Apollo Nida Speaks Out From Behind Bars

Apollo Nida Prison Interview

In the first interview with Apollo Nida since starting his 8 year prison term for bank fraud and identity theft, the RHOA convict tells In Touch Weekly that, “Phaedra has had a change of heart“.

Here’s the drop according to Naguhty Gossip:

“Apollo reveals that his estranged wife Phaedra Parks has had a change of heart and is now considering allowing their two sons to visit him in prison.

Apollo also vows to turn his life around saying, “I know for a fact that when I get home, I will pick up the pieces.”


  1. Who’s Wants To Visit Their Parent In Prison?? No Sir
    Phaedra Your A Damn Lawyer Make A Wise Decision And Say No, Put Your Damn Foot Down

    Phaedra Should Be Tossed In The Slammer As well, Not Just Apollo, Is Her Bright Idea Why Apollo Is Locked Up

  2. I don’t believe he is bright enough to pull off a heist by himself. I also don’t believe that Phaedra was in the dark about his criminal doings. There is no way your man, who has minimum education and marketable work skills would be bringing home thousands and you NOT question it ESPECIALLY knowing that he has a history of gaining money illegally. She was well aware I believe and likely manipulated it in a manner that when it came to light, her prints would not be found. I don’t agree with having the children visit him in prison. Prison should not be glamorized. It should remain the enigma of oppression that it is.

    • Exactly Susie V… I agree… Oh and Apollo needs to just stop with the interviews at this point and do his damn time.

  3. She is a wrong as too left shoes first off we all know she knew what was occurring…the should end that sham of a marriage because clearly neither took it seriously.and regardless of his criminal activity he should see his children …hes a whit collar criminal not a violent one so seeing the kids shouldn’t be an issue ….her keeping them away will make it harder for him to re enter their life when he is released….when you have kids sometimes you have to do things you don’t want to like putting your personal feelings aside and keep the kids best interest at heart.

  4. Apollo’s get down is financial crimes. Being spammed and hacked so much over the past yr, I have no sympathy for anyone that uses others personal information for their financial gains. Come out of hiding from behind those computers hackers and get your mf azz whooped!! Live and in-person!

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