Miss Twerk Sum Catches Trill Sammy Cheating Again

Miss Twerk Sum, who is best known for being the twerk Queen, has caught her rapper boyfriend, Trill Sammy, cheating on her again.

Miss Twerk exposed the girl on her snapchat earlier tonight. The girl who was caught with Trill Sammy attempted
to save Trill Sammy by calling Miss Twerk Sum and telling her nothing happen but Miss Twerk wasn’t trying to hear it. Miss Twerk says she is done and has left Trill for good!


    • Well,if all u got is a an ass to,twirl twerk not a word but hey…looking for love with young Herpes ! Generation screwed

  1. remember when real women hated thunder thighs? who told this girl having fat thighs are attractive? trash.

  2. They both look like a cheaters. She’s acting like a slut on a social media and he’s acting like a fu*kboy. This is why I’m not surprised…

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