The Los Angeles Corners office is saying that, 28 year old, Lindsay Lohan, is lying about her recent claims that she, “rolled the body bag of Whitney Houston” while performing her court ordered community service at the coroners office back in 2012.

Here’s the official Coroners statement refuting Lohan’s recollection:

“Whitney was never in a body bag and no one in the probation program came in contact with Whitney’s body. Whitney was wrapped in plastic with a sheet cover the entire time she was not at the morgue.

In fact, she was taken out in plastic – not a body bag – from the hotel where she died.”

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  1. Maybe she did roll Shitney. She probably thought that there would be some crack in the body bag along with a penis shaped crack pipe!


    • So ignorant

      I don’t get paid to think but I feel rich spreading my thoughts for those who obviously have a closed mind

      What I think is Lindsay is about to be offed Obviously Betty Ford can’t keep their docs sealed since her “list” got leaked So I would never believe an official from a “Coroners” office Mainly because WH died the night of February 11th at “1555” hours (That’s almost 4 in the afternoon) & was not “wheeled” out until AFTER Clive Davis’ Post-Grammy Party ended the next day on the 12th

      Her cause of death is considered “Deferred” like Brittany Murphy & Michael Jackson & every other person who either faked their death or was murdered Lindsay Lohan probably isn’t lying Plus who creates such a lie?

      WH was said go have drowned after an overdose but her body was face down when it was “found” & you that is in impossible in my mind but I’m not a physiologist So I can’t pinpoint physics but I can decipher a cover up She was thicker than a snicker in Sparkle Which definitely indicates to me she was healthy & not using So the smear is definitely pushed to discredit her sobriety & probably her breakthrough & her handlers probably could not halt her breakdown from her programming by sending her to rehab (That’s what rehab is for when it comes to the stars It is the “rehabilitation”/reprogramming their triggers & software) So they wanted to promote the “self-destruct” method as she is either alive & on the run or murdered for restoring herself just before

      & Lindsay Lohan, in my own mind, is on the road to recovery & also to her ritual altar for her cohollywood peers to feed off of in place of a sacrifice

  2. Strangely enough, I believe her. I may be on my own, but I think that she did (as part of her community service). Also, (God forbid) I do believe the powers that be set that up for her to do so; as a glimpse of how ‘they’ might try to off her in the future.

    • I agree K and scare the daylights outta her to get her shit together. They given her a second chance. If she blows this opportunity, we all gonna know why it happens.

      • You know they have to reprogram all of their disney alumni. And why would they give out info on how whitney’s body was taken out. That was disrepectful on Lilo part and the Coroner’s part.

        • They “gave out the info” because it’s an official lie from an “official coroner”

  3. For some odd reason I truly think she did. Nobody is not going to lie about 4 things: Money, Drugs, Alcohol, and Death.

    • Thank you! DaRadiant1, you are one of THE FEW real posters left that is REAL, before Jacky sold this site.

      • Thank you K. I use my connects to help us out. But if Lindsay f*cks up, boy oh boy we will all know about it. And her down fall is drugs and alcohol too! Smh

  4. I don’t believe her. Who would trust anything a crack-head says? Plus the official Coroners would not allow them to do that. Especially if you know the person in the body bag. Anything for fame.

      • Not when they want/need money. Shoot, they will say the haven’t eaten in weeks! I don’t believe anyone with a bad habit.

    • Crackheads tell the truth? Bwahahahahaha nana!!!! What hood u been dwelling in? This ho is a proven liar. Like someone said, anything for fame.

      • I know what I am talking about, I use to live in front of a crack house for two years! Only three people besides that will tell the truth: Drug Addicts, Alcoholics, and Gays and Lesbians. And believe me they sing like canaries too!

        • Yea the gays sure do tell it, my friend mathew used to tell me about all the guys at my church who were dl

            • Yea and the elders also found out our pastor was boning every woman in the building and some at other churches he visits, just more proof that its BS and humans cant live up to those standards

      • Crack heads don’t tell the truth with they are itching for a fix. They always say they haven’t eaten in days or weeks but give them a dollar. Shoot she is a high profile crack head so her fix is very expensive.

