Kool Keith: “Neil Diamond is Addicted to Vicodin”

Neil Diamond Vicodin Addiction

Diamond in the Rough?

HSK Exclusive – Neil Diamond is said to love him some Vicodin! Don’t believe me.. Just ask Kool Keith, who once told me that his dude Johnathan Rosner, of Bicycle Music Publishing, was buying Vicodin to give to his client Neil Diamond.

According to Kool Keith, Neil Diamond is addicted to Vicodin. Dr. Octogon says the music publisher served as the legendary singer’s script supplier. Know how Kool Keith knew? Because Keith has been a client and confidant to Jon Rosner since he signed over all his music publishing rights to him for peanuts mane.

Here’s what Kool Keith told me about Johnathan Rosner and Neil Diamond’s Vicodin relationship:

“Jon handles Neil Diamond’s publishing administration, and he’s also his Vicodin supplier. Jon buys a bunch a Vicodin from my dude to give Neil Diamond.

Neil Diamond is addicted to Viocodin.”