MLK Birthday Party @ Detroit’s King of Diamonds?

MLK's Stripper Dream

A Motor City event planner is promoting a flyer depicting MLK as the playboy he was rumored to be; laying in the bed calling up strippers for a party, to celebrate his birthday at the strip club King of Diamonds in Detroit.

Have they gone too far?

Let’s go!


  1. Martin Lucifer King taught integration but the bible teaches seperation so that proves he was a Communist Sellout!That plagiaristic so called I have a dream speech that was stolen from a church Minister has been everything but a dream and a absolute nightmare!

    • @BlackAnastasia–True, but close to MLK’s death, he was moving away from his ‘nonviolent’ ideology (Famously stating that he had integrated his people ‘Into a house that is on fire’) and meeting with & was about to collaborate with Malcolm X and Elijah Muhammad. These actions are what many think lead to his death, as they went against what the Boule stood for.

      • @Raheim That’s makes plenty of sense my brother because I was always curious as to why or what he did that caused his death.Great info.

        • Thanks, and yeah, that’s the part of MLK’s history that won’t be shown on T.V., put on church fans, and especially not in that Satanic/Boule joke that is the movie ‘Selma.’ Nope, gotta keep showing how ‘great’ MLK was for allowing himself and his followers to be treated like utter shit by racist whites with no recourse in order to (Along with so-called ‘Black Entertainment,’ technology, and Jordan sneakers) keep today’s blacks placated/docile & scared of whites and believing that maybe, just maybe if we kiss whites’ asses we’ll FINALLY be treated like human beings in this country (laughs).

          Someone Had a Dream, and it wasn’t the good Doctor…

          • Those fake imposter juu’s make sure to keep a very close eye on us and everything we do whether it’s Music,Television or Sports because in reality they are the ones who funded the Civil Rights Movement along with the NAACP and the Divided College Negro Fund.But their biggest move of all was the purchase of BET,where’s thru programming they can continue to depict us BlackAmericans as criminals and ghetto fabulous to keep us divided as a Nation.One day soon I’m hoping that our people will realize that we are the group of people of God that Duet the 28th Chapter is talking about and the fake Ju_ish rats already know this.They are going to fight to the end to continue stealing our identity claiming to god’s chosen when they don’t fit not one prophecy in the bible.Its all a game they’re playing and they’re winning because we’ve become lethargic and most of us have thrown in the towel.But I’m the one they’re afraid of because they know I know the truth and I’m here to endure to the end when America falls after its destroyed by the Most High just as he did Sodom & Gomorrah.Always a pleasure to correspond with you Stay Up.Shalom

            • @Anon 11:07 You damn right I want America to not only fall but to burn at 50 Degrees Celsius.This place was not only built off of the blood of my people,but it also rejects me day in and day out.What type of question is that?I really hope you’re not black because that question was spoken like a true slave.

          • the whites showed king what they thought about his dream


    • I’m sorry where does the bible teach seperation? Y
      our are not one of those black people who have convinced themselves
      they are the true israelites are you?

      • DUET 7:3 tells us to separate from the other nations and that’s just one of many scriptures.And yes, I’m a proud israelite and so are you but the slave in you keeps you from embracing it.

    • Well, it is Detroit and a strip club, not the creme de la creme of colored men. Probably some rachet ass show like Pinky as a guest stripper in a Coretta Scott King doobie wig wearing cultured pearls.

      And they gave Deelishis a birthday shout on the flyer, how delightful!



  2. MLK sold Black people out for his Joo masters. He said after the Civil Rights Law was signed….that he felt he led his people into a burning building. Black people need to do some research on this man. You celebrate a man who used poor people’s donations to pay for prostitutes. He was not the man they have made yall think he was. He was a opportunist, a con man. Wake up Black people!!

    • Show me a Saint. Everyone has done something in their past, does that really neglect from the work that they have done for society. Sounds to me like your a double agent working for the JOOs. Since you too choose to thrown stones and shade at his legacy.