        • Shit me they don’t! All they gotta do to get that high is tell that drug dealer that shit is wack or tell him what the other drug dealer doing. Oh druggies tells it all.

    • They say Lindsey completed her time before Whitney was rolled in. Lindsey likes to embellish stories about herself.

      • Nope she was still serving her community services during the time Whitney had passed which is February 11th 2012.

        • Da Radiator, what. Thee. Fuck are u talking about? Go take your damn meds you nut!

          • @19:43 U take your damn meds! I know what the f*ck what I am talking about! I just looked that shit up earlier today. Lindsey was still doing community services on the day Whitney died U jackass! Like I said before I KNOW WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT IF U GET MY DRIFT!!! There is something that U and nobody else don’t know about me. And if I was 19:43 U might wanna stay on my good side and listen very closely. 9 times out 10, I will tell U truth and knowing your illiterate nonchalant slow ass U won’t catch on! How U chill the f*ck out and learn something for a change! Damn!!

            • I think she is telling the truth.They want her to sound crazy.
              Remember this tweet from her a few years back?She even had a picture of the man.

              “This is the freemason stalker that has been threatening to kill me – while he is TRESPASSING! im actually scared now- the blood in the ‘cults’ book was too much “All my fans, my supporters, please stand by me. g-d bless xxL.”

    • They do that to prevent leakage from the body. Sometimes they have bowel movements or urinate on themselves. Also, they are wrapped because they will move or bend a limb. If that happens, it can be difficult to get their limbs to go back into place. They will sometimes have to break their bones to get them back straight. Hope this answers your question.

      • Thank you Uh OH for your explanation. One day I’ll tell you the story about the old man that died in the sitting position under a tree, talk about emptying a crowded funeral home.

        When I did happen to see coroners pick up an actual body, they bagged the hands and the head, then put it in a body bag, lifted it onto a stretcher and strapped it down. They did not wrap them in plastic but that was from a homicide. I guess different offices have their own protocols as I have learned from doing a little research which I should have done in the first place. Some wrap the body in plastic, place a sheet cover or shroud over it and or place it in a body bag.

        “Whitney was never in a body bag and no one in the probation program came in contact with Whitney’s body. Whitney was wrapped in plastic with a sheet cover the entire time she was not at the morgue.

        In fact, she was taken out in plastic – not a body bag – from the hotel where she died.”

        The information they provided to prove LL was lying seemed insensitive. Especially after knowing how long the body was kept there at the request of Mr Davis. How he was able to override strict rules and laws as to the handling of a corpse is another story. I guess money talks and bs walks.

        • Exactly! LL just wants attention like she always does. She is running out of ideas though. This one is silly and late. Please do tell me your story. And I am blessed to be here too. We all have a story to tell.

          • Girl the story goes like this, a man down south died in the sitting position and when the funeral home got the body, the rigor was so bad they couldn’t make him lay down, the body kept going back into the sitting position. My grand ma said that they didn’t want to break his back so they tied the body down.

            Well supposedly during the middle of the funeral service, while people were taking turns saying how he was when he was alive, he popped up in the casket and all hell broke loose! Chile they said even people who came in on walkers and canes was running trying to get the hell up out of there, heee hee! Screaming Unk done came back as a hank to to hunt us! Now you know Black folks is scared of ghost! Haaa Haaa Ha!

            I laugh every time my grandmother(Modea)tells me this story and shes full of them. Never figured out why they call ghosts hanks though.

            That is why they don’t have to worry about me messing with the occult and witchcraft with my scary ass. I’ve seen and heard of enough strange shit in my life to know better than to try and call some evilness up. We all know what happens when you play with fire.

            I stay prayed up. Maybe LL should repent and bruise those knees for something else besides falling down drunk. It is sad because she used to be one of Hollywood’s so called starlets , now she looks so old and worn out for her age.

