Mayweather & Pacquiao Set To Fight On May 2nd

Mayweather Pacquiao Fight May 2

On February 18th, Floyd Mayweather signed the agreement to fight Manny Pacquiao. The fight will go down on May 2, 2015, in Las Vegas, Nevada.

A source is saying Mayweather and Pacquiao have also both signed up for a re-match at the end of this year or early 2016.

The source went on to say the purse for the May 2nd fight is $250 million and Pay-Per-View will be charging one hundred dollars.

Here’s the drop:

“Mayweather is taking 60% of the purse win or lose. Pacquiao took 40% just to make it happen. Sponsorship deals for the May 2nd fight are already being sold out. Floyd was still in NYC as of yesterday, closing deals.”


    • Exactly Floyd make black boxers look bad I know hundreds of niggas who would of fought pacquiao just cause he a superstar in his own country. Now lets see pacquiao go to work on this weak nigga

    • Exactly idnt see why blacks support him when he con everyone and run the whole fight

  1. Ummm. You do know that Mayweather is older right dummy? So if anyone is past their prime its Mayweather cause naturally he is the older fighter. Science was taught in grade school right?

  2. Its illegal to have dog fights..its illegal to have cock fights…but its okay to put two human beings in a ring and punch the sh*t out of each other…shaking my head right now

    • You do understand that humans have the ability to make decisions and animals don’t?

  3. Obviously you don’t understand the point I was making. The same “humans” who make the laws for animals are the same “humans” who make the laws for people. Just be quiet

    • And my point was that HUMANS have made dog fighting illegal because the poor dogs don’t have the brain or ability to choose for them selves.
      Humans understand the health and safety consequences
      when they enter the ring. If they choose to risk their brain’s well being for a large payout, then it’s on them.
      I seriously doubt that a dog would choose to enter the ring knowing that he will be killed if he loses the fight. So we protect they who cannot make an informed choice.
      I’m sorry that I didn’t make my point crystal clear the first time. I left it short and sweet and I assumed the reader would see the meta point.

  4. This person watches to many cartoons if they really thought you meant animals were making decisions to fight each other for profit…lol

  5. MGM Grand Hotel is souled out. Tickets are priced as high as $10,000 dollars. Vegas is going to be off the chain Cinco De Mayo weekend. Millions of high end hookers will be there, including Claudia Jordan and Kenya Moore.

  6. Whether or not people choose to go in a ring and get the crap beat out of them has nothing to do with the people who make it legal. They can ban it if they want. The point is that an animal seems to have more worth to these people then a human being. Why are you so upset.

  7. Hmmm wont yall comment on the fight or fighters not rights we already kno most athletes brains dont function all too well past $$$$$ n hoes

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