Mayweather vs. McGregor Ticket Sales Are Strugglin’!

mayweather mcgregor ticket sales

Even though they’ve been pumping up this fight for forever, the Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor battle is suffering from low ticket sales.

With fight night right around the corner, the T-Mobile Arena still isn’t sold out. There are “hundreds” of non_VIP tickets available for $1,400-$17,000, and the MGM has even cut hotel room rates to try and draw in customers.

“The MGM Grand has cut its prices for the weekend three times, with a two-night stay now at $329 a night. Rooms at several other hotels on the Strip can still be found for $200 or less a night.”

Either way, the fight will be a pay-per-view success with 5 million buys. In comparison, the Mayweather vs. Pacq Pacquiao fight had a record of 4.6 million buys.

Will you be watching on Saturday?


  1. Awww that lil arrogant show off mayweather ain’t makin no money……

    I’m fightin back tears now?

    • If you think 100 mil plus ppv percentage isn’t “making money” you must be Scrooge McDuck

      • Preach. He is projected to make over $300 million Saturday night, more than some companies will make in their entire existence so I don’t know how that isn’t making money.

  2. The conspiracy theorist in me says white supremacy will fix the fight and Conor McGregor will beat Mayweather in 12 rounds. I just don’t think white supremacy will allow Mayweather to break Rocky Marciano’s record by beating a white man.

    • Man that’s what I thought too. And I honestly still think that was the plan, but Money May knew that and that’s why he knew he had to go for the knock out! Because otherwise the judges was going with mecego

  3. Nba is fixed

    Makes sense. Especially if the decision is in the hands of “reputable” judges.

    Boxing is the easiest sport to throw.

  4. Mcgregor in 7 or 10…it will def be a set up/ throw fight.

    I would watch just to see a woman beater get his ass whooped, by an over-hyped jizz bag!

  5. Nbaisfixed.

    I wouldn’t call it conspiracy. Remember all sports is entertainment and usually folllows a storyline. Boxing has played the white vs black angle since its inception. What’s different now is the race wars and all these sjw’s…militants onl9ne.

    Think back to the past few super Bowls? A majority have been black vs white.

    Anyways always look t0 who’s the villain here. Last fight Floyd was the villain and vegas stole all the money placed on PAq. Here I’m not too sure who’s really the could be Floyd and if it is place money on connor

  6. Mayweather!!! I’m low key mad you played us, your azz knew that whole time you was gone knock him out. I would ask for my money back but I don’t mind helping a black man stay rich. But that was some bull crap and I fell for it like an idiot. Should’ve danced around 1 more round and knocked his azz out in the 12th so I can at least think you struggled.

  7. well, at least some of the conspiracy theorists, and “the MAN won’t let a black man shine brightest” crowd will see that not every damn thing is fixed.

    Floyd looks so good with his tatt free body. He look like fine dark chocolate all creamy and smoove.

    • Don’t act like you don’t know the majority of sports out there are fixed.

      If you truly believe every decision is legit you need a lobotomy, you def need one anyway for drooling over a woman beater.

    • No I still think NBAisfixed is right. I think they really thought Mcgregor could hold Mayweather off for 12 rounds, and if he would have no matter what they would fixed it so Mcgrfor could win. But Mayweather cheated the judges out they plan by whopping his azz in that 10th round.

      I think Mcegegor thought he could knock Floyd out in the beginning, that must of been his plan. Because everybody in the whole world knew Mayweather was letting him make a fool of his self in the first couple of rounds. Well at least every man in my house did, so Megrgor coaches should have known that to. So why Mecrggor plan wasn’t to dance a little too, to save some energy was weird, other than he thought it was best to knock Mayweather out early.

      And I seen Mayweather giggling while he was dancing the first couple arounds.

      Mayweather knew them judges was capable of cheating which is why he whooped that azz, so there will be no confusion.

      • You know nothing about boxing. If McGregor had “held on” until the end, Floyd would have won a unanimous victory.

        In boxing you have to significantly BEAT a reigning champ in order to gain the win. Hanging in there won’t cut it. Boxing may be notoriously corrupt, but Mayweather owns Vegas. They would be cutting off their noses to spite their faces to let him lose.
        And the sports book could not afford a McGregor win.

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