Maxine Jones Describes Dawn Robinson As a Lunatic

En Vogue Drama

Former En Vogue member, Maxine Jones, is calling her former bandmate, Dawn Robinson, a mental case.

Here’s what Maxine Jones revealed:

“I tried everything in my power to work with Dawn, because she’s talented and beautiful — there’s no question about that, but girl is a looney. That’s what I’ll say
about it, okay. And I’m not trying anymore, I’m done. That’s never going to happen
ever again.”


  1. ladies ladies you must know that yall ship has already sailed and sank. Aint no more en vogue music will be played in the top 40 rotation. them v-101 stations aint gone pay yall shit.

    • They are taking a copy from the any town housewives formula and the kardashians, mouthing off at each other for clicks. Tonight these four ladies will have dinner to plot insults to hurl at each other. I loved their music then, but will switch off my car radio if I reached my destination and they are playing.

  2. Yeah she does seem a little loose in the goose. She was my favorite EV member until she sided with that mean control freak Kelly on the Diva’s show.

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  4. I remember watching Dawn on r&b divas of la and something just wasnt right. She was dating some man that looked homeless and was trying to have a kid with him. It might have to do with years of abuse from the other men she has been with. I hope Dawn seeked counseling and is doing better.

  5. Beautiful And Talent Always Act Loony

    I Was Working For A Woman At My Old Job, She Would Always Take Power Showers That Lasted For 60 Minutes, She Would Put Vodka In Her Cereal
    And The Most Disgusting Thing Is, She Would Put Ketchup On Her Cookies.

    She Was A Wack Job, When She Had Sex, She Would Make Me To Watch, Ewwwwwww

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  7. This Maxine is realizing that a 9-5 ain’t gonna work for her so she is tryin’ to get with the En Vogue girls who are touring and makin’ bank.

    She must have come to her senses that the millennium entertainment environment is not so excited about raw talent, henceforth, Rihanna, Ciara, Kim Kartrashian, etc.

    The “new” Bill Cosby’s of the world don’t require you to have talent to suck their d*cks anymore. Maxine wised up which is good for her, but it still makes her look 2-faced. She betta go back to En Vogue in a very very HUMBLED state.

    Black folk better wise the f*ck up. We are really not needed any longer, especially if Pres. Obama signs executive orders legalizing 5M illegal aliens who will work for nothing. Combine that with all the DL black rappers are throwin’ white girl imitation rappers in our face, the black celebs who are with anything but a black woman, the prisons which are overflowing with black men who are down for 20, 30 years and the Africans who are now considered the “true” African-American. So we betta learn to work together with our talent, or get along in the prisons or the cemetery.

    They don’t even want us back on the plantation or in the yards. They got the Mexicans for that.

  8. Ha! This! I knew when Lucy Pearl fell apart that it was Dawn. I think I even said that on this site.

  9. Damn. You aint never lied. But the Blackman will forever be curzed cause he Disrespect his women…. The wrath has just begun.

  10. Maxine needs to shut the f*ck up. The greatest thing she ever did was f*ck Stevie Wonder. She and her herpes need to leave Dawn Robinson alone.

  11. HSK is fULLY aware that MISS DAT CHICK writes normal and cosigns her self and even talks to her self in multiple different users names.THE QUESTION IS WHY IS IT ALLOWED.


    • It’s cuz she ISN’T co signing herself. I know , cuz I’ve shown her luv when one of her shorter comments was on point. If its long, I just don’t read if not in the mood. But others do and complain about it, so HSK moderaters told her , allegedly, to “please calm it down with the comments. Since they were already calling her out, if she was self co signing they would have called her out on that too. Besides, they can see everyones ISP addresses. They kbow, pike Glok, she has supporters.

      • I agree with Anonymous @ 20:22.
        I too have responded to & commented on posts from @THATCHICK414!!! just recently & like my Anonymous sister or brother…I fully support her. We encourage her to continue to express herself & share her feelings. If EVER you feel annoyed by the length or content of her posts please ignore it & bypass it moving on to the post of your interest.

