Lil Wayne Hospitalized in Vegas After Suffering More Seizures

lil wayne hospitalized seizure

Lil Wayne has reportedly suffered yet another series epileptic seizures according to TMZ.

Weezy was hospitalized in Vegas last week after suffering multiple seizures and being unable to get the attacks under control. This isn’t the first time this has happened to him.

The rapper’s private jet had to make two emergency landings just last month after he had a series of seizures on the aircraft.

This latest attack happened just moments before he took the stages at TAO nightclub for a pre-UFC 200 performance. His show was immediately cancelled.

Weezy still isn’t too worried about the attacks even though his docs are having trouble figuring out the right balance of medication to prevent them from happening. He’s currently recuperating in Miami.

We have a solution: lay off the dirty Sprite.


  1. Being a rapper doesn't pay off. The lifestyle is bad the drinking and smoking. Most of them die young too. I wish black men knew their potential and stop limiting themselves.

  2. Lil waynes probly not going to make it to 2020 like another poster said in another post here not too long ago.

  3. so he's a seizure sufferer huh? put the weed down ignorant f*ckwad. your body is talking to you to make a change for the healthier better.

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  5. his reckless lifestyle is catching up with him finally, and trying to "be the man" by impregnating all those women making them nothing but worthless babymamas. his days are numbered sadly. seizures aint nothing to play with. he might have epilepsy and doesn't know it.

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