Ma$e Says He’s The Only Artist Puff Really Paid!


“Every time I see Diddy he’s tryin’ to put money in my pocket” – Ma$e

Is Ma$e a man exhibiting the epitome of extremes? It sure seems that way. The Harlem-shaker has gone from.. fighting for freedom from his ‘No Way Out‘ contract, to playin’ preacher, an apparent pursuit back into Puff’s world. Know why? His Diddy’s got “money hangin’ out the anus.”

Back in his Harlem World heyday he said, ‘If it ain’t about no money Puff I just don’t care.” Today.. Ma$e seems to have flipped his script, reaching out to Puffy on a whole other tip.

“If I don’t have fun I don’t do it. I don’t do it for the money.”

He’s what Ma$e recently told Detroit’s HOT 107.5:

“I think I’m doin’ everything right now. I think I got some TV stuff coming, I think I got some music stuff coming.

I went and did the OVO thing.. that’s when I first started entertaining that Drake told me to come out there. We supposed to work together. Hopefully we probably still gonna work together. And then I went out to Paris to work with Ye.

So I just been seeing what people want to do and what people have to offer.. and from there I just started working on my own. I started running into Detail and Timberland and different people just giving me music. And what I started out just palyin’ with sounds like it’s gonna be something really amazing.”

… Like I’m the only artist that really got paid by Puff — like really, really paid. Puff would tell you I got really, really paid. I love Puff. If Puff wanna give me another check I’m gonna take it.”