Mathew Knowles Breaks Down as He Wishes Beyonce a Happy Birthday

mathew knowles beyonce happy birthday

Mathew Knowles broke down in tears as he wished Beyonce a happy 36th birthday.

Peep the video:

Are these tears of guilt or….?


  1. Hey crying becsuse he is thinking how did I mess up with the cash cow after I robbed ,stole ,and killed to get her where she is today and she won’t have nothing to do with me lol

  2. Hopefully, they can mend their differences and move on. Life is too short to cling to mess from the past. The BIBLE says we should HONOR PARENTS (not our perfect parents) so that our days on this earth will be long.

  3. Everyone does not have to have a relationship with their parents.

    Some “parents” are not worth having in your life, because they cause more harm than good.

  4. Well I’m sure her father begged, borrowed and stole to get her where she us. He quit a high paying job to manage Destiny Child and made her the standout star, although I like Kelly better.. She forgot where she came from and how she got there.. Her parents relationship was always rocky and he didn’t just started cheating, he been cheating, but he was busy selling his soul so that she can be the mega star she is today.. You only get one father and please don’t fake crying, if something happens to him, you had plenty of time to make it right, but you chose to break all ties with him..
    It’s really sad to see, but you think it’s okay, no one is perfect at all, and we all fall short of the glory of our Heavenly Father.. What will Beyoncé say when she gets to St. Peter, your money won’t be able to save you or buy salvation..It’s only through grace and grace alone.. That needle in the hay sack is on you Beyoncé..anywho Mr. Knowles you made mistakes, like we all do, but to shut him out completely is sad.. Heck you keep forgiving your cheating husband and I heard you like women also with your bad breath and your uneducated ass, can’t speak correctly to save your life…

    • She made a deal to forgo that meeting with St. Peter. She wants worldly fineries now, does not care about the eternal soul or salvation. No one in that family does. They say one can get salvation just prior to your last breath. I never understood that because if that’s the case, why not live this bastardized life and just wait till the last minute to ask for forgiveness. This man craves money so much this is his karma. No money, will die alone. Where are his other kids, does he have a relationship with them to make amends and do differently than he did with his oldest. This is how evil sorts itself out. The very good thing is that we don’t have to engage any of these people. The more I look at them and know about their doings, the more I am convinced evil is real.

      • Evil is real because Satan has the most beautiful and seductive angel here.. But God gives you the knowledge to know better.. Yes I’ve read you can be saved, right before death.. We are all saved by grace and grace alone.. You can’t buy, work or anything but to serve him because he’s a very jealous God.. He doesn’t want you serving no one but him.. The Bible does say the rich man salvation is like finding a needle in a haystack.. That very hard to find.. All I can say is in order to be forgiven, we must forgive. His words says 7 x 700 times to forgive your brother.. it doesn’t mean that you have to be best friends but holding grudges is not good.. I know this much every dog has their day.
        Hers is coming and her parents mortgaged their home for that group.. I still thank my father and he’s been dead since 1979.. I lived by his words and learned from his actions..
        Everything he told me has come true in my life and family.. Strange how he could foretell the future and didn’t hit a miss..

  5. All hail Beyonce

    I knew all the women would be in here. Yeahhhhh ladies fuck wit cha boy.

    I always wondered: without the slash above the c wouldn’t her name be pronounced bee-yoncee?

    • I had objections with my computer doing that automatically over the e when I typed her name. I put a stop to that real pronto.

  6. He bought this on himself, especially with that baby with her choreographer friend smh

  7. Here’s some Kleenex!
    Now go sit yo OLD ass down somewhere!
    Wasn’t crying and feeling remorseful when you was CHEATING on your BEAUTIFUL wife!
    Well…I don’t give a FUCK…Keep Crying and give me back my Kleenex!!!

  8. What has happened to this man personally and business wise makes one despise Beyonce.

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