Max-B is getting at Jim Jones in a major way. Max is saying he has Jim Jones girl (his wife to be Chrissy Lampkin) on a camera phone doing sick shit.

This is good stuff, Max said when Jimmy drops his new album he’s going to release the footage. I can’t wait, these guys are too funny.

I really don’t care about this stuff but you guys do, so I am going to tell you. Know why? Because I am getting paid mannnn!!!

This dude Max-B, I don’t know too much about him but he’s a funny dude. Max-B said f*ck Jim Jones in English and in Jamaican, and yes Max was drunk in the studio surrounded by men. No chics. and he’s calling Jimmy gay.  If Max loses his court case he could be going to the pen.

Jimmy is also in trouble with Johnny law and his dumb ass twitters from the courtroom to tell people he’s in court with dope in his pocket. These guys are awesome! I hope they both have some good music to back up this theater, because it’s really all about the music isn’t it?

Is Jimmy still with that girl Chrissy? Is Max-B f*cking with Rocafella records? Do you care? I hope not.