      • He had no legacy because the civil rights movement was owned by the fake Joos and all of his Communist buddies funded his marches in return for MLK’s districts to spread their Communist agenda.The FBI still has info in the vaults on this fraud that would leave you speechless of his actions behind the scenes,but if course media sheep’s wouldn’t believe the truth even if it flew up and slap them dead in the face.@Saleem is 100% correct with his Assertions on Martin Luther Fraud.

      • @Sunny So if you don’t believe MLK was a Saith than stop Idolizing and portraying him as one.That’s a major Contradiction.

    • @Saleem, my brother don’t waste your time on these slave minded negroes….that don’t have nay light in them, let them stay in the darkness of ignorance. They wilfully want to be there. Many Blacks have made this man a god over them. He sold them out and they are unwilling to see that. So f*ck’em let them stay stupid.

    • You hit the nail on the head Saleem. MLK said “I have a dream, I have a dream”…..well people need to go read what THE MOST HIGH thought of his dream in Jeremiah 23:25. We were not supposed to integrate. We lost everything we had of our own. The Joos robbed us blind. That is why they sent Stanley Levison to be his handler. Hosea 4:6 describes most Black people to a tee. Let the die in their stupidity Saleem. Don’t cast your pearls to the swine.

      • Stanley Levison also dressed him as well as wrote all of his speeches.I’ve said that here a few times but of course no one ever listens.

        • @BlackAnastasia: Don’t waste your time trying to enlighten these people. They love darkness. Leave them there and keep it moving.

            • @BlackAnastasia–Say that again! No other woman on Earth delights and is in collusion to keep their men down like vindictive, shitty-attitude-having, overly-materialistic, selfish, attention-starved, scalawag-ass black women (Only the ones that description applies to, before the women on here who don’t know any better come at my neck) who in turn make ALL black (American) women look bad. And before someone says it, in no way am I saying that black men are without fault, but some of these evil broads CAN’T WAIT to get pregnant then put the father on Child Support the minute he pisses her off just to control & f*ck with him, or hook up with a thug/no-good black man with a criminal record, provoke him into an argument or fight, then call the police on him to, in the words of Jason Black/The Black Authority, ‘play Dogcatcher’ and control him. And then there’s single mothers bad-mouthing their childrens’ fathers to/in front of them, poisoning the child(ren)’s perception of their father(s).

              I could go on and on, of course, but it’s true that a large number of today’s black women AND black men are toxic to each other, and it’s beyond sad, especially considering we already have the entire world against us as a whole and should be like men & women of all other races and work & succeed together, but no–More toxicity.

            • @BlackAnastasia–Of course not. Hell, half of ’em are somewhere right now making and having more children to continue the cycle. Slave-minded shit.

            • Hell I got another scenario. My none girl from back in the day right is seeing this dude right. Dude situation is so f*cked up right now til it’s pitiful. He is not f*cking with kids mom’s no more because of the bs. How about his kids mom told him if he ever leave her, he can’t see his kids no more. What kind of bs is that! This girl using the kids as an ultimatum against this man because he don’t want her no more. What she gonna do, use that excuse until the kids turns 18? That’s that bs I am talking about.

          • Asherah,

            Oh how I thought of you earlier this evening…
            Since having met you via HSK I keep meeting people who are involved with liquor or the importing &/or exporting business. My company deals with a few liquor brands & the events they sponsor but I RARELY work with them. The same 3 people handle all those accounts.

            Earlier this evening I met 2 gentlemen who are Liquor Importers. I also met a Liquor Ambassador as well. I’m going to meet the “Ambassador” tomorrow for lunch & learn about what he actually does. He asked me to attend a club event tonight where there will be samples of various liquors & wines but you know I declined which is why we’e doing lunch! You do know I’m going to brag on YOU, YOUR JOB & the fact that you’re in WINE COUNTRY tomorrow!!!

        • Is that something you do often? I guess when people agree with someone and it does not line up with your stupidity you will say that about them. Sad!

          • That’s how u can always spot a coon. Stay giving crackas credit for black shit. Get tha whyte man nuts off yo chin son.

            • Your mother didn’t mind sucking on the White man’s nuts and from what I heard she swallowed too.

