Lil Scrappy Unleashed Over Alleged Racist Resort Staff


Love and Hip Hop Atlanta cast member Lil Scrappy snapped on Wednesday in Orlando, at the Nickleodeon Suites Resort staff- Know why? Because during a contest, the staff of the theme park were allegedly favoring the white children over Lil Scrappy’s 9 year old daughter Emani. Don’t believe me.. Ask Mama D, who was there as well.

Here’s what’s reported:

“They were there for a game where the staff calls kids up on stage for the contests. Scrappy became furious when the staff kept skipping over his daughter and other black kids.”

Here’s what Lil Scrappy told the theme park staff:

“You need to pick my daughter. This is some racist-ass s**t.”


  1. psss…..hey scrappy maybe it’s YOU!!! Fist the spa now Nicklodeon. Grow up!!!

    • I stayed at that resort last year with my family and small cousins. Yes Virginia, we too are African American and we had a dayum good time. They picked her for all the games, etc. No racism..just a bunch of bad azz kids all over the place. I stayed liquored up with vodka in my Zephyhills water bottle…Maybe they don’t like animals..Scar/MamaDee…hehheh

    • Is it me or is this place the only place where all kids don’t win. In this day and time every child gets picked. I coach youth basketball, football and baseball and they have some punk rules if you ask me. Every kid gets a trophy, every kid gets to play in at least half the game no matter how much they suck. When I was growing up, if you didn’t play much, you practiced a lot, its called motivation.

      So a company that’s is centered around kids and all kids don’t get picked, I’m inclined to roll with scrappy on this one. This is that bullshit!!!!

      • Eddie I noticed that no child left behind crap in sports and sadly academics. When I played soccer the strongest made the starting line, which drove me to be apart of that also the same with track n field. Noticed AAU basketball is less accommodating, thankfully who that hell wants to see a flopping honorable mentions McDonald’s All American games? There are no honorable mention ribbons in the work, play and social arena as adults life is competitive. One reason why America is falling behind in everything.

        Emani a cute kid so his point. If she was the cockeyed child with a unibrow touch of down syndrome, yanno the pics your colleagues proudly show where your immediate reaction is “how precious” or “oh cool, did yall enjoy Sea World? heard they have a new ride called Manta”

        • You are exactly right, it’s giving these kids a sense of entitlement, soon to be entitled adults and we all know entitled adults are only good for crying, and that’s all


  3. People on HSK either do not have kids or have never been kids. Please don’t act like you don’t have memories of being discriminated against by some older white person in your youth.

    I tried out for a game show as a child and was totally passed over based on race. I auditioned for a Nike commercial when I was 12. That commercial would’ve been revolutionary. A Black girl playing basketball on an otherwise all boys team and league. I knew when I didn’t get a call back that they chose a white boy.

    Nickelodeon is Disney 2.0. I have no doubt the white kids were chosen over the Black kids. I’m glad Scrappy called them out.

    • I have a daughter, taken her to many magic shows… and yes this does happen, a lot! I feel it is just the performers attitude, Nickelodeon is only responsible for firing the person. If you work around kids, I feel no matter how you look at the world, the little one’s don’t, so don’t be an asshole!

      • COSIGN!!

        Most white performers are backwoods small town ignorant POS. I don’t care if they like black dick or not. And they will pass over black children

    • NO PEOPLE ON HERE ARE FULL OF SELF HATE NOTHING LESS NOTHING MORE….If you continue with this site ..get used to it lol

    • Thats sad that you experienced that. The most discrimination I faced as a child came from old whites one foot in the grave but mostly colorstruck and bourgeois Negros.

      Disney is attempting to revamp its racist legacy. With Princess Tiana(& white prince) programming like Doc Mcstuffins, Thats So Raven, Jett Jackson, Proud Family etc, the corporation practically renovated the castle logo from Neuschwanstein to trap house – at least by good ole uncle Walt’s standards. Have a few black friends who interned and was hired after undergrad in Orlando and thrn seem to have navigated corporate successfully thus far.

      Nicklodeon produced Tiana, Romeo, Cousin Skeeter, Gullah Island, Keenan and Kel, My Brother and Me etc – small steps for brown kind. I hope the staff’s behavior is seperate from the organization’s and a reflection of his/herself. Since there are no fully black owned networks or many black senior network positions outside of Viacom’s BET, I would hate for the return of non-white children’s programming since most kids, especially black children of today, are electronically babysat. Hopefully new gens will use the internet to create their own programming. Studies like the one below is sad.

  4. Why blacks continue to go to theme parks like this and especially Disney World & Land and expect to be treated equally, I don’t know. Disney World/Land alone has several racist incidents they tried to sweep under the rug/bribe the victims with free tickets/passes, resort stays, and the like.