        Thank you for your understanding & kindness.

        • Telling us to ignore is like telling nonsmokers to ignore smokers. It’s not fair that the many are inconvenienced for the one selfish self absorbed whack job.

    • Your the female version of brother Glock9, they LOVE to hate, just have to say something to yall to feel important. Always responding and bringing Glock’s name in it, when he hasn’t responded in awhile. Juicy J wrote a song about all the haters on 414 and Glock9 “Slob On My Knob…”

    • I have noticed an increased amount of comments from some questionable commenters who appear to be a bit touched mentally..loose marbles rolling around…

  12. They want to comeback so what better way than to create some BS drama. She did this and that, she stole my fiancé, blah blah. Waiting for the I got raped drama, my mama got beat up, I had an abortion, my boyfriend beat me. Enough already.

  13. Cindy looks great and has a beautiful family. 20+ years marriage 4 children, still fit and no celebrity rehab. Black (or in her case 1/2 black) dont crack.

  14. I never knew Cindy was only half black. She was always my favorite member, I wonder why she didn’t continue acting after juice.

    • German mom. Glad she isnt one those people who have to broadcast their makeup like its a recipe book. She and Terry were my favorites also because of their demeanor. Dawn is pretty and talented but seems off. I remember her as the cougar in Juice, the first bootleg movie I ever watched with people walking in the theatre and babies crying in the background.

    • Back during the 90s, it wasn’t cool for black artists, even if they were biracial, to actually claim their white side. I didn’t know Tiny was half white either until a few years ago. Faith Evan’s white side was barely mentioned as well. And I remember when Destiny’s Child first came out, they were doing a Q & A and somebody asked Beyonce if she had white in her. Based on her reaction, she was very offended that she was even asked that question, and she said no. Now she loves to claim the few drops of white blood from the slave master who raped her ancestors, even though she is more than likely no more white than the average black American. Tommy Mottola purposely tried to keep Mariah white friendly, with her song selections, the way she dressed, and etc. But even she saw the benefits of embracing her black side back then.

      It’s just a different time in the industry today. The industry today makes black celebs ashamed of being black, especially black women. Just look at how many of the black women in Hollywood tear up their faces, skin via bleaching, and hair in order to look more European. Most black female celebs were not doing all of that to themselves back then. Look at the black men who stop dating black women and starting dating white girls as soon as they get put on. That would have been career ending for a lot of them back in the day. Anyway, if En Vogue were coming up in today’s industry which is filled with a bunch of self-hating racoons, Cindy probably would have not have hesitated to make it known from jump that she is biracial.

  15. Yo know the sad part about Envogue in that these ladies probably didn’ t have a problem with each other in the beginning. When money starts rolling some people can become bigheaded, true. Throw men (no disrepect to all men but some) into the mix and then you have a little catiness because there’s always some type of man standing behind these type of rich successful talented women telling them that woman that she don’t need the rest of the group. Then the women began to want their own agents, lawyers, entourage, add in drugs etc. And then you have a group that can’t stand to be around each other or work together. Envouge made some good music back in the 90s they definately was one my favorite girl groups. Their voices together was like nothing else. Now you have Maxine coming out the woodworks talking about who she will never work with again after 3 albums with the original 4 members.

  16. Do’t You Find It Weird, That Black People Are Getting Lighter, And Biracial People Are Getting Darker??

  17. As a fan of Envogue back in the day a show featuring them and their story would be of interest to me IF all of the original members were featured.

  18. One thing that I can say about the ladies of Envogue is that unlike many of these other women on reality TV shows they actually all do have singing talent.I could stomach watching them over alot of those other desperate wanna be’s!


  19. Note to Maxine, you might have missed this one. At a certain age, you have permission to be a little crazy. It’s ok. Support the sista, don’t tear her down. Aint yall goin thru menopause!? hotflashes!? .. Im sure ya’ll have shared many lunatic, fun moments while making great songs. now sit down and relax.

  20. cut the bullshit, we need some real music , that means we desperately need a en vogue reunion,that includes multiple new cds. pronto please. the real en vogue.

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