            • @Anon 10:57 Blackwomen including your mother sucks the whiteman off by using the System to bring the Blackman down whether it be Child Support,Domestic Violence or Welfare.The Blackwoman is the biggest Enemy to the Blackman and she’s quick to run to her White Master whenever she can’t have her way with the blackman so if that’s not sucking whitey off please tell me what is.

            • @ 11:36, damn! Im a natural born smartass but damn hunni, u take the cake. Thats the best comeback on the thread!

        • @DaRadiant1–Yeah, that’s that same kinda bullshit we’re talking about! What kind of degenerate would use their children as both a hustle and a weapon against the father? It goes without saying that there’s a good chance that situation won’t end well.

          • My thing is this, if a woman got a good thing going on with a man and take care if his kids without yt getting involved, then it’s good. But damn, when a female is in all in her feelings and dude wanna dip, let his ads go! In the end that woman just don’t realize that one door closes another one will open.

            • Shit it’s the truth. Hell I learned real quick! Think Imma sit there and bein my feelings and use my child to get back at a man? Hell naw! That’s why I love me an older man! Me and Odis we alright! No problems either. If I would went with another damn young ass dude again, y’all will know my crazy ass will know I have made headlines! I got me a real man man! Got me one who reminds me of Theodis Ealy, U know the man who made that blues song Stand Up In It. Damn right! Hell I tried to get TB Clarence or Melvin but she said her and boo is good. That’s all wrong with us ladies. We need a real man! I ain’t got the time to be fussing, fighting, getting yt in my business more than it is already.

        • If your observation is in reference to “Shortcake” I understand. My comments were meant for B.A. & Raheim early on on this topic. I believe it’s the refresher, I don’t know. Please forgive me for I am not that narcissistic. Stay blessed!

      • We were not robbed brother, we handed ourselves over to these m.f.’s, & continue to beg & find favor! Now, how f*cking backwards is that? We KNOW they don’t give a damn, yet some of us (many) will still shed & spread precious blood. Go figure.

    • Asleep sheep. For him to have been an “educated man” for all the shit, sacrifices, & mayhem that he allowed himself to endure, he FINALLY experienced a moment of clarity. What’s that called, “too little, too late?” Meanwhile, a whole f*cking generation has been bamboozled, hoodwinked, led astray, & now running amuck. Damn.






  3. They went way to far with this. Why are these young people playing right into the downfall of our race, I never understand. Absolutely no respect.

  4. martin luther was a member of the black greek society the boule civli rights were never about blacks it was about homosexuality. martin luther was gay and coretta scott knew about it every black rights leaders and big preacher like td jakes is a boule member. all naccp are boule members. the skull and bones society killed him because he was tired of following orders. all black leaders are controlled maya angelou, dick gregory, nelson mandela, . the boule is also powerful black men and women who control blacks political and entertainment industry.

    • That filthy Hamite Nelson Mandela is another Illuminati member set up by the whiteman.No man does 30 years in prison and comes home to be president of a country without friends in”High Places”.He’s not Boule him along with Obama and Okra are all”Knights Of Malta” leaders are a joke and the Boule Society is nothing but a fraternity strictly designed for coonish blacks by the Yale University/Scull N Bones.

      • BA, so basically the Devine Nine are based off the Boulé or secret society which is the hidden Talentive Ten?

        • The Devine 9 is just another black fraternity under a different name and all fraternities was set up initially by the whiteman/Shadow Government to hide and disguise what really goes on behind the scenes.Faternities are no different than Charities because both were created by TPTB for the same evil purposes.

          • BA I need to find that article on the web and show U what I meant. Yeah, U are right but what gets me is this, when these folks pledge these Greeks organizations, knowing they analyzed these false God, why in the Hell they run to church every Sunday to worship God? Knowing he is the Alpha and the Omega and a Jealous God too.

            • @DaRadiant1 I’ll never understand why blacks pledge to Greek organizations.

        • DIVINE 9
          COUNCIL OF 9
          9 MUSES.


