is Yaddi Yadda, blah, blah, blah.

          Go bathe tramp, while your husband is humping your ol man! Haha, we know how ya’ll get down.

  18. She is lieing her ass off she know damn well white folks smell like dogs which is why her white sea urchant husband stays wet

  19. I don’t know who you know, but this dog thing is myth. I’ve been with and lived with Caucasians and have never been exposed to that smell. Never!

    • Because you were the dog Fido , they should have walked you often never say never , Bitch !

      • You are such a liar. U want to be me. No one wants to be a black woman. Lol u are lowest on the totem pole. It goes…white man, white woman, black man, black women.

        • You’re a shill. No white woman would put white men above them like you just did. You’re a fraud for hits. Busted now beat it.

          • I love my husband! U don’t have one. One thing u do have is too many baby daddies. None of them want u! White man, white women, black man, black women. U r low man on the totem pole. Don’t throw it back at me because u are inferior to white people. Go wash your stinky black pus. U people stink. Like I said, there is a black person where I work and she is all greasy. I don’t think she bathes. She is just plain nasty like all of u. How do black men stand it? Oh yeah, they can’t! They all want white women.

          • She’s so stupid, black people are not any totem pole, your race is the one that needs labels just to feel good about themselves. What can white people do? Nothing Create life from scratch like the higher power can, then maybe we’ll bow down at the foot of the cave man but until then, racist pigs like you don’t like us, and we don’t like you. It’s really that simple.

        • Yes, because one imaginary black woman you work with equals EVERY black woman on this planet. That kind of low-level Trolling should’ve went out with AOL Dial-Up and geocities sites.

    • You got used to the smell…..because after it rains the heavy ammonia within their skin produces this smell and it is just like a WET DOG

  20. Her Husband Looks Dirty!!
    Some White People Don’t Wash Themselves!, Some White Women Have To Tell Their White Husbands To Take A Shower Or A Bath!!

  21. Her husband looks like a broke down Neil Patrick Harris and also looks gayer than a parade. She should be more concerned with that than with how often he washes his fruity booty azz.

  22. Lord I hate threads lie this. It is posted for the sole purpose of race baiting. It brings out the ugly in so many people.
    Guess what? Some white people smell bad, and so do some black people. I know black men who shower scrupulously in order to be fresh and clean all the time,,,nothing wrong with that. I am so tired of the old “white folks smell like wet dog” meme. OF COURSE THEY DO. They have the same hair/fur type. But I bet that the Obama’s Portuguese Water Dog smells like us when he’s wet because he has hair/fur like we do.
    Shit y’all. We have a million reasons to be mad. Is the body odor issue really one of them?

    If ya really want to be politically incorrect, then take a shot at people from India and France. Talk about some noxious funk.

    • Don’t be silly, you’re far too reasonable to bring that sense in here. Let the ugly ones continue to believe that 1900 propaganda they love to spew. It makes them feel better about their own bitter selves.

  23. This is race baiting is bullshit. Everybody stink when they don’t shower. Hsk has come to this.

    • Obviously some of these people don’t live out in the real world or travel anywhere in the real world. But why would they- they’re trolls who don’t exist! This thread has disappointed me to see regular real posters who I thought had sense expose themselves as ignorant bigots with the critical reasoning skills of a turd.

      • Again, I agree with you wholeheartedly. I too was surprised by some of the responses to the troll. But I do understand that it hurts to hear such horrible statements, and the first reaction can be to hit back. Just think how completely miserable you would have to be in order to be driven to cause so much pain and ill will.
        The dead giveaway that it is SB is that “venus” uses reasonably good grammar. Now there ARE some racists who think and express the sort of bile spewed by “her,” but those racists can barely construct a cogent sentence. On the other hand, SB is well known to be smart(well, smart as in IQ) and he would present his words exactly as “venus” did. If he had really wanted to pull this off, he should have fonted more in the hillbilly vernacular.

