Old Ass Mama Dee Wants Her New Video On BET & VH1

Mama Dee is asking her social media viewers to get at BET and VH1 to add the new music video for her song “I Deserve” on rotation.

Here’s Mama Dee using twitter only to beg her viewers for the hook up:

Mama Dee Music Video


  1. Cud s’maddy pls tell mi how I just sat thru 4:53 minutes of Momma Dee’s I deserve video…Oh Lawd let di ratchetness begin….

  2. Her tooth falling out while sangin during that jam session was classic. Still tickled.

    • She deserves some voice lessons. She deserves somebody in her corner saying “dey not gon play you on bet, abc, cbs, tv1,2,3,4 or goddamned 5.”
      Get did won’t eem play it in hu hayouse!

  3. The part of the video where she begins to talk about all people deserving to be loved would work well for a healthcare insurance commercial.




  6. At least she is doing something positive yet people are still going in on her, dam you cant win with folks

    • she can do something constructive and “positive” by planting some slowers in State Parks. but she needs to leave the singing to the professionals and those with a voice. she’s clearly off her damn rocker if she thinks she’s gonna prosper in the music industry.

  7. Food for thought: I think it is think it is extremely irresponsible and blatantly disrespectful to have a title of an atrticle in this nature. Brothers and sisters please pay attention. When are we going to stop displaying our Stockholm Syndrome? When are we going to stop taking on the European values over the values we posessed historically? It is not until recently that black people start talking that bullshit against getting old(old ass rappers,old ass actors,singers etc.) One does not aquire wisdom without age. Pay attention.Isn’t the objective to life to live? In living life successfully one MUST grow old. That young forever bullshit is just a song. It’s not reality and goes against universal law. Brothers and sisters wake up. Black people have always valued and RESPECTED our elders collectively. The idea of nursing homes did not exist in Kemet(Egypt). The reason why is because care for the elderly was built into the family structure and handled by the family. The idea of the nursing home is a European concept where they discard and dont revere there elders. If we dont stop listening and emulating the people who love/like us the least we will continue to find ourselves scratching our heads wondering why aren’t we liberated.

    • Good shyt. I’ve been saying for a while that our people have gone the way of corporate America when it comes to ageism. You’re absolutely right when you say it didn’t used to be like that.
      ‘Mama Dee’ may need to sit down and stop singing but it’s because of her lack of musical talent and not her age. Gimme some Charles Bradley or Sharon Jones any day.

    • I agree that the title is hella disrespectful and mostly with your commentary but elders of today do not act as such and get treated accordingly. All of the good grannies who baked pies, gave wisdom, sewed quilts and most importantly spent QT with their children nieces,nephews ended up taken care of in their old years. At least the ones I know. My paternal great uncle lived with us growing up.

      • @ non importante baby girl you are missing my point. What I am saying is referencing our elders as “old ass” is not our thing. Lack of respect of our elders REGUARDLESS of their actions is not our thing. To me elders should not be disrespected in any situation same as women should not be hit in any situation. Fuck that shit u talking about”get treated accordingly”.

        • Perhaps if they acted like OLD PEOPLE we’d leave their old asses alone. Comeon cuz, MamaDee certainly needs to sit her old ass down somewhere. All of these 50 is the new 40/ 40 is the new 30 type antics are simply because old people are fighting old age by trying to act young and relevant. I’m sick of seeing Old People dressing and acting like teenagers, and I think it is a form of dementia.

          • @ just_joi Is your attention span that short? Do you comprehend anything before speaking? “All of these 50 is the new 40/ 40 is the new 30 type antics are simply because old people are fighting old age by trying to act young and relevant. I’m sick of seeing Old People dressing and acting like teenagers, and I think it is a form of dementia.” You must be out of your goddamn mind shawty let me school you.#1 Except for the gay ass skinny jeans the whole hip hop dress code was developed by people who are NOW 50 and 40 yrs of age so who is copying who?#2 Ya’ll kill me with that weak shit “staying relevant”. Dammit the Constitution is relevant the Bill of Rights is relevant the Bible is relevant. You are speaking of your PROGRAMMED state of mind of consumerism. Buy, Buy, Buy. Purchase, purchase, purchase. What u just bought yesterday is no longer relevant so buy this thing today.#3Im tired of you youngins that think you are not a bama/lame just because you are young. So I am taking action on all weak minded people and I keep the Sambos in my cross hairs. Reread my initial statement and just think. I know ADD is an issue youth struggle with but Inhale and just try.