            • @DaRadiant1–Mostly the business networking possibilities (Nothing wrong with that necessarily, esp. if you’re a business major), though the so-called ‘status’ and feelings of belonging to something are at a very close second. My take on these organizations is that, as I’ve said before, I have yet to meet a real-life ‘Black Greek’ person, and all accounts of Greece I’ve heard & read are that they are racist as hell towards blacks, so overall I don’t see the appeal either, but you know how some blacks love to appropriate other cultures (Read: All the rappers who thought they were Mafioso dons in the ’90s). More power to those involved, either way.

      • Hold it right there. You will back the fukk off of Nelson Mandela. You ignorant piece of shite. Do you know what it was like during apartheid? What th fukk is wrong with you? You can’t face reality so you make up a world in which no one is decent but you?
        What have you done for the betterment of black people? huh?
        Until you have spent 2 decades in prison for the rights of your people you will show some respect for those who came and struggled before your ignorant, hateful, zero self esteem, hyper-imaginative, make-believe, can’t-cope-with-reality, yarn-spinning ass.

        All you do with this so called “knowledge’ is make yourself feel superior to the sorry situation you come from. If what you are saying is truth where is it’s strength? where is it’s power? where is the power in your knowledge? good for nothing but just typing offensive ignorant shit on a gossip blog.
        Fukk you.

        • Don’t take it too personal Uh huh. B. A. has a deep seated hate of all black Africans, Hamites, regardless of their accomplishments. It’s his thing. If he was to learn that the most High was in fact a black African I am afraid he would spontaneously immolate.

    • My oral history professor once said had to learn to meet people where they are at (understand their mentality or get to their level of thought). Some see this as an admirable and honorable ratchet tribute to King. Wonder if my MLK church fan qualifies for half off Boosie admission. I am tickled to see what KOD has in store for the month of February. Hope they make CG Woodsan proud.

  5. It wasn’t this much controversy when MLK was parodied on the the boondocks…he was like. .”will you niggaz please shut the hell up” lol I understand yall comments but is it really that deep? We kno our history an respect the late Dr. King….you gotta have a sense of humor. Dr. King laughin himself. .like” I had a dream an it was hoes everywhere at my party at king of diamonds…somebody call Jesse” lmao calm down pride love humor an respect is in effect..dont get it confused and black ppl doin way more to disrespect king than makin a party flyer or meme…if king was depicted with noose…now thatz too far…but I know some of yall a say im uncle tom an this what the white man want etc..aint nobody causes niggaz not problems than we causin ourselves…gonna be fun an celebrating this man memory..Shit I might go..king of diamonds on kings b day? Shit otz gon be on up in Der…peace

  6. Martin Luther Kings legal birth name was Michael King and he copied the name from a whiteman named Martin Luther who was a Roman Catholic Priest from Germany who studies Theology back I’m the 1400’s.This guy is the biggest fraud of them all.~I Had A Dream I had A Dream Right after A Nightmare~

    • @BA,

      That’s exactly what I leaned in the FIRST Black History class I EVER had in my life & that was in my second year of college. I attended Catholic school k-12 & there was NO black history other there other than the “MLK had a dream” story.

      • Yes Mrs Reg they teach us very little about our history and only about Slavery.But what about our history before then.Sad!

  7. Well regardless of your politics, you have to admit that our people know how to throw a good party.
    Lemonade out of lemons.

    For the King bashers here, was the man perfect and without flaws? No. Find me one great man of history who was without faults. Would we wish that JFK and RFK had never intervened because they couldn’t stay within the bonds of THEIR respective marriages?

    Great men with great minds traditionally have great appetites. It must be a testosterone thing.
    But if you’re going to start discounting leaders because they had assistance in funding by the jhews or because they couldn’t keep their pants zipped, we will be out of heroes and leaders real fast.

      • I’m not saying MALCOLM X didn’t have faults. I am saying, in that list of great men his name needs to be mentioned (spoken) passesd down in the generations to come.

        • Oh TOTALLY Asherah, he’s at the top. But as you said, even his resume was spotless. I give him incredible respect for changing his life, and then staying on the righteous path once he found it. But if we look at the entire picture, even he had his unsavory history(before his conversion.)

