Lil Scrappy Slams Wendy Williams For Tearing Down Black Folks

Lil Scrappy vs. Wendy Williams

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star, Lil Scrappy, jumped on Instagram to say that, Wendy Williams is tearing down black people.

“She’s helping them tear black people down I dnt care if I never go on there she’s always downing black people. And I really used to like her but f*ck @wendywilliams”


  1. Scrappy Is Right But He’s Forgetting Mona Scott, Both Wendy And Mona Are Tearing Down
    Black People. Is Time Black People Listens Wendy Is Always Tearing Black Men, Not White Men

    White Men Do foul Shyt And Yet Black Women Don’t Bash Them!!Black Women Always Bash Black
    Men, And Black Men Bash Black Women. Fucking Vicious Cycle

  2. This website tears black people down also… Although I check it everyday… This website caters to destroy “Black Men and Women”

    • …And Wendy’s radio show(s) were even worse than this site, so what’s your point? Some of ya’ll seem to forget that the Wendy Williams you see now is the ‘sanitized’ version while trying to diss other entities, so go aim that angst in her direction.

      • Raheim,

        White executives at Sony spoke ill of her & pretty much said at a luncheon recently THEY didn’t understand how the black community tolerates her. They also said something similar about her past radio shows.

        • Good point. Peter Rosenberg of Hot97, of all people, recently said that Wendy ‘Added nothing to the culture (of Hip-Hop),’ and he’s right. She put people on blast like this site, yes, but she was essentially a shit-starter & Drama Queen at least a decade before it became popular (i.e. all the ‘Reality’ shows you see now). People forget about Puffy getting her fired back in the ’90s for exposing his, uh, extracurricular activities with one of his bosses and the firestorm it caused.

        • White Sony execs seem to speak ill of many black entertainers and industry folk.. nothing new there!

          • True, MissK. There are some very slick-talking douches in the Sony building, if their recent controversy is any indication. I imagine it’s par for the course, though, considering how racist Hollywood is in general and Ms Reg’s comment about Paramount Records being pretty racist against blacks a while ago.

      • Exactly… Wendy is not new to this and her TV show is very mild compared to the former radio show! She was live GOSSIP before it was as popular as it is today! Many of the sh^t going on now before our very eyes she talked about way back in the day! If you like her watch /listen if not don’t. Yes she talks about black folks.. and pretty much all entertainers race excluded.

  3. Atleast this website is not televised to millions and it is not shown over and over again. Wendy forgot about her past. She has never proved that she was born a women. Her pictures only showed her from waist up in a swim suite. We have never seen pictures of her even being pregnant. If someone has this, expose them to us. Wendy could have said something else other than what she said about Bill. Its all speculation.

  4. like ascrappy’s any better hes on a reality show where everybody has sex and fight each other.

    heard Nikko’s wife gonna join the cast of love and hip hop.

  5. This website makes Wendy look nice. Jacky Jasper tears down black people EVERY DAY. If Wendy said the same thing that being said on this website they would cancel the show in a heartbeat.

    • Again, Wendy’s radio show(s) were even worse than this site, so what’s your point? Some of ya’ll seem to forget that the Wendy Williams you see now is the ‘sanitized’ version while trying to diss other entities, so go aim that angst in her direction.

      ‘LOL’ indeed.

  6. Why y’all on here checking out the site if it is so bad….fckin typos….know why because the same douchbags go into anon and talk about every body just like the rest if us. Shudddddd up!

  7. Wendy talks about everybody on her show. nobody is exempted from this beastly looking woman. He needs to grow some balls and do better than being the ghetto trash he is.

  8. What is up with this “tearing down Black people” bs? People love to call out those who report the news while treating those low life persons of interest in news story like gods. Wendy is about gossip and we all love gossip, let that woman do her job. I have never read or heard of a respectable Black person bitching about being “torn down” by Wendy.

    Of all people, Lil scrappy’s nasty behind has some nerve to talk.

  9. and you’re working for a woman who not only tears black people down but portrays them as 100% coons.

    shuddup Scrappy

  10. The white owned TV newtorks sign Wendy Williams check. She has to follow orders. The show’s mission is to insult and ridicule black people. Don’t forget Wendy Williams became a house hold name by insulting Whitney Houston.

  11. If black people and the Divine Nine can shut down the TV show Sorority Sisters, we should unite again to get rid of stupid shows like Wendy Willimas, Empire and The Real Housewives Of Atlanta.

    • Are you insane? Wendy is my only daytime show!! I would go f*cken nuts without my Hot Topics daily.

      What’s wrong with Empire? I love anything with Taraji as the star.

    • there is a.huge difference between the Devine nine (a school sanctioned cult/gang who have members in poweful positions) and regular black folk

  12. He knows all about tearing down black people he’s one of them. Really he should probably figure out what his problem is before he goes around sprayin a bunch of non-sense in defense of that rapist.

  13. Wendy Williams slants her show to pull in the white female demographic…18-34! She kisses their ass, not a mystery. Oprah did the same thing, and Wendy is following her lead. The format is not for us, we need to remember this.

    • @Tyrone

      She’s The Reason Why Charlemagne (From The Breakfast Club) Kisses White People’s Ass’s
      She Taught Him How To Coon And Bufoon.

      She Calls Kanye West A Mad Man, She Bashed Monica (The R&B Singer) For Being A Nurse
      She Talks About Black People’s Problems In Front Of White People!!

      • I don’t think any black entertainer should bow down to white folk just to make a dollar. We have the superior culture, why should we worry about their feelings?

        • @Tyrone

          Many Black Celebs Coon And Bufoon After White People It’s Fact!! Not Fiction!!
          Many Black Celebs Have Top Hollywood White Actors Appear In Their Music Video’s
          Jamie Fox Had Ron Howard And Jake Gyllenhaal In His Video For Pete Sake

          If Black People Wanna Make It Into Hollywood They Need To Coon

      • Wendy is on top of the ratings game for now, so, her strategy is working. But, she can’t do this forever. At some point, they will turn on her.

  14. and her gay ass theme song.

    yes Wendy’s all for the gays and whites which is why she looks like a trans.

  15. Images of women like his age defying mother tear all women 40+ down with her Oedipus complex and ratchetness.

  16. Wow Phylicia Rashad is still pretty and one of the few actresses who don’t mind aging gracefully/naturally.

    • Yes and lynn Whitfield too. I was shocked to learn that she is 60! They both personify elegance.

      • Yep. I agree after watching Deonna Young’s informal interview of Ms. Whitfield with plain clothes and no makeup. She looks good and speaks eloquently yet without pretension. That Creole with Southern influence on her and Ms. Rashad I suppose. Refreshing to see elder women without facelifts and enunciate each word, with age appropriate clothing. End of an era,sadly, as Kris Jenner and Janice Combs are the new normal.

  17. WEndy said long ago she would never have any of the LHHATL cast on her show, so she really could care less what he feels.

  18. Scrap plz, you’re part of the reason why black men are stereotyped. You, ya mama, and Mona ain’t making things better! I do like to watch all y’all on L&HHATL tho lol.

  19. Nobody can tear down black people they do it to themselves . reporting what’s going on is not the problem . you niggas make videos of the vile crap you do and then get mad when people clown your dumb asses

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