Mayweather Comes Out of Retirement to Challenge UFC’s Conor McGregor

mayweather retirement conor mcgregor fight

Floyd Mayweather has announced he’s coming out of retirement to fight UFC fighter, Conor McGregor.

Peep the video to see when the match will take place.

Is your money on Money May or Conor?


  1. Please he need to stay in retirement with the rest of the sell out coons. Tired washed up ass mutt.

  2. Floyd mayweather avoided Margarita when Margorito was s a beast at welterweight, retired first time and avoided his mandatory Paul Williams, avoided his mandatory Thurman and the sanctioning body allows this BS…He continues to avoid top boxers… I believe a young lion like Errol Spence would beat him… For the money he is asking he needs to fight GGG… People constantly defend this nonsense.

    • Margarita had a rep in the sport for cheating. He was known to put something extra in his gloves. Floyd wanted a fair fight and Margarita’s camp also didn’t want to submit to a steroid test. So if you’re going to tell the story, tell the whole truth. Margarita was a dirty fighter and everyone knew it.

  3. It will be interesting. Connor won’t be able to stand up with him, so he’ll go to the ground quick. Mayweather will need to train on some solid ground stuff. He might wanna call Spiderman Silva.

  4. Connor is no match for Floyd. UFC yes, but boxing hell No. Floyd is gonna demolish Connor. Connor will run out of stamina. Three 3 min rounds up against 12 two min rounds. Team Floyd

  5. The two biggest mouths of the fighting entertainment industry are finally in for a fight…

    What are they going to throw at each other ? Punchlines or real punches ?

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