        • I agree the title is disrespectful but I respectfully disagree with hour reply. Respect is earned and reciprocated and not acquired by age alone. If a person wants to party, neglect their family/legacy,health and not think about their future until there is nothing left to due BUT die it is not the family’s responsibility to care for them when they have not earned the title of matriarch/ patriarch. Rotting alone in a sub par rest home the best that SSI can afford may be Maat, karma and atonement for many.

          Also an elder can and should be corrected when acting if you are coming from a place of love and not disrespect. As my younger sibling and rowdier half reminds me to stop saying sir and mam to everyone until theyve earn it and that old people think they can pop off at the mouth without being corrected. Senior entitlement isnt enough for new gens you have to show and prove yourself.

          The whole women shouldnt be hit thing is gray. People shouldnt hit people period.

          • @non importante You are halfway right but it is backwards. You listening to your younger sibling on how to address elders is disfunctional by definition. He or she should be following YOUR lead. Just the thought on waitng on an elder to show respect before respect is given is ass backwards. What you are essentially saying is that people should walk around showing NO RESPECT until respect is given(which many youth do today). That is stupid. One must be pro active in their display of respect.More times than most respect will be recipicated when GIVEN first. I am aware of the possibility of elders being disrespectful @ times however we must still remain respectful when we set someone straight. You also spoke on the “new generation”. They are no different than any other generation it is just that their bullshit is more accepted . My generation didnt give a f*ck about anything either but the elders/OG’s didnt tolerate it. What I am saying in a nut shell is that we must respect our elders REGUARDLESS and realize they are not our peers just like the youth are not our peers.

            • I think you are misunderstanding that respect is mutual no matter the age or gender. No one is entitled to less merited. I appreciate my younger sibling breaking my programming. From the mouth of babes I suppose. We will just agree to disagree.

    • Well.said. Getting older is a part of life umless you ptefer to die young. Thanks again for the well articulated reminder.

  8. I don’t have a problem with Momma Dee’s age (which I think she looks good for) it’s the song itself. It’s terrible, she sounded better on the show singing. For her to think that it should be played with mainstream music is a joke.

    She is just as delusional as Melissa Gorga with her song “On display”. Someone needs to stop gassing these reality stars up, it’s embarrassing.

    • Yes as a skin addict I must compliment her on black dont crack considering she lived fast and hard. Skin stays flawless and Scrappy looks like her overweight diabetic uncle instead of a son.. She may not garner Beyonce following but there exists a demographic of grannies in their 30s , OGs and young ratchets in training who dig this. I could see this being the hood “Wind Beneath My Wing” or “Greatest Love of All” rec center talent show anthem.

      • lmmfao. u right on the money with fat-ass Scrappy looking all diabetic and like a damn uncle of hers instead of her son. swole-ass body mffkr. OMG

    • I smell a contradiction with your screen name and your comment. Think about it!

      • @eatertreater

        take your smart ass somewhere else motherf*cker i didn’t come for you, you came for me!!!
        if you can’t take a f*cking joke i do’t know what!! losen up nicca toast

        • @ Black woman on top! Baby girl We have been joking, laughing, shucking and jiving for far to long. My purpose is to place all Sambos/sellouts in my cross hairs if that is not you then check yourself and stay out of the crosshairs. With all due respect.

  9. Momma Dee? sitdown heffa – and grow some front teeth. bitch you’ll never be a star. so just stick with trashy ratchet reality tv for the rest of your years on earth.

  10. That’s the real problem… Reality stars with zero talent turning into singers and actors. It’s not so much her age, it is her thirst at her age!

    • Right. I’m not talking about the ones who sincerely made an effort to become a trained singer prior to going on reality TV. If you honestly have a craft that doesn’t include a pole or instagram followers, it’s okay to use reality tv to get your name out there. IMO.

  11. And it’s not limited to women. Denzel’s old ass needs to stop whoring and take his old, married ass home to his wife. Stevie Wonder’s old ass needs to stop dating 20 year olds. What is wrong with the senior citizens nowadays? WTF. This shit don’t look a bit retarded?!

  12. Love Momma Dee…hate this song! She sounds HORRIBLE!!!!Especially on the ” I Deserve.. I deserve…to be Loved part. Sssshesh.

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