        • What part of the game u dont understand is its a poster who have been trolling for many years Since about 2009 and have been kicked off many blogs?It is not Sb because when he was on here last, he wasnt beefing with anyone
          The poster im talking about orginal name is @TIPPIE AKA Choko. She have done this so many of times in the exact same fashion
          People please wake up
          All u have to do is go randomly on @Rws and ask ANYONE about her and they will tell u the same thing. Just try it and see what happens
          Ask ANYONE over there or on Sandra Rose

          • Just stop 17:43. Is there anything about the way I speak or present myself which would leave you to believe that I am slow witted?
            You might be able to sway some folks with your deflecting i.e. directing everyone to visit Sandra Rose et al for verification of your claims, but I am not one of them. Do again, just stop.

        • Yep. Deaaaaad giveaway lmao. It’s odd that we’re the only 2 who can see straight through it, the others seem to be easily fooled?

  24. I have close friends of multiple races. The caucasoids by far exceed the filthiest lifestyle I have ever witnessed. From their cars, work stations and especially in shared living spaces such as kitchens, bathrooms and floors. I’ve never seen so much dog/ cat hair corroded into carpets and corners. They put their feet on the sofa with shoes on!!! Even on TV…pay attention. Now for my peops and the latino community we seem put more effort into cleaning our everyday surroundings. Who knows if that’s ones upbringing or the slave mentality…yes honors I said it. Now for personal hygiene, to each is own. Personally I can’t leave home without bathing, I feel more complete this was…workout and or yoga days I take up to 3 showers year round.

  25. Yes I have witnessed that toilet paper from Hispanics. Livednnext door to some really nice people but then those relatives from their country came it got real nasty. They would throw their used toilet paper in the yard and the fecal matter started attracting rats! Omg when I saw them bitches crawling on them people’s rooftop.. I was GHOST! I ain’t never seen no shit like that in my was disgusting!

  26. “But I know women who say that Black men just have a stronger smell naturally—and they like it. This has come from both Black and non Black women who have dated other ethnicities. Nothing to do with showering tho.”

    Right, it has more to do with Testosterone than showering/body odor. Black men, particularly young ones, on average have higher testosterone levels than all other men, and testosterone in men at any level causes sweat to produce pheromones, which is the ‘stronger smell’ you were referring to. There was even a study conducted where it was found that, the more attractive a man was physically, the more alluring his pheromones were to women.

    • I will attest to that. There is very little which is more of a turn on than the natural aroma of a man you are attracted to.

    • Black man have more testosterone. Man u just making up shit. Have you see a lot of your brothers latley. Any teenage boy who like women are raging with it. Any f*ckin race. No more in any race than another. Be proud of yourself and yours but dont make up shit to make urself look better.

      • I didn’t make shit up, you snide, stupid asshole, and don’t need to impress strangers on a gossip site to make myself feel better. Now that I look again, the study I got that information from some years back has since been debunked. Do yourself a favor and don’t make baseless assumptions about people you don’t and never will know on or offline.

        • Im good. Just like the truth. Cuz just like now it the truth comes out in the end.

          • They’re not ‘my brothers,’ the rest of my comment stands, you need to learn how to form coherent sentences, and don’t come at me sideways like that next time.

          • No next time. Last day here. I like you ra so im not gunna stoop to name calling. But english grammar can eat a dick. If you think im stupid cause my sentences are not up to scratch, maybe you assuming.

          • If I thought you were stupid, I would’ve had no problem saying that. Your last comment was a little incoherent, nothing more.

          • I called you that because you came at me saying I was trying to throw other races under the bus in favor of blacks, which wasn’t the case at all and is out of character for me considering you said you liked my comments. I can admit if/when I’m wrong.

          • Your right that’s were I was going with my comment and I felt like you were throwing other races under the bus. And I did fell like it was outta character for you, which is way I came a bit sideways. For that I apologise. Keep schoolin ra. Ya a stand guy.

