Mister Cee Steps Down From The 1’s & 2’s

Mister Cee Retires

Mister Cee is calling it quits!

All trans’s aside, Cee is a staple in Hip Hop. Not too sure of the exact reason behind his decision, but the longtime HOT 97 DJ made it official on IG with this simple message: “THANK U FOR EVERYTHING. I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU!!!!!”



    • well he doesn’t have to answer to anyone again if caught with another trans

      he probably knows more news is about to surface. who knows

    • Truth. Some info on Flex needs to surface too. They made sure to have that show axed with their exes on it. She wanted to spill it.

  1. Good For Him…The Sodomites Have No Clothes! At least he had enough sense to fire himself. A lotta demonic ish going on in hip-hop. The list is waaaaay too long.

  2. Dicking Down A Tranny Has It’s Perks Surely?? Nah Ok!!

    1st Angie Martinz Left, Now Him, No One Is Loyal These Days

  3. Personal choices aside he’s a good dj.. Maybe he’s being let go by the station or maybe he’s just calling it quit because he has something else lines up .Who knows?

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