          • I did NOT say Malcolm X resume was spotless. I said, “I’m not saying Malcolm X didn’t have faults. Did you just make that up to have an excuse to respond to something I stated with comments about his unsavory past? f you are going to respond to me at least respond with accuracies about my statement and let your response be on the subject of what I am talking about. Now if you don’t want to do that, well then that is why you are misconstruing my comments and off topic. We cannot communicate that way. Now if you reply to me again in this fashion I will know that you are to be over looked. I am not interested in that type of correspondence in cyberspace.

            • Asherah, I inadvertently left out the word “not” before the word spotless. In other words, we are in complete agreement and I am a lousy typist. 😉

    • Who needs leaders that are side ways and dint practice what they preach? You think what you Sayyid was right but was straight bs, you could’ve kept that to yourself.

    • @Anon 15:31 If I’m not mistaken wasn’t RFK the Attorney General during Kings time? He’s the one who gave the green light to tap King’s phone.So,I’m not sure why RFK’s name is being mentioned because he along with the FBI were all complicit in MLK’s downfall.

      • RFK was AG while his brother was President, but he had a famously adversarial relationship with J. Edgar Hoover, head of the FBI. They HATED each other.
        It’s too complicated to go into, but it is my as well as many other folks opinion that RFK was the driving force for civil rights of the two Kennedys. It was his greatest goal to clean up the mess which was MS, AL, GA etc during the sixties. He was in no way in collusion with the destruction of King. I would bet that none of Dr King’s family would argue this point.

        • Lol ,RFK did not approve of Hoovers `hoovering’ if you catch my meaning! He hated nasty cross dressing Hoover from the top of his bald head down to the hem of his pink nightgown.

  8. Integration…All it did was, in the words of Kamau Kambon, ‘Extend the Plantation’ while making us believe we were free. Hell on Earth is all blacks have gotten since coming into contact with whites all those centuries ago, though these Hoodrat Graphic Designers & club promoters shitting on MLK’s legacy every year with these MLK Day Coon Parties is still unacceptable. Funny how you never see other races disrespecting their ‘leaders’ on their birthdays (Correct me if I’m wrong on this, but I doubt it). And they wonder why we get no respect…

    • Yep. I cannot recall ever seeing a flyer for a Abraham Lincoln Memorial Turkey Shoot or am FDR Wheelchair Hoops Game.

      • Stilettos Gentlemen’s Club, a white strip club based in Charleston SC, has hosted Abe Lincoln bday bashes with “bring your own top hat” last year. Ratchetness has no boundaries unfortunately.

    • Yes, they do but a you need a helmet and flak jacket since others will come to the defense of their leaders. Below is a recent blog published on the 125th birthday of J. Nehru, India’s first Prime Minister. He too was a quintessential philandering male. Like King, his political pitfalls and sex scandals have also been used as character assassination to undermine his progressiveness and freedom fighting by the West and new age revolutionaries.

      We(assuming Black Americans) are not a monolith and the MLK at KOD foolishness doesnt apply to the multitude, definitely not me.

      • …I stand corrected, though black Americans still lead the world in ratchetnes/Utter disrespect for our ‘leaders’ & Elders in general. Also, nowhere was it said or implied that black Americans were a monolith or that ratchetness was unique to ‘us–‘ That’s the mindset of many who work against us.

        Speaking of India, I’ve paid them dust ever since I learned about the Dalit people (Known/Regarded as ‘[The]Untouchable’) and how they’re treated like shit by other Indians for being very close, phenotype-wise, to Africans.

        • The caste system in India is every bit, if not more, brutal and oppressive than anything this country has experienced since slavery ended. And, if you are born an “untouchable” you can never rise above your status. Even during the ugliest times in this nation’s history, there were a few cases of black entrepreneurs who managed to build wealth and thus elevate their status.
          But I agree that there are some parallels between the two mega-countries and the way in which the poor are marginalized.

          • ^*entrepreneurs who managed to build wealth and thus elevate their status while still being under the heel of/Controlled by whites*

            Corrected that for you. No such thing as ‘freedom’ for blacks in the Western world, and barley in Africa (A number of those countries are directly or indirectly controlled by whites, as well) & the East. I agree with the rest of your comment, though.