  27. Which is one of the reasons why Indians smell so bad. I’m not saying that curry isn’t healthy, but my goodness! I had to sit for 4 hours in an ER next to an Indian woman who REEKED of curry out of her every pore. I have never been able to eat Indian food since then. And I don’t mean that as disrespect. I am sure that if you live in Mumbai, that is as natural a scent as the smell of BBQ on a pit here in the south. All I need is one whiff of BBQ cooking and all my senses go into overdrive. I practically go limp. But I betcha back in Mumbai that smell would cause them to vomit given their tendency to being vegetarians.
    Culture is culture. You lie what smells familiar to you.

  28. In other news, apparently Naya Rivera has been tapped to replace Rosie Perez on The View. They are still trying to capture that younger audience.

  29. White men bo does not stink like wet dog. Now I got long hair, if I dont wash it and get caught in the rain, yeh my hair smells like wet dog. My hair , not my body odour. And that’s if I don’t wash my hair for a week with shampoo. That’s the truth.

  30. Naya Rivera is a Quadroon at best, she’s just as white as he is. What the hell is she saying? Her mindset is typical of so-called latinas, whether they be black, mixed, or white. They play both sides for their benefit.

    She ain’t black anyway, who cares about her and the white dude… We Ain’t Jealous!

    • She certainly did herself no favors. Her comments stem more from her ignorance and general lack of education and class.

      It would be far more interesting if she tells the world what really happened when Saun refused to marry her. She ran off to some beach and found this dude and married him on the spot because too many wedding preparation had been done and she didn’t want that to go to waste. No time to check him for fleas I guess.


  32. I concur. I eat clean and barely use deodorant for years. Then again Im a non drinker, non smoker (occasional shisha smoker), eat organic, no diary and drink half my weight in ounces in water, no concentrate juices and nor soft drinks. Now when I eat crap/processed foods, I can smell it, my urine is no longer clear and I may get a breakout, which is basically the skin having a bowel movement due to poor diet or backed intestines. When I use deodorant its something natural/non aluminum like Toms of Maine or cornstarch mixture. I shower in the AM after the body detoxes overnight and before bed to clear daily environmental pollutants (who wants to lay in their own sweat and and filth?). Also importsnt to fast during seasonal changes and take tub baths weekly.

    But for some reason I am attracted to people who look like Pig Pen from Peanuts.

  33. Only the really stupid make assumptions based upon one or two interactions. Kinda like racism.

  34. I am a beautiful blonde haired, blue eyed vixen. I am not prejudiced. I got upset when I started reading this blog that I found by accident. Some people were saying how white people smell and that is something I have never in my life heard. I just wanted to throw it all back on y’all to show u how it feels. I agree with the the person that people, wash your ass and white people, wash your ass. But just so u understand, I am daisy fresh.

    • Yeah whatever you say Glok. Have you run out of trolling ammo? I’m highly disappointed you flopped the show so quickly. Never mind, I’m sure you’ll bring back 20 new characters tomorrow.

  35. bitch ur husband showers more than twice a day to get the shit of his dick lol….that sh it would make me paranold if my man was taking that may showers….he must have ocd too…..lets hope so dumb…..u dont say no crap like that in public aunt jamima

  36. and its probably ur husband cause ive dated white man and trust me they didnt have that problem…

  37. Let’s Not Beat Around The Bush, Some White People Don’t Bathe Is Common Knowledge Most Red Necks Don’t Bathe

    Black People Are Different We Take Pride In Our Appearance
    Where White People Don’t, Hack! White People Have Dandruff

    Black People Don’t Because Of Our Hair Texture And Hair Oils We Treat Our Hair With.

    Naya Is Fucking Clown Coon Just Because She’s Swapping Spit With A White Man, She Thinks She Can Bash Her Race, I Think Not!!!

  38. I work where I see a lot of men go and they come out so quick I know that they didn’t have time to wash. Some of them come out putting it back in and zipping up. yuck!

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