Mariah Carey Butchers NYE Performance, Exposed for Lip-Synching


Whoever keeps booking Mariah Carey for these live performances needs to be fired! The diva embarrassed herself in front of millions of viewers at during

The diva embarrassed herself in front of millions of viewers during Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve With Ryan Seacrest on ABC. Of course, she tried to blame this wack performance on a technical issue with her ear piece.

The singer claims she couldn’t hear through her monitors, but ABC says she didn’t show up for any of the sound checks. Her rep then tried to blast ABC by saying they sabotaged Mariah on purpose.

She was not ‘winging’ this moment and took it very seriously. A shame that production set her up to fail.

Mariah was prepared to lip-synch Auld Lang Syne, Emotions, and We Belong together, but the background vocals for Emotions didn’t play properly, and Mariah’s weak vocals and tore up voice were exposed!

Peep the embarrassment.

Time for someone to retire!


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  2. She needs to go back and repair her voice or retire. She might want to quit drinking too.

    • Most likely a spirit she no longer has access to… Oh well… the great white hope has failed again! LOL Smoke ‘N Mirrors as usual

    • I read she’s worn her voice out and isn’t properly addressing the damage. Even her speaking voice sounds really hoarse these days. She prob has nodules which would require surgery and a vocal coach to start all over.

  3. Looks like this herpes whore’s days are finally coming to an end, or rather the industry elite might be looking to “knock” her off. Glad people took her to task on that. She’s being paid all this money, and isn’t even giving a real performance. Hopefully this will be yet another year where all these entertainers get exposed.

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    • Here’s the thing: there’s a difference between a Patti LaBelle show and a Mariah show.

      Mariah’s audience is the same as Madonna’s. They don’t care.

      And she didn’t get exposed because we know she can really sing.

      • I caught her in a live show early last year, she really can sing, she just doesn’t have the same high range anymore. And Mariah’s fans as not the same as Maddonna fans. Apples and Oranges. Madge never could sing–it was about the spectacle and performance. Mariah was about the voice and songs.

  4. And to think I didn’t want to go to Times Square this year because I was nervous about any potential of attack… Well looks like there was a huge b0mb that night. I should have gone! damn! Mairah’s a comedienne now! This footage was funny as all hell.

  5. 1st , I’d like to congratulate everyone here for making it out of 2016 alive. Now about Mimi, *SIGH*…. I think she needs to take a break, if not hang it up for good. 🙁

    She’s been out since 1990 & has done many a live performance & she couldn’t have handled this situation better, had more control than that? I’m also disappointed at her reality show…BORING. Just a bunch of ppl w/big egos who don’t appear to be very good at their jobs. Mariah has no handle of the situation & SHE is the boss. I hope she will address her drinking & possible mental health issues & anything else that is troubling her. 🙁

  6. Mariah had a good career it’s over for her unless she ready to go techno and kiss women and support lgbt nobody cares

    • Yes, techno sounds about right, declare herself bisexual to get LGBT folks to recommit to her (go to her concerts), more T and A, more illuminati signs throwing, she got to do something. But she owes her masters so retirement is not in the cards.

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