Leaked Footage Of Beyonce Straight Punkin’ Kelly Rowland!

Beyonce Side Eye

“Beyonce so f*cking SHADYYYY!!!” -Tresia Bowles

Vintage video has surfaced, giving us a glimpse of Beyonce being a bully!

“I’m sure someone will be fired from the team before the day is out!”

Reports reveal the footage was shot ‘during a [Destiny’s Child] label meeting, before they were major, where they had to introduce themselves on camera.’ That’s when Kelly introduces herself by saying, “I’m the second lead vocalist of the group” — rather than just sayin’ her name.

“Beyonce ended up giving Kelly the serious side eye and started coughing!”

Here’s what a source reports:

“Matthew Knowles gave strict instructions to the group on what not to say during the interview and Kelly Rowland went against those instructions. Word is the shade that was thrown was not actual shade, but more of a ‘Girl! You gonna get yourself thrown out of this group’ type thing.”

Peep the footage:




  1. Me, personally, this is what I believe, not to mention I need to be contrite and honest with you bloggers about how I really feel about Beyonce. I am so drained/tired of seeing and hearing about her and what she does in the public. The reason why I came on this site in the first place is to share some deep personal thoughts about what I have been wrestling with as it pertains to her. For a while now I have been having these negative premonitions (visions) about Beyonce. Basically, showing Beyonce is going to die and/or either will no longer be the “top dog” sort of speak in the music industry. There are so many things about this lady that irks me to the core, not necessary about her being a singer/entertainer, or whatever; but more so, who she is as a person (what type of spirit she possesses). I sense this strong type of spiritual discernment about her, she is extremely manipulative, cunning, dishonest, distrustful, selfish, greedy, and ungodly. What I mean by this is that, early on during the Destiny’s Child era, she repeatedly quoted how she loves and respects God and that she is a Christian but for some reason, when she use to say it back then a lot, I sense the Holy Spirit inside of me did not confirm this (there was an vain, emptiness and void feeling that I felt from her claims of her speaking about Him. Whenever Beyonce would be speaking about God; and if anyone knows one thing out of many things about who the Holy Spirit is and what He does, then they will know that He is “the revealer of all things!” (1 Corinthians 2:10- but God has revealed it to us by His Spirit. The Spirit searches all things, even the deep things of God.) I just believe that as a believer in Christ Jesus, when another believer sees and/or hears of another believer such as themselves speak about the things of God and Who He is to them (TRUTHFULLY), the Holy Spirit will either confirm what was said from that person’s mouth to be true based on Him seeing that, they really do believe in the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost or He will show them to be a liar. (CLAIMING WITH THEIR MOUTHS THAT THEY LOVE HIM BUT IN ACTUALITY THEIR HEARTS ARE NOWHERE NEAR/FEAR FROM HIM)! Every time I see Beyonce, I get this ire (discomfort) feeling, yet her presence seems to be so luring and carnal (hypnotizing and evil). I must say, I am not trying to offend anyone/anybody, or be wrongful judgmental but righteously judgmental (judging a person’s fruit-actions, seeking loving Godly wisdom for/of correction/correcting what is wrong that needs to be made right by a Godly standard). However, this has truly been bothering me since the day the world knew of Beyonce. I mean, I know my premonitions mean something but, I just do not want to have these kinds of visions because they sound and seem very disturbing and haunting. On and off the record, Lord, I would like to say this, if this vision is not of you please, Lord, I pray “Take it out of my mind” because these visions constantly bombard my mind everyday/or every time I see and hear her. Everybody, including myself makes mistakes but, nevertheless, I am still a child of God and I know that He loves me and everybody else but not sin! I really want to know from anybody who is a believer in Christ Jesus and who has a personal relationship with Him like myself, what do you think this means?

    P.S. If there are any true believers in Jesus Christ and you have a personal relationship with him, please pray for other believers (myself included) and nonbelievers out there who need daily prayer, Lord knows I am wanting Him to keep my mind at ease and purge anything that is not like Him out of me and others.


    • There's been news of Beyonce and/or her team regarding copyright infringement of others work. I won't go into full details, but I'll say that I wouldn't be surprised if Beyonce and/or her team teased those (whose work they might've infringed) in music videos.

  2. @ Ms. Reg — Hell I dmn sure wanna know LOL – why was her first engagement called off?

  3. Beyoncé is the one who could not sing. I've heard Letoya and Latavia along with Kelly all sing solo and they ALL sound better than Bouncey. She was lead in the group ONLY because of Maffew!

  4. You are one of those Bey-HIND stans who has proven the point that Beyoncé can do NO wrong. Everyone who is honest with themselves can clearly see Beyoncé is giving her "childhood friend" the side-eye and that look clearly says: "bytch pleeze, I'm the only leader of this group" We can see Beyoncé had it like that ONLY because of her bamma-ass father. But you will defend her if she murdered a child wouldn't you? BEYONCE IS A BITCH!

  5. hating because we think she's talentless or hating because we see her fake ass by who she is? Which reason in this multiple choice question are people hating? And can you grab a thesaurus and find another word instead of "hating", because y'all stupid ass bey-hinders have just about worn that word out. All the way out!

  6. And did you know there is a STRONG repellant for these hivers. Her name is Carmen CaBoom! The beyhive is NO match for her. Somebody that is not afraid.

  7. There's been news of Beyonce and/or her team regarding copyright infringement of others work. I won't go into full details, but I'll say that I wouldn't be surprised if Beyonce and/or her team teased those (whose work they might've infringed) in music videos.

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