  5. phukk this crackhead hiv carrying ass whore.

    this bitch should have went to jail so many times bitch been caught more times smoking crack and driving under the influence and hit and runs yes this bitch should have been unsder the jail her money and connections saved her from being raped by those lesbians.

    not defending chris brown for beating anybody but his crimes was not as offensive as all the chit Lindsay did.

    how many times Lindsay been arrested how many times her and Britney, nicvole Richie, paris Hilton been locked up for drugas and only spent an hour in jail and thjey was crying bout that.

    phukk khloes’ spoiled ass for bitching about doing 3 hours commun ity service and upset cause she had to touch real food phukk her pampered ass too.

    phukk Charlie sheen for shooting his wife in the stomach and for all the women he abused whether thwey were porn stars or not.

    sheen loved locking his girls up in the bathroom kinky freak.

    • Exactly crazychris

      I remember she got caught with that Cocain in her pocket after she was arrested and then she lied and saif it wasn’t hers. Yeah right….and i think??? She was driving around with like 3 random dudes in her car and blamed them for something????. But anyway lindsey lohan looks worse than courtney love on Courtney love’s worst kurt cobain day. She’s a mess. And she’s at the end of her shelf life. Her expiration date says expired. She can’t be rehabed (reprogramed) anymore. I believe that the power are sick of her and giving her just enough a rope to hang herself. News read: Lindsey Lohan dies of an drug overdose in la home gound by friend.

        • Lol
          Da radiator, you should know all about that. Cause there ain’t no fixing your stupid sloppy drunk ass.


  6. The la county corner is full of shit there is video of Whitney in a body bag when they left the Beverly Hilton. Lindsay better watch herself they obviously don’t want her talking about this otherwise they wouldn’t have released this fraudulent statement.

    • Thank you! Y’all ain’t gotta believe LiLo. But I betcha y’all will buy that Whitney video about her body being escorted to the morgue.

  7. @ K1985…I kinda agree they for warning her if she f*cks up that’s what will happen to her in a few years. Smh

  8. I think lilo is telling the truth. if lilo really is a crackhead not to be believed, why is the coroner/ morgue releasing a statement about Whitney’s body. They must be really worried about lilo releasing that information. The way they dealt with Whitney’s body was strange and did not follow protocol, so this story doesn’t seem so far fetched considering.

  9. I wouldn’t put it past them allowing Lindsay to “roll” Whitney’s body especially since they left her body in a hotel while they partied the night away… so sad and disgusting, what’s the purpose of her bringing it up now tho…

  10. it’s a LIE. Lindsay was in New York when Whitney died, and was not back until after Whitney had been moved. The press has already caught her and exposed Lindsey in this lie, there is even photos of her in NYC, see kids…crack will fry your brains, make you believe you are in fictitious places.

    • Ha. It only takes a few hours to get from LA to NYC via private jet. In fact guess what the name of the airline that specializes private jets between LA and NYC : Monarch Air Group. Yup. So, crack addled Lindsey might know what she’s yattering about. She just better watch out , canaries wind up dead.

      • I did not corner the market on knowledge but I think Lindsay is telling the truth.
        I seems someone or “ones” behind the scenes like to pick on her and make her life miserable.

        Then again I could be wrong..lord knows that’s happened once or fifteenths.

  11. remember that “the fresh prince of bel air” episode where jazzy had that whitney houston cardboard cut out!!

    and will asked jazzy where’s the whiteny cardboard cut out?? jazzy replied “she fell in the shower”

    this aired back in the 90’s?? doesn’t that seem slightly odd???

      • Enga LiLo is telling the truth ok. She is giving everybody the heads up that it will be another victim by Halloween or the next Super Bowl

      • @Black Enga

        yes is very creepy indeed “the fresh prince of bel air” episode aired back in the late 90’s….. was it plan way back than or is this just
        a coincidence or something like that??

        jazzy said that the whiteny cardboard cut out “fell apart in the shower”

  12. DaRadiant1 and Raw N Fresh I believe her too. In the media they are playing it up about how she is nonstop partying in Europe.

    I went to a website that showed how they use certain dates and times of the year for their rituals, I will try to find it, and it’s been a while since I went on it.

    I just checked wiki and the fall equinox begins on September 22nd this year.

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