            • Raheim, I would sooner eat glass than pick an argument with you lol, but PERSONALLY I am very close, ahem, to black entrepreneur millionaires from the 1940s on who IMHO so not operate under the heel of the white man.

              But your point is taken my friend.

            • The word Africa derives from Leonardo Scipio Africanus who by the way was a White Italian,so how can we or anyone else who calls themselves African be named after this whiteman?Once Africanus defeated Hannibal that land was named after him as an honor,so of course,the whiteman controls Africa and the people that lives in Africa today and because of the whiteman lies and tricks with his media all inhabitants living in Africa today are claiming this whiteman’s identity because they’ve fallen for the same lies we’ve fallen for by claiming to be Africans when biblically they’re Hamites.We BlackAmericans come from the seed of Shem and have no association with the 4 dark nations that comes from Ham.The TPTB know this fact but we are such in a deep sleep that even when the truth is clear most of us will run from it or wouldn’t care to hear it.We have to do our own research to find out whom we really are because let’s not forget, this is the same man that lied to us projecting Jesus as a Caucasian,so why would we think he’ll tell us the truth about our nationality when he’s lied about everything else.

            • Hi Raheim! I hope all is well!! Whenever I watch The First 48 Cleveland, I always thin of you.(not because of the crime element, just because it’s your city.) I’m sure you know who this is, but I have to lay low. 3 people said hi to me in the thread in which Ms Reg gave me a shout out, and Jacky deleted the messages now that I’m on his shit list 🙁
              So, I have to be as incognito as possible.
              I guess I won’t be attending that LA HSK throw down she’s planning since I’m persona non grata with the HNIC. lol

            • ^What’s good with you? And yeah, I saw those posts. Never knew why you ended up on ‘the shit list,’ but (far) stranger things have happened on here.

            • I see lol (Not at the situation, of course). In any event, good to hear from you again! I trust all is well?

            • Raheim,

              I tell you what…
              If you and the above mentioned poster you are speaking with can’t attend the HSK trip I’m working on THERE WILL BE NO TRIP…at least NOT one I’ll lend my time & effort to.

              Like you, I can’t imagine what could have been said or interpreted by anyone to land them on the “hsk shit list” NOT with all the trash, rhetoric, bullying, hatred & sheer foolishness that’s allowed to go on here.

              I have already been given approval on $250 Visa Gift Cards as a gratis for each HSK guest but I have to get the air fares covered will take much convincing but is quite doable…so you know I’m not trying to hear about a “shit list.” This trip would be beneficial to ALL parties involved in more ways than one.

        • “They wonder why we don’t get any respect” to me implies the ratchetness of a few Detroit nwords reflect the attitude of the majority of Black Americans. (Probably why Dr. King along with W.E.B Dubois were advocates of Sanger’s planned parenthood to prevent stuff like this!) I disagree that we lead the world in disrespect and ratchetness of leaders and elders. Corporate media isn’t in or favor. There was a story of some Chinese chick climbing and straddling a statue of Mao Zedong in Hunan, with her puss on his neck, for a selfie a few years back. Not publicized but thank God for blogs. I witnessed stuff on a recent trip to Madrid by young Spanaird ratchets with this whole Catalonia independence movement/protests that wont make Google News.

          An entire nation shouldn’t be discounted because of a few colorism issues amplified by the British. The Dalits are mistreated due to the complexity of the Hindu caste system which assigned roles in a society. There was mobility between castes. Color is not the basis as Dalits can be brown to light like Brahmins and vice versa despite what Western scholars interpretation of the Vedas (for political divide and conquer reasons of course).

          Dalits are making inroads in business and ownership since India’s 1991 economic reforms, even boasting millionaires and the woman are mobilizing even going to the UN to stop gang rapes primarily within the villages(small towns, small minds like rural US). Black Americans, European gypsies(roma) and others can watch and learn from these disenfranchised groups who present their issues in Geneva, as brother Malcolm intended to do before his untimely demise.