    Anyway, this brings to mind my watching those Nickelodeon game shows in the early ’90s and noticing how then-host Marc Summers would ask for crowd participation from his audience of children, then pass over all the black ones for (You guessed it) whites. So this has been going on for years now.

  5. He’s right. I use to work w/a guy that used to work @ Disneyland. He said they were the most racist f*ckers on planet earth. & they discriminate HEAVY even against their own staff. I believe scrappy but I don’t think he wanted to end up on world star going ham in front of his daughter…where was AIRICKA (momma dee voice)

    • Disneyland is very racist. I went there on my 12th birthday. Kids 12 and under were supposed to receive gifts at the entrance. I told them how old I was, expecting my gift. They told me that it was “kids under 12.” FOH. That is the last time I went to Disneyland. It’s unfortunate, because parents want their children to experience what it’s like to visit “the happiest place on earth,” but those white people who work there are so racist, they steal your joy.

  6. What Scrappy Is Saying Make Perfect Sense 2 Years Ago A Black Couple Took Their Children To DisneyLand And The Costume Characters
    Didn’t Want The Kids To Touch Them Quite Sad. It Even Made Headline News This Shyt Was Just A One Off

    Another Black Couple Took Their Children To DisneyLand And The Same Thing Happen The Kids Wanted To Hug The Costume Character.
    But The Costume Characters Didn’t Want To Hug The Black Children

    • Are You Phucking Serious??? Do You Think I Really Care?? You Must Be Dumb Go Suck On A Aussie’s Small Dyck!!!!!!!

  7. Racism is alive and well people. Florida is the same state that let that murderer Zimmerman walk free. Wake up people and dont spend your money in places that dont respect us.

    • There is a video of the incident on TMZ. Lil Scrappy has his head up his Lil Assy! If you take a look at the video you can see that a kid of color had already been called to the stage! Lil Scrappy needs to open his eyes or purchase a set of glasses!

  8. Sorry that the kid got passed over.
    It happens. Its called life. Get used to it

    Why did Crappy think his child deserved special treatment? Were they special guests or did they pay extra?

    Is Crappy just “that type of parent” who wants special treatment for his kid? Seems he takes issue when things don’t go his way.
    I see where he gets it.. mama dee set the standard. ..

    • Hey WJJnr, although I can’t call it, I just don’t think he demanded preferential treatment.
      He noticed something amiss and, he boldly spoke out about it.

  9. Somethings up. This is his second discrimination issue since April regarding his daughter.

  10. First off I do believe that discrimination still exist… it does…but we as black ppl need to understand that 1st we’re still not considered equals no matter how much money you think you got….2nd a lot of black people don’t know how to act in public it hurts me to say this but a lot of or people are plain out ignorant and act like fools giving other people reasons to judge all of us the same…scrappy act so fool on TV so why you think people will respect you ? 3rd we need to teach our history and not to forget where we come form the 60s and 70s weren’t that long along ppl idk why negros think so much has really changed in that little bit of time…only coons make it like scrappy and co. On love in hip hop and that don’t last for long

    • Ed… Lol. That pic looks like Scrappy is ejaculating, but I’m certain he was performing at a show when that pic was snapped. Jacky couldn’t found a more complimentary photo.

  11. Applause, applause, applause for Scrappy. I happens all the time–everywhere. Let’s not deny the truth. We live in a racist world. It always has been and it always will be as a whole. That is why it’s important to be an individual and to allow people into your life based on “real” worth. A lot of times races are judged as a group. Well that’s ingrained, I personally will always have thoughts and remarks about certain races or groups of people BUT I also have the understanding that although it does not apply to everyone within that group. I will always think “That white …” or “That spanish… Or that… But I FEEL differently…individually. I also think ” That b**ch, That as*, That Fu***r…

  12. Fuck Disney.

    Racist POS, no I won’t be goin’ to Disneyland.

    @AG, I agree, but sometimes with these white folk you gotta get loud and ignorant and then they will respect you.

    • And that is what they want to see black people make an ass out of there self. When you act more like a respectively person it kind of shocks them and they be so dumb found they don’t under stand that. They really get there kicks when a black person show out don’t give them the satisfaction.

      • It has been the opposite with me. The more articulate and sophisticated you are, the more racist they become.

        Furthermore, f*ck what they think. that is our problem, we have the focus on THEM, and not US.

        • I agree with you on that when I go to Vegas the more nice I tried to be to them they get really racist and mean one even made there way to step on my foot in line. So I get why people do get mad but it seems that’s what they want anyway. And I will not be giving them that.

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