Naya Rivera Says Big Sean Stole Her Rolex!

Big Sean Stolen Rolex

The wedding is OFF!

Big Sean and Naya Rivera’s break-up is gettin’ messy, ya’ll! Naya turnt it up, last night! She didn’t only use the very rap lyrics Big Sean dedicated to her against him, she also accused him of stealing her Rolex!

Peep the tweet that Naya has since deleted:

Big Sean vs Naya Rivera

Word from Big Sean’s camp reveals: “the Rolex in question was never Nya’s to begin with and that Sean had only lent it to her for the duration of their relationship.”


  1. Shortly said she on glee making more money or something,she’s probably right tho

  2. It’s not like he was coming for the engagement ring…
    He’ll let her keep that.

  3. “On loan for the duration of their relationship.” That sounds cheap as hell!!

      • I was making an assumption that she has had a career longer than he has? I was making an assumption that Sean took her Rolex? I was making an assumption that he cheated on her? He was unfaithful to her, which is probably the reason they went to couples counseling. Most folks don’t go to counselors to keep their relationships tight. They go when there is conflict. I’m still waiting to see you state something about Naya that is rooted in fact.

        • You don’t care, but you’re debating facts re: them and their relationship. Mmmkay.

          • Whether I care or don’t care isn’t the issue. The issue is you stating Naya didn’t have a career or wasn’t relevant (paraphrasing) without Sean. I’m sure he attached himself to her for publicity, which is tired. If he had no interest in her, he should’ve just left her alone.

    • I thought only Mayweather did this to his chicks. Everythang is on loan except for the 3 square meals and the lodgings.

    • +1. Buy your own, insure it and register it, so when a nigga calls himself taking it, you file a police report and send them over to his house to get it back and to arrest him for grand theft.

    • I dont think matters whose it is. My ex bought me some jewelry and when I knew our relationship was on its last legs, I stopped leaving it around. And when he came by for a visit, after our breakup, I hid it. But I could look at his eyes and see his wheels turning–wondering wear it was. But when a man is hurt and jealous of your future without him, he’ll take anything he can get his hands on. Cause that asshole stole my denim jacket.

      • You call stealing from an ex having class? Just to clarify, it is not. People who steal from their exes are harboring resentment. You can’t help who you fall out of love with. A mature person will learn to deal with the hurt and move on. Now an engagement ring is a different story. An engagement ring signifies a promise to marry. I would definitely give back an engagement ring. But a Rolex watch is just a standard gift. I’m sure she bought him gifts too. Btw, me and my ex are friends now. And he returned the jacket. But the stealing damaged his character. I could never see him as a potential mate again. Which is my point. Sometimes its just better to leave with your character in tact.

        • And that comment constituted you showing some class towards Kittey? That was crass and extremely distasteful.

        • Lol. It IS a standard gift to a man that can AFFORD it. This Rolex was not beyond Big Sean’s means, I’m sure (or my ex’s)The fact that this Rolex (and not just the gift itself) is a major discussion for you is cause your not in that income range to be able to afford one (its nothing wrong with that, by the way) The real issue here is that ur looking for some p*ssy and head for the gifts u give (which is why you think my ex man who loved me and wanted to married me bought me gifts for p*ssy and head)…which makes you a loser who can’t get girls otherwise. Stop paying girls to be w/u and you won’t have to retaliate when you find out they were only in it for the money/gifts. For real.

        • I gave my ex fiance a Rolex and didn’t ask for it back. Mainly because our split was not bitter, and he supported me the entire time I was earning my degree. After I got my first good job, I used that year’s tax return to get him that watch. This was a while ago but at that time a basic Datejust cost me 3,600, and thanks to him i didnt have loans or credit card bills, so i figured hey, why not. he did so much i really wanted to make him happy. My sisters were gagging over the price but you have to understand he paid more than that on the mortgage of the place whereI lived, which he owned. He didn’t make me give back the rings (birthstone and engagement, or any of the other jewelry) he gave me either. To be honest I never understand why people want stuff back anyway. Unless its those trifflin ass Mayweather skanks, most women do not want another woman’s repossessed finery. Men either, IMO

      • Btw, he doesn’t want that jewelry back. He never did. He was just hoping I would chase him around for it so we could have a reason to interact. That’s the reason MOST guys take gifts back and hold treasured items for ransom.

        • My ex had my cell phone charger and wouldn’t give it back. And actually he had a box of my stuff and wouldn’t just let me pick it up. He kept insisting that we make a date, so he could cone over and drop it off to me. When guys do stuff like that they are trying to hold on.

      • What? If you receive a gift in a relationship, it’s yours. You don’t have to give gifts back, unless it’s the engagement ring

  4. She’s weird af anyway how the hell are u a grown ass woman and trying to look and be just like another grown ass woman “Kim Kardashian” and posting something childish like that on twitter is just sad

  5. She was on Glee waaaay before he came along. She’s not going to call the cops. Its just makes him look like the bum that he is. LOL

  6. If its easy to see, then you should be able to get the story right. Naya was a child actress since she was a toddler (that’s when I first recall seeing her). Petite Sean is the one with the new money and new career. I have no doubt he is jealous of her success and feels inferior to her. He probably used her for publicity. Glad she is gone. She can do better.

    • Stop deflecting. That girl has had a career that has spanned approximately 25 years, sans controversy. She worked with legends such as Redd Foxx, who loved her dearly. She most assuredly has an imbd page and can be Googled. You’ve made more assumptions about her without knowing a thing about her, as because of speculations made by “Big Sean.” Bye.

    • OMG Bella…… you are too much you keep picking on people just as BA was saying can’t you just comment on the darn story without conflict man?

  7. She probably found out he raped a woman a few years ago and plead guilty to avoid jail time.

  8. I knew this wasn’t gonna last. All these rappers leaving their day one broads for a come up is now the thing to do. It never lasts. I’m sure Big Sean doesn’t have to resort to stealing.

  9. That Rolex was the one he purchased himself his first album n it’s nothing wrong with wanting your jewelry back that you never brought for that person. She messy tho’ twitter Naya?? I knew this wasn’t going to last he should have stayed with Ashley

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