          • Thank you for that info Non. I’m afraid I have done little in the way of updating my Indian culture 101 knowledge since college. While I did know that Dalits range in color(as do all Indians) I did not know that they were making great strides. I do know that Indians are just as colorstruck as Americans. I always think of the daughter in Mississippi Masala who was called “my little darky” by her mom.

  9. Why Are Your Nicca’s Surprised!!

    They Pulled This Same Stunt Last Year, With The Whole Twearking Thing!! Now This, White People Don’t Do This Shit To Their People.






    • @ CRAZYCHRIS I said, you’re not crazy and you’re not. You have very good sense.

  11. @BlackAnastasia I admire and adore you. If only we could get the majority of our people in this mindset and wake up, maybe we can win this war.

  12. Didn’t MLk love dem hookers and harlots on the low? The white variety too?

    • He was rumored to have indulged in some VERY high end white p*ssy as well. Like politician wives type shit. That doesn’t even surprise me either. That was a very charismatic man.

      • Abernathy who was King’s right hand man said the night before King was shot he beat up 3 women in his room.If I am not mistaken at least one of them who was rumored to be Prostitutes were Caucasian.Btw,the FBI had video recordings of King partaking in Sex or goes with both men and woman and also of him asking Abernathy to such him off!This guy was a puppet and the biggest Charlatan of all.

          • It was determined years later that one of King’s inner circle during his Assassination was actually an FBI informant,but I can’t as of now remember dudes name as of now.In reality,it could’ve actually been him, but I wouldn’t put anything past”Messy”Jessy Jackson either.How else would Charles E Ray have known King whereabouts or he’d be on that Balcony at that specific time unless an inside source was feeding him info.Kinda makes you wonder.

            • @BA,

              I swear…you should just go on & write a series of book & let me handle your PR & distribution. You’d hit the NY’s Best Sellers List in no time flat!

              I learn so much from you…things I feel I should have known by now & that’s part of why I still visit HSK as often as I do. You always take the twist out of the truth & give it to us straight.

              Most of us truly appreciate you! 😉

  13. Dr. King was and is still a great human being in my eyes, but, was flawed nonetheless. Allegations have come forth in recent memory, that, accuse him of cheating on Coretta Scott King with prostitutes, engaging in orgies, etc. His legacy has taken a heavy blow, that’s clear to see. Despite all of this, his contributions to the black race and humanity as a whole, will stand the test of time. The political side is where our anger should reside…Integration & Liberalism! In hindsight, the negros in Detroit are the enduring reminder of the Devils Dr. King got in bed with. It was a noble sacrifice dipped in blood…Check The Record?

  14. I did some research after I was enlightened by Raheim on a past thread about the I have a dream speech.

    I learned a lot of things that I didn’t know about this man, how his father changed their names. How he supposedly studied communism in Tennessee. That his backer Levison was a communist. That helped him with money as well as his speeches pro bono. Even the lewd details of his sexual practices.

    What I still don’t understand is why one side (the joos) would build him up and the other side would tear him down if they both answer to the same people? By other side I mean J Edgar Hoover. I don’t know why he had this, described by some as, seething hate for MLK. Was it something on those tapes? Tapes that are sealed until 2027 by the way. Questions, I have so many. Guess I’ll keep searching.

    On another note, It seems to me that every great Black leader that has stood up for righteousness and injustice has had their character destroyed in some way or another. Let’s face it, we all have vices and flaws. There just appears to be a carefully orchestrated “special” kind degradation saved for our race. Ohhhh no, they don’t ever want us to be thinking to highly of ourselves. No, not those BLACK people….. They are always on the watch for that young upstart, that seed of hope, that BLACK MESSIAH. Waiting with baited breath to corrupt and destroy it at any cost.

    All I can do is take what I need from these messengers that are a part of ourstory and leave what I don’t.

  15. bayard rustin who worked for king was openly gay and was arrested for having sex with young ass white boys.

    one of bayard’s white boyfriends told it all.

    homosexuality, the black church negroes so called naming themselves after greeks and they ain’t nothing greek about your black ass.

    rappers taking on Italian names thinking they gotti, corlione or don mega whilew the Italian and greek mafia disown these black clowns because they made and are making way more money than these raqp ceos and thugs.

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